Vol. 3 Chapter 1: Same Academy Life as Usual

Side Quest: Extracurricular Live Exercise Completed
Quest Objective: Find a Crystal Heart for each party member. (Completed)
Additional Objective(s):
Find ‘The 99 Trials’ (Incomplete)
Find the Mysterious Person (Completed)
Quest Reward(s): 20,000 EXP Received
Additional Reward(s): Momiji Guild Points increased by 100.
Momiji Guild Rank increased.
Current Guild Rank: C

Title Unlocked: Momiji’s End

After handing over the 【Crystal Hearts】, the quest completion notification popped out.

After simply glancing over the screen, I realized the mysterious person I saw at the start of the live exercise was actually Yuon.

So that girl actually smuggled into our airship. Just how did she hide from those people that were of higher levels than her?

However, I recalled she was an Assassin, and she must have added points into a unique skill related to Assassins, just like my 【Dominator’s Hawkeye】 skill.

Though, I realized I now have 7 skill points after leveling up. I shall find some time to look at the other skills later.

“There’s only about a week left till the start of the Annual Tournament. When it comes, we must definitely prevail! Otherwise, how are you going to repay me for staying in this forest for so many days!?”

Princess Michelle, who was beside me, unhappily said.

Looks like she has not dispelled the shadow the Devourer gave her. Currently, she returned to her usual blue one-piece dress. However, she still occasionally looked around her own body for any weird stains.

And right now, the only person beside her was me. So, the speech she gave earlier was directed at me.

“Princess Michelle, during the exercise, you had only been following us, and you basically did nothing at all.”

“I wanted to help as well! But… But I was swallowed by the disgusting thing! And… And my purity was actually sullied by a bastard like you…”

“Hey hey! You can do whatever you want, but don’t blurt out such lies! When did I ever sully your purity?”

Fortunately, there weren’t anyone near us to hear that… Wait a minute, why did a red marker appear in my mini-map?

In the next second, an ice cold blade was held at my throat. Such efficiency. Was I actually so loved that I caught even her bodyguard’s eye?

“Princess, was what you said true?”

“It was definitely untrue…”

“I didn’t ask you! I asked the princess!”

Her blade was brought closer to my neck. I had no choice but to keep my mouth shut.

Although an action without any offensive strength would not reduce my HP, however, a human’s neck is a fatal location. If someone of such a high level were to cut my neck just like that, I would definitely die instantly.

As a man, I’m able to endure this. Since the academy is within the compounds of the city, I’m able to resurrect at the cathedral, so I don’t really mind.

However, for my upcoming quest, I don’t really wish to have a falling out with them. After all, the quest’s EXP and rewards are still quite tempting. If I die here, then my only choice left is to run. I have yet to learn any new magic spell, so I will definitely make a huge loss here.

“Even though… Even though you still hugged me when my clothes were melted off, and you kept moving closer to me. Isn’t that sullying my purity?”

“If I did not enter the Devourer’s stomach and save you, you would have already been a pile of bones! How could you blame me when that monster had such a small stomach?”

Even though the supervising teachers would have saved us when we’re in such situations whereby we were incapable of fighting, however, we wouldn’t have gotten the Crystal Ball if that happened.

“But… But you hugged me, didn’t you?”

“And that’s what I have been asking you. What does that have to do with your purity?”

“Take responsibility for hugging me!”

“I’m sorry. Princess had never taken lessons of this nature before, please forgive her.”

In the end, the bodyguard kept her blade and apologized.

Earlier, I already realized she was a girl from hearing her voice. Now that she walked over to Princess Michelle’s side, I could finally see her appearance.

A young girl with a black pony-tail. However, what’s most impressive were the muscles on her arms!

Even though she looked like a innocent young girl, she actually had such developed muscles. Are you from a combat tribe or are you Nezha?

The light armor she was wearing was the same kind as Aliyah’s, however, it was black. This set of equipment’s most unique point is that it does not have any armor on the elbows. So, the muscles are exposed.

“My princess, a hug is really unrelated to the purity of your body.”

“Is that so, Dual?”

“That’s right. Umm… If you don’t do that kind of thing, your purity will still be intact.”

“That kind of thing…”

The bodyguard known as Dual was in a dilemma. She’s probably troubled on how to explain Health Ed to the under-aged princess.

When I think back, I was someone who learnt everything on my own. After all, my school did not bother about Sex Ed at all…

“You, the young man over there! Explain it to the princess! Explaining this kind of thing is not my expertise.”

“Then what’s your expertise?”

“Killing people.”

Alright. Why do all the girls I know in this world either love killing, or specialize in killing?

“I must say, can’t you do things what most young girls should do? There’s no elegance in killing people at all.”


Her expression clearly darkened for a moment. I realized I spoke out of place.

“I’m only suggesting you to do what young girls should do, don’t mind it.”

“No, you’re right. However, this is my problem. Currently, you should be thinking of a way to satisfy my princess’s curiosity.”

“Even if you say that, what method should I use to explain it? Looking at you, you seem to know quite a bit as well. Why don’t you explain it?”

“That kind of thing… Umm… I’m not entirely clear about it as well.”


“Because my training and missions were always on a tight schedule, so, I only heard about it occasionally from my subordinates, so…”

This girl is seriously a dutiful person… But just how old is she? She seems to be taller than me, but if I were to just look at her face…

Unfortunately, I could only see that her name is indeed Dual, and other than that, I know nothing else about her.

What a pity…

If only there’s a skill that allows me to see through my targets’ question marks, that would be great.

Phad’s Eye
Allows user to see through the target’s name, gender, age, class, or title. (Randomized) Unable to re-use skill on the same target.

Suddenly, that weird skill list popped out, as if to respond to the thoughts in my mind.

Looks like this system carries a thoughts-searching function. Not bad.

I quickly added a point into the skill, and used the skill on her.

??? Female ??? 17 Years Old [???] [???] [???] [???] [???] [???]

1… 17 years old?

She’s actually the same age as me?

Even though she emits such aura of maturity? Unless it’s because of the results of her harsh training?

However, being able to acquire a new skill is a pretty good start. With this skill, I could at least reveal some of the stuffs of my target that’s usually restricted by our level differences.

“You’re taking far too long. Do you actually know about it or not?”

Dual said impatiently.

“Are you sure about listening to this? To sully a person’s pure body, there’s only one way. And that is…”

“I don’t need you to steal my job!”

Suddenly, I was knocked in the head. And since we’re not in a party, my HP immediately dropped by 20%!

When I turned to look, it was actually Ms. Mari!

“When did you…”

“Just now! Alright, you two idiots better listen up. Regarding things like this, it’s best to ask your female teachers. Why the hell would you ask a man? If he misleads you, you will be in big trouble, you know? Though I believe Fir doesn’t have the guts to do so.”

“Hey hey, teacher, I can’t just ignore what you just said!”

“If you don’t wish to be bestowed with the criminal charge of sexually harassing your teacher, then you better shut up, you little twerp!”

Ruthless! So this teacher is an asshole as well!

“Alright, let’s go! I will be the one teaching you two!”

With that said, Ms. Mari actually pulled the two girls and left!

Oh well, this development is fine as well.

After pondering for a bit, I looked towards the society’s activity room, and walked towards it.

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  1. White Devil Era says:

    I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by, the massive weeb powerlevel that zannen shows off or referencing a Chinese thing for once.


  2. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

    Most girls knows about the flowers and the bees at an earlier age than boys because of their period you know, unless this game world works in a completely different way.


  3. M.A.D says:

    Nezha is something like an ancient Chinese sainted demi-god shota trap homunculus warrior with ambiguos gender due to his body being made out of lotus plant. I suppose comparing him with a muscular-armed loli is quite apt.

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  4. Owl says:

    (t/n: I don’t know why the author used Nezha as a reference, but he is a chinese deity.)

    You ever seen the arms on that kid? If I got arms with muscles half the size of my torso I’ll be called meat head too.


  5. ZaX says:

    Learning sex ed from Mari-sensei is probably gonna end up not in the best interests of Fir somehow.
    Thanks for the chapter!


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