Vol. 3 Chapter 14: Annual Tournament’s Prelude

The ‘unconscious’ status today is acting really weird. The countdown for the status kept changing.

The status was supposed to last 2 hours. When only about 10 minutes was left, the countdown returned to 2 hours. And this loop continued.

What the hell is this joke? Is it a bug?

It seems that I have to create an all-status immunity equipment in the future. Otherwise, I will definitely develop sleep disorders from being unconscious for so many times!

Although I’m not that against to being unconscious, however, when we had dinner, there was only about 12 hours left before the Annual Tournament begins. Is there really no problem sleeping like this right now?

Looking at the countdown that kept changing, I was starting to get worried. After all, the tournament was EXP that’s made easily accessible. There’s many a slip between the cup and the lip, huh. If my EXP is going to just run away like that, then I will seriously drown myself in tears.


Why is there a weird taste in my mouth?


A disgusting feeling suddenly welled up in my throat, and the moment I opened my mouth, sparkling golden ‘food’ was vomited out.

After a good long while, I finally felt better, and then looked around me.

“Yo, good morning.”

“It’s already quite late. Why are you here, Aliyah?”

“Because it’s almost time for your match to start. However, when I realized you weren’t in the participant seats, I came over to the waiting room, and saw you lying here.”

Then, she pointed to the two girls who was looking at me with very guilty eyes, and said.

“I asked why you were like that, but I never expected you to eat poisonous food… And it seems you really went at it. To think they were even shining gold, just how did you manage to eat them all?”

“Don’t ask me, ask them.”

I quickly opened my inventory, and tapped on Stun Dispel, Poison Cure, and Paralysis Cure Potions once.

Finally, I tapped on an Energy Potion, and my entire body returned to normal.

And I actually laid for 12 hours, my fatigue meter was already filled to the brim, so there’s no need to worry about that.

“Umm… Fir… Sorry.”

Irlin walked over and said softly.

“Something went wrong with the soup when I was preparing its flavor.”

“When I was putting in the ingredients as well… So, sorry.”

I didn’t expect Princess Michelle to apologize as well. This is really rare.

“Hai~ Don’t worry. But, let’s have meals outside next time.”

“That’s right. If it was me, I will definitely not choose to make the food myself. I have not swept through all the restaurants here yet.”

“Aliyah, I didn’t expect that you would acknowledge your own shortcomings!”

“But of course… Wait, what’s that supposed to mean!”

The moment she agreed, Aliyah rebutted back.

“Do you think the food I make is terrible!? Hmph! I will never make any golden food, you know!”

“How about purple?”

“… Occasionally.”


Alright. She’s the same weight class as the two other girls here. I shall put this document into my brain’s warning folder, and name it ‘List of People who Make Inedible Food’.

“Alright, this isn’t the time to chat, right? What time is it? Has the tournament started?”

“The tournament has started, but your match is placed behind, so there shouldn’t be any problems.”

“Even if that’s the case, it’s best to quickly head over.”

“Don’t worry, this is the waiting room. The arena’s just outside.”

She’s right. This room looks almost like the battle arena’s waiting room, but I have never came to the western arena before, so I did not have an impression of it.

When I pushed the door open, the earthshaking cheers rushed into my ears. If there weren’t any flashes of magic from the ring, I would even suspect that an ancient colosseum was right in front of me.

That’s right, I’m referring to those animal-fighting colosseums. Looking at the mini-map, I confirmed my current position, and it was indeed the battle arena in the western district.

It seems like, the arena here actually has the function to link up all the surrounding arenas, and form a large colosseum!

As I thought, there are many ways whereby magic is more convenient than science!

The colosseum was separated into three portions, for the Elementary Grade teams, Intermediate Grade teams, and the Advanced Grade teams to fight respectively.

What’s in front of us was the Elementary Grade’s ring, and currently, the Water-type and Earth-type teams are engaged in their duel.

And on the spectator seats, the different elemental schools were gathered. They can be distinguished by the color of the robes they were wearing.

Among them, the Wind Magicians and Summoners already left the arena… Are you serious? Shir’s class actually lost?

“What time is it now?”

“If you’re thinking of getting more nauseant, give up. You were already unconscious up till noon. Do you think it will be easy to get a nauseant in this time of the day?”

“Actually, you can buy that from Lanya.”

“Lanya? If you’re talking about the swindler with the golden twin-tails, I actually bought the one I used on you from her.”

“… Alright.”

That girl sure is professional, to think she wouldn’t forget to do business even at a time like this.

“Hurry up and head to the participant seats. If you’re aren’t in the seats when it’s your turn, you will be disqualified.”


The so-called participant seats are actually a row of chairs placed right at the front of the spectator stands. There’s 16 of these chairs in total, and the team left sitting there… was actually the Fire-type team.

So I’m facing a team I’m elementally weak against in the first round? I’m not sure whether this is a blessing or a curse.

Lee Xilikis LV 15 Fire Magician [Kind] [Focused] [Hellfire] [Fourth Magician Squad’s Vice Captain of Fel Empire’s Third Army]

This guy buried his entire body in his own Magician’s robe. He seems pretty strong.

Brecht Fel LV 13 Fire Magician [Neutral] [Firm] [Royalty] [Wild] [Disciple of Fire] [Third Prince]

And looking at the person next to him, he had about the same level as Lee, and his red hair was tied behind his head.

Compared to his scary titles, his expression looked pretty pure, and had a hint of majesty.

Royalty, huh?

This academy sure has a lot of students with big roles. Why don’t they take up Knight-related classes, but become Magicians instead?

Adding him, I have met a total of three people with royal blood, and they are all from different empires. So, will I be able to summon a wish-granting dragon after meeting all royalties of different elemental types?

Of course, that won’t be possible.

And when the prince called Brecht caught sight of us, he turned and nodded in our direction.

At the same time, the battle on the ring was reaching its climax.

Evidently, after a long-drawn battle, the two sides were both exhausted.

The Water-type team actually had people I know, and they were Princess Anne and Elan.

Elan was using Water Arrows to harass their opponents, while Princess Anne was casting.

Looking at those complex magical symbols, it was definitely not any ordinary magic skill.

And on the other side, the two Earth-type students were bitterly using an Earth Wall to hold on as long as possible.

Although Earth Magic is the element with the strongest defense, however, under the constant barrage of Water Arrows, half of the Earth Wall was already smashed away.

“Tsunami of the End!”

A large magic circle was formed completely. After a slight quake, from the magic formation, a large wave poured out, and it engulfed the place where the two Earth-type participants were.

I already saw that their HP was depleted, but in the arena, they basically wouldn’t die.

“Victory goes to the Water-type team!”

The water on the ring slowly rescinded. The judge immediately ran over to confirm the Earth-type team’s conditions, and announced the results.

A slight smile appeared on Princess Anne’s face, and she turned and went down the ring.

“Fir, and here I thought you ran away again.”

Seeing me at the participant seats, Princess Anne smiled.

“How can that be? I believe we will have a chance to meet on the ring.”

“Is that so? The person beside you doesn’t seem to think that way.”

I looked at the person she was pointing to, and the two participants in the Fire-type team were glaring at me.

“Uhh… Let’s hurry and begin!”

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  1. RKain says:

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    So I’m facing a team I’m elementally weak against in the first round? I’m not sure whether this is a stroke of blessing or a curse of bad luck.

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    So I’m facing a team I’m elementally weak against in the first round? I’m not sure whether this is a blessing or a curse.


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