Vol. 3 Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill

“Hey! Are you alright? Is there anyone here who can heal!? Hurry over here!”

A Water Magician teacher rushed to my side, and a water healing spell was cast on my body.

Although its effects were not as powerful as a light healing spell, but it did allow my HP to slowly recover.

Fortunately, I was still in the state of apparent death, otherwise, if I continued to bleed after my HP was depleted, dying would have been set in stone. But I don’t wish to die. Even if I’m able to resurrect, there’s no real need to die, is there?

Even though I can activate that godly skill after dying 50 times, but it’s really frustrating to kill myself 50 times just for that.

After the teacher yelled, a few other Magicians came rushing over. Different types of HP recovery magic spells fell on my body one after another.

“Alright, he recovered his consciousness. Hurry and send him to the infirmary.”

A male teacher standing at the side wielded his magic staff and chanted an incantation. I then felt like I was floating, as I was raised slowly into the air.

Intermediate-grade wind magic spell ‘Levitate’. It’s the earliest magic spell out of all the different types of magic that allows a person or an object to fly.

“Alright, everyone, clear a path. Hurry.”

I really feel bad looking at how they’re so anxious about me. After all, it’s a mess I created myself. And earlier, after I was blessed with so many HP recovery magic spells, my HP was already close to being fully recovered.

If my clothes weren’t in a mess after they were blasted by the fireball earlier, they would be surprised to see that the wounds on my body had all disappeared.

However, in my current situation, I feel that it’s best for me to maintain my silence. Otherwise, no matter how I see it, I would probably suffer even worse than death.

Very quickly, under the support of the Levitate spell, I was brought to the infirmary by the teacher. I seriously can’t recall the number of times I have visited the infirmary the past month. I wonder if they will give me a VIP membership or something.

“Are you alright? How do you feel?”

The teacher asked worriedly.

“I’m fine. Don’t worry.”

I kind of feel like if I continue like this, the truth of my quick recovery might be discovered. Hence, I immediately unleashed my Angel’s Wing.

“The Angel’s Wing? You’re…”

“Teacher, don’t worry. A couple of weeks ago, wasn’t there a student who awakened an Angel’s Wing? That student is me. That’s why, I’m fine.”

After saying that, I opened my skill list, and pressed on the Intermediate Recovery spell.

Under the effects from unleashing my Angel’s Wing, using my Light Magic spells cost 0 MP. If I don’t use it now, then when will I ever going to use it?

The moment the spell was activated, a ray of light shone upon my body from above me. When I looked up, there was actually a giant white holy-crossed magic formation in the air. Under the white radiance, my HP was instantly fully recovered.

“This… What just actually… Oh, I see. So you’re the Fir that’s been the hot topic around the academy lately. The one in the ice team, right?”

“Yes, you’re right.”

“I’m sorry, I didn’t manage to recognize you at first glance. Our principal did mention you to us in the past, but I didn’t really think you could actually use Light Magic.”

“The principal actually spread the news of that incident around the school? Geez…”

Geez, looks like in my next battle, I can freely use my healing spells in front of everyone. And here I was thinking that my ability to use healing spells was a top-class secret. I didn’t think that the principal would actually spread this around.

“Using Light Magic itself isn’t something that should be kept a secret, right? Well, this is fine. Recently, there’s been too many incidents happening in the academy. It’s really terrible that there was actually someone who barged into our library and destroyed it. But if there’s actually students who suffered heavy injuries from this incident, then our academy’s honor would have been destroyed as well.”

I’m sorry, the person destroying the academy’s honor is me. It wasn’t on purpose, I swear.

Looking outside the window, I could still see the blazing flames coming out of the library.

Looks like the flames emitted out from those fire crystals cannot be easily extinguished.

“Oh right, other than me, is there anyone else that was injured?”

“Un, currently, no one else has been sent here, which means, you’re the only one. Earlier, your reaction speed was really incredible. Firstly, you erected an ice wall to block the attack, and then you used Ice Totems to strike the rest out of the attack range. Your spells even impress someone like me, who is so much older than you… Alright, since you’re already fine, I’m heading out to help. You should stay here and rest.”

“Alright, go ahead, Mr. Yaha.”

He chuckled, and then quickly left the room.

Earlier, I accidentally spoke of his name. There shouldn’t be any problems, right?

Well, he probably thinks that I just happen to know of him.

PoV: ????

The surrounding noise already began to die down. Hence, I slowly opened my eyes.

I pulled open the window curtains. The commotion at the library had already quietened down, and the city had returned to its original state.

Dark and tranquil.

“1, 2, 3… A total of 21 of them. That guy actually used so many of them at a single time. And he actually used them in the school library. Just what the hell is that idiot thinking?”

Looking at the magic board beside me, 21 lights on the board were extinguished.

No wonder it was so noisy last night. With such a destructive force, it’s a miracle that the library was not blasted into pieces.

“Alright, let’s head over and take a look.”

Stepping into the third magical formation inside the room, in the next second, the view in front of me changed into the staff office at the library’s fourth floor.

Looking outside the window, other than a couple of staffs standing around and watching the scene, the rest of the people had already dispersed.

After all, the fire had already been extinguished, and there was nothing else to look at.

Pushing open the staff office’s door and entering the library, there didn’t seem to be any burnt marks on the fourth floor.

Looks like they didn’t managed to enter the fourth floor.

I took out a bottle of potion and sprinkled the contents onto the floor. A grey circle then appeared on the ground. When I jumped into it, I directly entered the third floor.

A pile of mess, huh.

“Didn’t that guy love the library? Why did he burn the place like this?”

I strolled around the place, and then, I found fragments of the mines used.

“Hmm… He actually removed the parts that ignite the explosions, and directly activated the fire crystals? That guy… Did he actually plan to disperse the fire crystal fragments around the place? I see. That guy actually wanted to remove the traces of his Ice Magic. Idiot. Once the fire crystals are activated, they are easily flammable. Even if one of them doesn’t combust, 1 out of 21 of them will definitely burn up…”

Helplessly shaking my head, I took a search radar out from my pocket.

“Geez, do you think the mines can be completely destroyed? If they’re discovered, I’m the one who will suffer the consequences. Such a troublesome guy. But…”

I looked at the bookshelf which I initially came to look for.

The things on it were already burned completely into crisp, leaving nothing behind.

“I was actually thinking of how I’m going to sneak into this place without being noticed. But you were a great help to me, so I will help you remove the evidence here… Ara ara, it’s impossible to find such a good after-sales service anywhere~ You better thank me, Fir~”

“Fir! Wake up!”

Startled, I felt like I was kicked into the air.

“What the hell! Why would someone wake me up like… Eh? Why are you here?”

When I climbed out of the bed, I realized the person in front of me was actually Yybril!

What’s so special about today? This girl actually ran over to wake me up. And she actually knew that I was in the infirmary!

“I heard someone used an intermediate-grade healing spell in the academy last night. And here I was wondering which Light Magician came, but after circling around the place, I found out it was you!”

“Kuh… Is it really that strange? Wasn’t my Light Magic taught by you?”

“I did teach you Light Magic… But why were you able to use intermediate-grade healing spells? You… Unless it’s a spell you realized yourself?”

“… Yes.”

The moment I replied, Yybril immediately grabbed hold of my hands.

“Please, you must join the Church! You will definitely break past the realms of a Saint!”

Looking at how Yybril’s eyes were sparkling, I knew…

I created yet another trouble for myself…

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37 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 44: Overpowered Healing Skill

    • joshua says:

      Well he has one angel wing, one undead wing, and a normal body. So the undead wing gets damaged and everything else gets healed. More plus than minus…

      Wait didn’t you say to ignore you… why am i replying???


    • FateMaker says:

      just my guess but I think that you won’t get damage by your own magic so he healing himself with light would not do damage to himself.

      second is that I think Since he is the undead angel and “MC”, he should get both the good point of being an angel and an undead while does not get either of their bad trail.


  1. lirg123 says:

    Mystery person, the only person I could think of is either the girl who make it, or is the person who help create it (Lester?).


    • flame says:

      I believe it’s his item seller ya know the person he got the mines from to begin with… otherwise I don’t know why they would say something along the line of “it will come back to me..” and “no other place you can get service like this”


  2. starlight barricade says:

    I wish Lanya would either take a larger role or reveal her status as Last Boss already… Looks like she’s happy that bookshelf was destroyed. Probably had info on her.


    • flame says:

      So I’m not the only one who thinks it’s the Wind Alchemist :3! Some may know em better as the Item Merchant ya know the one who sold/gave Fir the flash bombs


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