Vol. 3 Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation

We left my dormitory after I removed my disguise. I then realized I went a little bit overboard tonight.

As a young man who is filled with love for this entire world, even though I robbed a library in the night, and even have the thought of robbing a kingdom’s treasury, but, I believe I’m still a very upright young man.

At least, that’s what I believe.

Even if the world doesn’t really think that way.

Evil Accumulation
Rob a School Library: 5,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Destroy a School Library: 30,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Burn Down a School Library: 60,000 ‘Evil’ Points
Total: 95,000 ‘Evil’ Points
[Scapegoat] effect activated. 35,000 ‘Evil’ Points converted to EXP.
60,000 ‘Evil’ Points accumulated.

Title Unlocked: [Criminal]

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 2

Title [Criminal] leveled up!
Current LV 5

[Criminal] Effect: Affinity with Criminals increased by 50%.

I turned and looked at Aliyah. She seemed to be loving what she’s looking at on her virtual screen.

“Your academy is really high-class. To think I would receive so many ‘Evil’ points with a single raid.”

“Probably because we destroyed too many things. Look.”

I told her that while pointing towards the direction of the academy.

Even from afar, we could already see flames lighting the entire sky. Needless to say, it was coming from the academy’s library.

Let’s put aside the fact that the notifications had already told me of the outcome. About the truth behind the burning library, the fire crystal mines which Lanya gave me were actually supposed to be used to attack. Even though I removed the parts that would cause the explosions, but still, the destructive capabilities of fire magic crystals should not be underestimated.

Evidently, the power of 20 of these mines were way over the top.

“Alright, what’s your current plan?”

“Obviously, we’re going to directly return to the library. But, along the way, we must ensure that the passers-by remember that we actually came out from the dormitory.”

“Eh~ This is part of our alibi as well? Are you actually a fan of mysteries?”

“It’s none of your business…”

After saying that, we strolled towards the direction of the library.

Even though we couldn’t hear any uproar coming from the library, and currently, it’s late in the night, however, students who were living outside the academy were running out one after another.

When we finally entered the academy, the school was already packed with onlookers, especially at where the library was. Unless during the school assemblies, it’s basically impossible for so many people to appear at the same time.

A few water sorcerers were already floating in the sky, and a large magic formation was expanding above the blazing library. Water coming from nowhere then flooded into the library from every window.

I really feel a little embarrassed for causing such a large commotion. However, if I was able to read the books I want at any given point in time, I wouldn’t do such a thing.

“All students, please return to your own dormitories or houses. If you see any suspicious individuals, immediately report them. The academy is currently on a state of lockdown. No one is able to casually enter or leave this academy!”

At this moment, a teacher suddenly flew in the air above us, and used a voice amplifying magic to shout out.

And then, several people in knight armor rushed over from all sides, forming a blockade surrounding the onlooking students.

When I inspected their titles, I realized they were actually royal guards from the Ice Empire, Eli Empire, Witt Empire, and Fil Empire! Looks like the chain of events that happened in the academy has caused those emperors who left their children in this school to be feeling rather unsettled. They actually even assigned their royal guards into the academy.

As I thought, wealth really makes a big difference.

But, in this situation, it’s impossible to approach the scene and forge our evidence. Looks like I have no choice. Initially, I didn’t want to destroy any additional stuffs, but since I already possessed such a high amount of ‘Evil’ points, it’s alright to add a little more.

“Aliyah, we’re going with Plan B.”

“Plan B? What’s that?”

“Are you telling me you do not know of its contents, or are you just not proficient in English?”

“Do you want to die?”

“Sorry. Alright, what I mean is, since we’re not able to enter to forge our evidence, then, right now, we can only… make ourselves out as victims.”

“Isn’t that our initial plan?”

I shrugged.

“Because of how bad it would have sounded, I swapped A and B to make it sound better.”


Looking at Aliyah’s glare, I laughed, and pressed on the button on the control remote that I was hiding in my hand.


A large bang came from the second floor of the library. Right after that, a giant fireball came rushing out of the second floor, and it was heading straight for us!

“Oh my god! You’re kidding, right?”

Aliyah quickly unsheathed her swords, and swung a series of sword waves at the fireball. However, that thing came from an advanced-grade fire magic scroll that I picked up from the underground dungeon in the past. Although I’m unsure of the name of the scroll, but it did specify its ability pretty clearly.

‘After tearing the scroll, it releases an advanced grade magic spell – Jade Blazing Flame’

Hence, I wrapped that scroll around a mine, and directed it towards a position on the plaza through the window earlier.

And that position was where we were currently standing at.

Of course, I’m not willing to be struck directly by that fireball. After all, it was an advanced-grade magic spell. If I were to be struck by it, I will definitely be killed in a single hit.

Enlarge – Ice Castle!”

。A blue magic formation expanded in the air, and several ice walls quickly linked up in the air, overlapping each other.

120MP is able to summon a single Ice Castle, if I were to summon 20 Ice Castles at the same time, it will require 2,400MP, and overlapping them will create a gigantic defensive wall.

Of course, even though that’s the case, but…

It was still an elementary-grade ice magic spell.

The fireball immediately crashed onto the ice wall, and in an instant, the ice wall immediately broke apart. The fireball continued to fly towards me!

Ice Totem!”

But at the very least, I must ensure that the innocent people nearby are safe.

Several Ice Totems struck Aliyah and the rest of the people nearby out of the attack range, and then, the fireball collided head-on onto my body!

At the very last moment, I summoned an Ice Armor, but I was still hit pretty hard, and then, I landed heavily on the ground!

My HP bar was immediately depleted…

“At least…”

I struggled painfully for a moment, but I realized I couldn’t even feel any part of my body at all.

“Plan B was a success…”

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58 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 43: Evil Accumulation

    • joshua says:

      the line between eccentric genius and insanity is a fine line. But in this case he ain’t crazy for sure. In a normal world where fireballs can kill you (and you stay down) its a different story though. That would be crazy genius. Mad scientist making time machines and all.


  1. Anonymous says:

    Is the criminal title permanent, or will it be removed along with the evil points? Also, won’t this event change Fir’s status from kind to evil? For some reason, I feel somewhat disturbed by the blemish on Fir’s alignment. My OCD, I guess.

    Thank you for the chapter.


  2. josh72ebp says:

    wait it contradicted itself….it said a chapter or 2 ago you cant get hurt by yourself and that scroll he used hisself so that make’s it he shouldn’t get hurt but he ended up dieing ?!?!??!?!?!? wtf?


  3. flame says:

    Scrya question… well anyone really :p
    Was part of this in English or was it adapted to English to fit the translation ?

    “Aliyah, we’re going with Plan B.”

    “Plan B? What’s that?”

    “Are you telling me you do not know of its contents, or are you just not proficient in English?”


  4. DMR says:

    Kinda sad he became a criminal actually… would have been nice if he stayed until he upgraded it a lot and was able to transform it all into exp. 😛

    Thanks for the translation XD


  5. Jyazen says:

    I’m surprised it took him this long to become a Criminal, to be honest, what with being a Scapegoat to so many criminal activities till now. Guess intention counts, lol.


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