Vol. 3 Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom

I knocked at the two hands grabbing on to me. When I confirmed they were made of metal, I grasped onto the doll’s arms, and used Restrictor of the Frozen Earth.

Even though it’s a magic spell to freeze and slow down my targets, but in terms of physical effects, it’s currently the only magic spell I know of, out of all the skills I have learnt, that could reach the lowest of temperatures.

Well, I thought of this idea after what happened earlier.

Just now, when I used an Ice Spike, even though my target was a doll, he was not able to move his joints when they froze.

This means that, to non-human beings, the effects of my magic are not those regular slow and frozen status, but rather, it freezes their physical functions.

And every materials have their own transition temperature. For metallic materials, once their temperature drops to a critical point, the activity of the free electrons decreases. Then, there will be a sharp decline in their toughness, the metals will become brittle, and be susceptible to hard impacts. In short, they will be easily broken.

That was also why I had to confirm whether the guy called Yoei was a doll. Since the material of his doll was metallic, then this type of quick freezing magic skill will definitely cause his body to turn crisp and tasty.

Of course, I’m not going to eat him. And I was able to use my skill this way, was because I cannot be harmed by my own magic spell. Otherwise, I would have been the one that turns into an ice sculpture.

Ice Assassination Spikes!

Countless ice spikes appeared out of my body, and they directly pierced into the doll behind me!

When I felt that the hands which were grabbing onto my body were released, I knew that the doll were already in pieces.

I had already positioned my finger at one of the inventory hotkeys. Earlier, the damage I received wasn’t small. Although my level was higher than theirs, however, I’m unsure of how the levels and stats of the dolls were calculated.

And the current problem is…

In front of me, there’s a doll with a personality, Yoei. And below me was… Oh my god. Not only was she throwing the mines all over the arena, at the same time, she was releasing all the dolls she stored in her dimensional ring onto the platform.

One, two, three… Twelve dolls? Adding the one that I struck down earlier, she actually had a total of 13 puppets?

Is she really a Magician?

Although I knew the answer to that, but, if I did not spend the entire day yesterday reading up on the theory of Lightning Magic, I definitely would have suspected this viewpoint.


She’s actually controlling those dolls just by waving her staff. How much degree of control must she have to do this…

Or was she a Warcraft III or Starcraft player?

The 12 dolls began to head into my direction. And they actually leapt high into the sky and flew towards me!

And on the other side, Yoei began to rush towards me, and he was flying as well!

Where’s the logic in all this? They could actually fly?

I held my wand with my left hand, and I took out my tachi with my right.

I blocked the attacks from both directions, and at the same time, countless of Ice Shields enveloped my surroundings.

My MP bar was like a spring moving back and forth. The MP I recovered earlier was once again, used up in an instant. After all, the rate of my ice shields being destroyed exceeded my expectations.

Damn it, why do all these people have magic spells that exceed their levels? And I don’t even have a single one?

Status and hierarchy, urgh. It’s driving me crazy.

However, since this has already happened, then I could only give it my all.

Flash Movement!

In the next second, I had already appeared behind Helena, and my tachi was positioned at her neck.

“You lose.”

I told her with a smile.

“Controlling 13 dolls is tiring, isn’t it? That’s probably the reason why you’re not moving at all. You can’t exert any more strength to move your own body.”

“Un~ Is that so?”

Suddenly, she turned and knocked my tachi away. Then, she raised her staff and flung it down.


But, nothing happened.

She looked up weirdly, only to realize her dolls were not moving and were stuck in the air, while a large ice block was falling from the sky.

“You’re probably wondering why your brother and dolls are not able to move in the sky, and why there’s a large ice block falling down, right?”

Naturally, the large ice block was Princess Michelle’s ‘Ice Fall’. Before I appeared behind Helena, I had already greeted Princess Michelle who was in her ‘Ice Palace’. Through a small hole in the Ice Palace, I believed it wouldn’t be hard for her to aim her giant ice block at the 13 dolls.

Helena turned to look at me. After a second or so, she asked.

“Alright, tell me. How did you do it?”

Just when she asked that, ‘Ice Fall’ had already landed on the 13 dolls, including the puppet called Yoei.

With a loud bang, the ice block collided with them, and they turned into disfigured metallic structures. Even if their HP bars weren’t empty yet, the moment they land onto the ground, they would definitely be dead meat.

Of course, fortunately, they were all dolls. Otherwise, I would have felt extremely guilty.

“Firstly, I would like to say that I had read up in the library on how dolls could be used with lightning magic. I know that small and formless electromagnetic fields are used to control the dolls, hence, I thought of a daring assumption. By using aluminium foil pieces which are usually used for barbecue, I stuck them onto the dolls’ bodies and froze them. Do you know? Aluminium foils are able to interfere with electromagnetic signals. Thus, I ended up using an entire roll of aluminium foil. And, even if they didn’t work, I believe my ice magic would have been sufficient in interfering with their physical movements.”

Then, I pointed towards the Ice Palace at the side.

“And then, with an Ice Fall, I believe the entire issue can be easily resolved.”

“I see, a very unbelievable thinking process.”

She nodded.

“But, you have yet to defeat me. Even without dolls, I’m still able to cast my magic skills.”

Saying that, she raised her staff.

“No no, I think it’s best if you take a break.”

I waved my hands at her, gesturing her to put down her weapon.

“Earlier, your movements were definitely unnatural, and you have been in that state the moment you came onto the ring. Let me make another daring assumption. You’re actually unable to control your own body. Rather, you’re using magic to control the pieces of metal on your hands, and in turn, control your body. Don’t ask me how I know about it. Regarding the practical use of lightning magic with metals, I believe you’re more knowledgeable in that aspect.”

I did not attend Physics class just for fun, you know?

“… I understand. You win.”

“Earlier, participant Helena had admitted her defeat! Fir and Princess Michelle won their 2nd battle!”

Kalua loudly announced our victory. And at the same time, the notification window popped out.

Quest Updated
Main Quest: Annual Tournament Battles – 2/3 Completed.
Additional Quest Objective: Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles – 2/3 Completed.

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38 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 30: Infinite Phantom

  1. synthous says:

    Bonus objective reward: Love from the princess until hell freezes over.

    Hidden Quest: Freeze Hell
    1) Find clues that hint at the location, entrances and accesses to Hell.
    2) Freeze each separate plane of hell 0/6031
    3) Keep each planes inhabitants from unfreezing hell.
    4) As all accessible places of Hell are frozen, freeze the palace after defeating the God of the Underworld and the 128 subsequent Demon Lords, 12 Demon Overlords and 1 Demon Emperor.


    • joshua says:

      Phantom as in hidden move. Like how he secretly signaled the ice fall. Or how he secretly placed Al foil on the dolls. Infinite as in those many pieces of Al.glued… iced onto the opponents.

      Or could be phantoms are the appearing dolls. and infinite is that they keep on coming out like unlimited supply. One doll brother. One controlled doll. 12 controlled dolls.


  2. MXMach says:

    A bit strange his battle, but not a let down, physics win over magic I guess. But he should be thankful that the “World System” has the concept of electron/atoms/thermodynamics/aerodynamics and more stuff…


  3. quicksilv says:

    While i certainly wouldnt say this round was better than the last. I dont think its fair to say it was not intresting either. If she wasnt a princess with a long history i would question if his opponent was a other worlder because you know all other worlders dont have much of a history. (On a diffrent note) the girl managed to use electricity and metal to move herself that is a bit cool and shows that not only other worlders have the knowledge of magnatism and stuff.


  4. GonZ555 says:

    “then this type of quick freezing magic skill will definitely cause his body to turn crisp and tasty.”
    i knew it.. Our MC cares little about Gender and Species..
    now i’m scared if “meatbun” is on that list as well.. meatbun don’t want to be eaten.. *uses hiding skill*


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