Vol. 3 Chapter 45: So You’re Here to Bully Newbies!

Note: Mis-translation. Wood and Plant attributes are different. The team who beat the water team and advanced into the finals, besides Fir’s team, is actually the Plant team, and not Wood~

“Please, with your realization potential, you will definitely be able to learn oracle-level abilities. Even the position of the pope is within your reach!”

3 hours and 48 minutes.

The moment she woke me up in the morning, Yybril has been pestering me beside my ear, preaching me over and over again.

Oh my god. Don’t you need to stop for a drink? Aren’t you tired at all?

“Umm, didn’t you say I could make the decision on my own? So…”

“But you’re totally wasting your potential! Being able to realize the next grade of magic in such a short span of time, there’s no precedence for such a thing at all. How can you just waste your talent like that!”

If you guys knew that that I could learn all the skills with a single try, you and your Church will probably go crazy, right?

Low profile. From today onwards, I will definitely keep to a low profile. Otherwise, my [Whatever Goes] title will definitely level up again.

“So I have been telling you. Let me think this through. If you’re going to continue like this, I won’t be able to read at all. The library is ruined. So I must use this bookstore’s free reading time to the fullest by reading a couple more books.”

Of course, that was just an excuse. Because I already knew that the books I have on hand currently do not have the possibility of teaching me any new skills.



I closed the book shut, and walked towards the toilet.

“Don’t tell me you plan on following me into the toilet as well?”

I turned and said to Yybril who was preparing to follow after me. She was startled for a moment, and then, she returned to her earlier seat.

Oh my god, is she really planning to pester me for the entire day? Just how did she train to obtain such perseverance?


Sighing, I quickly went into a cubicle, but I left the door unlocked.

After the last person went out of the toilet, I immediately used Flash Movement to leave the toilet, and returned to my own room.

“I knew you will definitely return here.”

The moment I just managed to find my balance after teleporting, I almost fell when I heard this sentence. I wiped away the cold sweat on my forehead, and turned to look at the source of the voice.

“Aliyah, are you trying to frighten me to death?”

“Hmph~ In the early morning when I came over, I saw Yybril pestering you as both of you left the infirmary. I knew you will definitely get irritated quickly and use your skill to escape. But, when I recalled that the library was already burnt by you, the other safest transfer location you could probably think of will definitely be your dormitory.”

“Alright, Miss Holmes. May I ask, how did you manage to enter my room?”

“Did you forget that I know how to lock-pick?”

Oh my god. Looks like I must definitely learn locking magic in the future. I no longer feel safe sleeping in my dormitory at night.

“Alright, since I’m already back, is there anything you need?”

“Un, that’s right. Obviously, I’m here because I’m looking for you. Look, didn’t I help you steal several books last night? It’s your turn to help me, isn’t it?”

“Theoretically, that’s true. But if it’s an act of theft, forget it. Before the Annual Tournament is done and over with, I don’t wish to create anymore trouble.”

“Don’t worry. It’s just a personal quest. Take a look.”

Aliyah wishes to share with you the Rogue class’s quest ‘Prologue to Darkness’, do you wish to accept?
Warning: You do not meet the class requirement. You will not be able to receive any class-related bonuses.


I don’t have things such as class-related bonuses to begin with, so I don’t really mind.

“Speaking of which, aren’t you a Dual-Swordsman? Why are you accepting a Rogue’s quest?”

“Because I have already decided that my second class is going to be a Rogue. Don’t you think it fits me? Like this, I will completely be able to learn the skills required to steal things.”

“You have really thought this through…”

I shrugged, and opened the quest window.

Rogue class’s quest ‘Prologue to Darkness’
Quest Objective: Steal an item from the Ice Empire’s treasury.
Quest Reward(s): 50,000 EXP, Silent Gloves
Additional Objective(s): Steal an item that is worth 100,000 Gold.
Additional Reward(s): Eyepiece of Truth

“I see, doing this quest is indeed within my abilities… But the Ice Empire…”

“Un~ In any case, as their National Magician, you’re able to use their money, right? Since you’re using it anyway, why don’t you use them to earn some EXP and obtain some equipment?”

“Really, it’s really hard for regular people to keep up with your train of thoughts… Alright, when the time comes, I will help you. But for now… I shall keep to a low profile and sleep for the day.”

“Aren’t you worried that Yybril might flip the entire male toilet upside down?”


Then I can only give my condolences to all the men in the male toilet.

“How is everyone feeling today~ The final elementary-grade match of the Annual Tournament is finally about to begin!”

Looks like Kalua is still as spirited as ever, and her voice sounds louder than before.

Or did they upgrade the equipment? But is it even possible to adjust the volume of the voice amplifying magic?

“Today, on one side, we have the ultimate dark horse squad from the ice team, Fir and Princess Michelle! And on the other, coming from the northern continent, we have the siblings Parvro and Elwyn from the vast forests of the Lorsende Kingdom!”


I looked at their names, as my mind was filled with doubt.

<Charming Heart Guild> Parvro Suesnash (Male, 23 Years Old)
LV 15 Plant Magician LV ?? Druid
[Devil] [Sinful] [Murderer] [Fugitive] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

Elwyn Aivredru (Female, 20 Years Old)
LV 20 Plant Magician LV 16 Druid
[Neutral] [Fickle] [Natural Affinity] [Trap User] [Chesspiece] [Loser] [Fallen Mind]

The guy wore a smile. If I did not see his titles, I would have thought that this guy wouldn’t even be able to harm a fly.

I heard that Plant Magicians are able to generate magic with affinities. Is this guy actually using that kind of magic spell on everyone currently on-site?

And as for the other young girl called Elwyn, something about her eyes feels off…

If I recall, her expression basically looks even more lifeless than those dolls from before. Why hasn’t anyone noticed this abnormality?

And you two are actually claiming yourselves to be siblings? Does your parents know about this?

Then, at this moment, I noticed two icons were flashing repeatedly in my hotbar. When I looked closely, they were actually my ‘Famous Detective’ and ‘Justice Avenger’ skills!

(Famous Detective: Automatically hints you with clues in a radius of 10 meters. Justice Avenger: Automatically reveals wanted targets. Once they are killed, bounty will be immediately received. )

At the same time, under the young girl’s feet, rows of green symbols on the ground were extending towards us. No matter how I look at it, they don’t look like anything good at all.

Natural affinity… If I did not have the ‘Famous Detective’ ability, I basically wouldn’t be able to notice our opponents’ movements, would I?

“Be careful. Our opponents had already set up their traps. That girl is a trap user.”

“Trap user? Currently, there’s basically no time for her to set up her traps… Unless they’re magical traps?”

“Un. And that guy. He seems to be a murderer. You must definitely watch out for him!”

“Murderer… Why is there a murderer in our academy?”

And there isn’t just one of them. Should I tell her that?

“In any case, just be careful.”


At the same time, I hurriedly sent a message to Aliyah.

‘Tell the principal! The plant guy is a murderer in disguise! He’s a member of the Charming Heart Guild!’

“And now~ Let the match… formally begin!”

As if her words were the signal, countless vines immediately extended out from the ground, and they were heading towards our direction!

Is this a joke? I had already seen through your tricks.

Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!”

The vines that were flying in the air instantly turn into ice sculptures, and they could no longer move half an inch further.


“Oh commander of darkness, the establisher of constraints! The origin of everything, by my privilege as the messenger of darkness, use my life as sacrifice, to summon your arrival! Come! Fallen King, Aersimikas!”

From afar, Parvro had already speedily finished his incantation, and he threw something onto the ground. Along the borders of the barrier, a layer of dark fog instantly surrounded the entire barrier! Following that, a cracking sound could be heard. The original barrier encompassing the arena broke into pieces in an instant!

Initially, I had wanted to battle him. But, the sense of fear that was encroaching into my heart instantly caused me to grab hold of Princess Michelle and cast Flash Movement.


A notification of despair appeared in front of me.

Barrier Restriction. Unable to use Flash Movement.

At that moment, I could hear myself swallowing down my saliva.

“Princess Michelle.”

“… Un?”

I could feel Princess Michelle’s body trembling slightly. However, I could not afford to look at her, as I stared deeply at our enemies’ every movement.

I’m able to resurrect myself, but that’s not possible for Princess Michelle.

Although I’m not sure of who their target is, but, what I must I do now is to protect Princess Michelle’s life!

“Stay here and don’t move. You’re not their match.”

“But you…”

“I won’t die, don’t worry. Summon! Empiric – Ice Imperial Palace!

A 3 layered thick ice wall fused with the barrier, and it surrounded Princess Michelle who was behind me. The ice wall created an entirely separate space on the arena, ensuring Princess Michelle’s safety.

Even though it used up 1,500MP, but, it’s totally worth it.

I… I would rather die a hundred times than to see my friends die in front of me!

“Hahaha! Boy, you actually managed to see through my identity as a murderer. You’re not just a simple boy, I see. But even if that’s the case, so what? This barrier lasts for half an hour, and it cannot be opened from the outside. It wouldn’t be a problem for me to kill you two a hundred times over. I know your control over ice is pretty impressive, so I especially brought over a tool that could destroy your ice magic. Your ice defense is useless.”

Frozen Eternity of Grief.”

In an instant, half of the entire arena turned into a giant block of ice.

In the ice block, Parvro still looked at me with the same expression, but now, he was trapped within that block of ice.

(Frozen Eternity of Grief: advanced-grade magic spell. Uses 2,500 MP. Designate a direction. In that direction, everything within a kilometer will be frozen.)

“If my MP Recovery Potions did not recover my MP fast enough, I wouldn’t have been able to use it. A total of 4,000MP has been used just like that…”


With a loud bang, a black figure jumped out of the ice block!

Of course, I was instantly sent flying, and I landed onto the ice wall I made.


How is that possible!? He actually rushed out of my magic spell?

I immediately directed my eyes onto his level and used Phad’s Eye. At that moment, my heart froze.

LV 51 Druid

You’re actually here to bully newbies!

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      • Anonymous says:

        I thought that defeating enemies with much higher levels is only doable if the enemy in question is considered to be a monster. Otherwise, the huge power gap between levels still apply.


  1. MXMach says:

    Wow… Shiz… Difference of 32 levels is a bit too much… I guess he needs to go all out and use all the magics he can actually cast… hmm?


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    Thank you for the chapter!

    LV 51 Druid!

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  3. bakaleaf says:

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    • GonZ555 says:

      yes, yes. this tournament is very normal.
      playing fair is over-rated, it only happens in guide books and occasionally on live tutorials(lol, go bullies!). even the princess have a forbidden(or was it advanced) spell right? doesn’t that count as a cheat? even if you dont concider that, doesn’t her daddy hire(forcing) a OP partner for her count as cheating?
      conclusion: everybody in the tournament cheats. it’s just how well you use those cheats and when are you going to reveal them


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    Wonder if he regrets not killing himself enough time to get that insta-kill skill… would certainly help a lot right now! And dude’s even [Wanted] so with [Justice Avenger] he’ll get rewards instead of punishment.


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