Vol. 3 Chapter 42: Theft Failure

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Chaotic Flow – 49 Types of Ice Arrows!”

Countless numbers of magic formations expanded in the air, and immediately after, ice arrows flew out speedily of the formations, leaving trails of blue light in the air. And all the blue trails pointed to a single direction, and that was the black shadow which replicated my appearance.

An intermediate-grade ice arrow spell, which could simultaneously launch 49 arrows onto the enemy. The spell surrounds the enemy in all directions, and it completely prevents the enemy from escaping!

Countless ice arrows pierced into the black shadow at the same time. The stream of ice arrows formed a shape of an ice flower, causing the spot the black shadow was on to turn into an artistic large ice sculpture!


In the next second, I saw the black shadow rushing out from a bookshelf on the other side, and its target was Aliyah, who was collecting the skill books not far away from me.


Did this guy replicate my Flash Movement skill as well?

From what I saw on the mini-map, this guy suddenly appeared away from the spot it was attacked, so, other than Flash Movement, I can’t think of any other skill that could have such a quick movement effect.

Unless this guy does indeed have a teleporting ability? But, if that’s the case, then its ability surpasses mine by a large margin. Either it has a teleporting ability or it simply possess a speed which is impossible for my eyes to follow.

I can’t even hope to defeat it at all if it has either of this two abilities!

But, for the magic skill books, even I have to die once, I must definitely block this guy!

Tapping on the MP Recovery Potion, and with huge strides, I rushed to the place between the shadow and Aliyah. Then, I wielded my magic wand and pointed it at the center position.

Unlimited – Frozen River of a Thousand Years!”

At present, this is the strongest ice advanced-grade magic spell I’m able to use. If I use anything stronger, my current MP won’t be enough to sustain it.

But, the strength of this magic spell is already frightening enough!

A gigantic ice wall split the entire library into half. The dark shadow was on one side, while Aliyah and I were on the other.

My MP bar was already close to being empty, fortunately, the setting where one would enter a stunned state was removed. Otherwise, I would have suffered quite a bit.

But currently, I can’t even use any other magic spells. I can only repeatedly tap on the MP Recovery Potions and wait for my MP to slowly recover. My Instant Full MP Recovery Potion is on cooldown, so I can’t use it for the time-being.

“Why did you use such a strong magic spell? There are still wood magic skill books that I have yet to collect over there.”

“Forget them, let’s hurry up and proceed to the next floor. The enemy is able to teleport, and either it replicated my Flash Movement skill, or it uses a weird type of magic. I don’t feel like I can beat it at all.”

“Teleport? As I expected, the guardian of a magic academy is really high-grade.”

“Stop fooling around, let’s hurry.”

A large bang was heard from the other side of the ice wall. When I turned to look, the center of the ice wall actually had traces of being smashed!

Are you serious? This is advanced-grade magic, you know?

And there’s already cracks?

And I was too naive to think that that was all. Immediately after, a series of smashing noises could be heard from the other side of the wall, and the area filled with cracks was expanding at a tremendous rate!

“Hurry! Even if we only manage to obtain a single book, it will still be considered as a success! Let’s head upstairs, quickly!”

Aliyah and I quickly rushed towards the entrance of the staff office on the third floor.

Aliyah immediately pulled out her sword and slashed it on the door.

“Hey hey, is there really no problems with damaging public properties?”

“You summoned such a giant ice wall in the middle of the library, and you still have the galls to say that!?”

But the door was rather sturdy. There wasn’t even a single scratch after that slash.

“Let me see… This thing is actually reinforced with magic. Let me try cracking it.”

“Please hurry up!”

I turned and look towards our back.

With that continuous bangs resounding across the room, the cracks had already reached the corners of the ice wall. Even the a part of the ice blocks at the center were about to fall off.

This totally feel like we’re done for!

“Stop hastening me! You can’t rush things like opening a lock!”

Aliyah pulled out her stack of metal wires and stabbed them into the lock.

But, the moment she stabbed the wires into it, a sizzling sound could be heard, and in the next instant, Aliyah screamed as she released her grip on the stack of keys.

Then, the keys dropped onto the ground. There wasn’t any sound, because they had already turned into liquid metal.

“Aliyah, are your hands alright?”

“I’m fine, I only lost a little HP. This thing is rather high-grade. It even has something like a lock-picking prevention mechanism?”

Aliyah unhappily took out a HP Recovery Potion and drank it down.

“Then what are we going to do now?”

“There’s no other way, I guess? A lock with a magical defense basically cannot be opened without the corresponding lock-picking tools.”

“Damn it. So I won’t be able to obtain any advanced-grade skill books? Let’s retreat for now, then.”

“Problem is, how are we going to leave?”

“Wait for a few more seconds.”

I quickly swapped my inventory hotbar to the one where my Instant Full MP Recovery Potion was placed, and stared at its cooldown.

“Damn it, this potion is really expensive! A single Instant Full MP Recovery Potion costs 3,000 gold per bottle! And I only have 3 of them!”

“Stop complaining! With the right skills, you will be able to steal from whoever you want!”

I glared at Aliyah.

“For a young girl to have such desires to commit crimes, I really wonder what you did in the past.”

“Tch, mind your own business. Truthfully, when we’re killing monsters, we’re basically stealing from these monsters. Is there any difference between that and stealing from other people?”

“Of course there is. Bullying poor people is bad. If we were to steal, then we should directly steal from a kingdom’s treasury! We’re able to earn loads of money in a single attempt!”

A LV 15 king already had the ability to reward someone a hundred thousands of gold from the kingdom’s treasury. This meant that there’s at least a hundred times more in the treasury itself. With just a casual swipe, we will be earn loads!

“You have a target?”

“Of course.”

King of Mitchell Kingdom. Be it 10 years or more, a man’s revenge will never be late. As I’m a man of morals, I don’t wish to kill you. However, I definitely won’t feel any sort of pressure from stealing your money.

“But for now, let’s leave this place. Alright, cooldown ends in 3, 2, 1. Potion drank! Flash Movement!”

Grabbing onto Aliyah’s hand, I tapped on the skill, and in the next second, we returned to my dormitory.

Then, I took out a controller, and pressed the button that was on it.

“What is that?”

Aliyah asked curiously.

“Earlier, did I not mention that I know of a way to remove all the traces of magic in the library? This is it. I placed about 20 remote mines that were filled with fire magic crystal powders near the places where I used my magic. With a single push of the button, the countless fire magic crystal powders will be simultaneously released. Not only will it turn all the traces of ice magic into that of fire magic, it will not cause destruction to any of the books. Now, aren’t I upright?”

“Hehe, you’re kidding me.”

“Yeah, I’m kidding you.”

“Alright, these are all the magic skill books I was able to retrieve.”

Aliyah bumped her ring to mine, and my inventory was now filled with countless books.

“Alright, it’s already really late. I’m heading back to rest.”

“What’s the rush? We still have some things left to do, right?”

“Things… You… What are you planning to do!?”

Looking at Aliyah’s expression, I knew she misunderstood again.

Geez, just what kind of guy do you make me out to be?

“Let me explain this clearly. I don’t have any interest in your flat-chested body. What we have to do now, is to create an alibi… Un? Where did she go?”

In an instant, Aliyah disappeared.

In the next second, a bloody sword penetrated through my chest!


“Hehehehe~ Now you know~ There are somethings that cannot be said, alright?”

Aliyah smiled as she walked over from behind me.

This girl is actually able to use an assassination skill?

“Don’t you think you have gone overboard? It freaking hurts…”

“In any case, there’s no actual harm done to party members, right? Oh right, since you can’t die, why don’t I pierce you a few more times?”

“Stop kidding around! I’m not into masochism! And those fire crystal mines might not be able to remove all the traces. We have to forge an alibi!”

“Hmph~ Apologize first!”


I looked at Aliyah’s expression, and realized she was serious.

“Alright, I’m sorry.”

“Look at me in the eye when you say that.”

“I’m really sorry~”


She finally sheathed her sword.

And the wound on my chest instantly patched up, it’s really unbelievable.

“Tell me. How are we going to forge our alibi?”

I smiled and said.

“Act as victims, duh.”

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31 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 42: Theft Failure

  1. RezaStillAlive says:

    “Of course there is. Bullying poor people is bad. If we were to steal, then we should directly steal from a kingdom’s treasury! We’re able to earn loads of money in a single attempt!”

    umm… Fir, I think that’s not the main problem here…


    • GonZ555 says:

      *ignores human’s Commonsense (cause i’m a meatbun)* yeah! that’s not the main problem.. the problem is how to sell the non-money treasure? it’ll be dangerous even if you use a new identity or use third person to sell because we still don’t know how high is the kingdom information gathering abilities..they’ll send those troublesome assassins again if they manage to link anything back to your main identity..


  2. jacobpaige says:

    I wonder if that shadow will retain his skill list? It’ll be pretty OP if it does.

    Also wondering if it copied his magic signature along with his skills. If it did, then it’ll be very easy to prove that he tried to rob the school.


  3. daike1234 says:

    “Tell me. How are we going to forge our alibi?”

    I smiled and said.

    “Act as victims, duh.”

    lol Fir. How many times you became a culprit in a crime that you didn’t do that you became one who pushes his own crimes.


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