Vol. 3 Chapter 15: Bone-Piercing Ice & Blazing Heart (I)

“The final Elementary Grade match today will be a fight between the Ice Team’s Fir and Princess Michelle and the Fire Team’s Lee and Prince Brecht. Both teams look pretty confident. But from what I heard, last night, Fir from the Ice Team seemed to have gotten a bad stomach ache. I wonder if it will have any influence on his battle today.”

The moment I stepped into the ring, the host left me completely speechless.

You’re totally not giving me any face. I dare you to tell me what that guy, whose wearing a thick robe, over there ate last night. Well? Why aren’t you doing it, huh?

“Hey, host. Can you stop gossipping?”

I turned and stared at the host in the eye.

The host was a young girl filled with question marks, even though she did not look that much older than me.

But since I could only see question marks above her, it meant she’s not an ordinary person.

And she actually matched her white hair with a black one-piece dress. Her taste is pretty unique.

Is she Black and White?
(t/n: The author is referring to the hand-game Black and White, 黑白配.)

“Aiya~ Our student Fir is actually complaining~ He’s the first person to rebut me today~ Kalua is really happy~”

Just when she completed her sentence, her name automatically updated.

Kalua Silubell

Of course, her other information is still a row of question marks. Although I have one chance to see through some of her information, but there really isn’t a need to do so right now.

“Then may I ask if it was true that you had a stomach ache yesterday?”

This girl is actually happily starting an interview.

“Is there a good reason for me to tell you that?”

“I will tell you my three sizes?”

“Is it really fine for you to say all that with Voice Amplifying Magic?”

Although I’m not sure if it’s really alright for her to do so, but I could hear earthshaking cheers coming from the boys at the spectator stands.

Oh my god, where did all the nobles’ dignity go? Was it eaten by dogs?

“No problems~ It’s my mission to hype up the crowd, after all~”

“Alright, I did get a terrible stomach ache last night.”


This girl clutched her stomach as she laughed for quite a while. And then, she suddenly stood back up.

“Alright! Let the final match of the Elementary Grade begin!”

“Hey, your promised three sizes…”

Before I could finish what I wanted to say, I was kicked by Princess Michelle.

“You seriously wanted to know? You bastard!”

“I’m only helping out my fellow brothers… Ice Castle!”

With a blue flash, several ice blocks appeared before us to form an ice wall. At the same time, a large fireball fiercely smashed onto the wall. Several cracks instantly appeared on it, and pieces of ice that were shaved off flew across my face.

This sure is refreshing. Unfortunately, I prefer snow ice over shaved ice.

“My dear princess, if you’re done playing, it’s time to work. What’s your strongest magic spell?”

“Ice Fall.”

Ice Fall, intermediate-grade ice magic spell. It uses 800MP to create a large block of ice with 5 meters in length in the sky, and it will freeze and slow down the opponent with a hundred percent chance when hit.

However, the problem with this magic spell is that it requires time to fall. From the time it appears to the time it lands, it will take a whole 5 seconds. In usual cases, within this time, the opponents would have already left the skill range.

This magic skill could be considered a strengthened version of Ice Meteor. However, its speed is utterly incomparable. But, as long as we’re able to restrain their movements, then the problem will be solved.

And the moment the first one lands, we can continuously drop Ice Falls, and our opponents will basically not be able to flee.

But, we must still make sure the first one lands.

“Un, alright. Let’s go with that…”

After instructing Princess Michelle, the rest is up to me. This feels the same as the party-commanding system…

Alright, there’s still some differences. If a party-commanding system really do exist, it would be great. At least, I would have a party member who could endlessly recover HP.

However, our current opponents being elementally advantageous is a problem. If I don’t get serious, we might not win at all.

Another fireball flew over, and the Ice Castle was smashed into pieces. At the same time, I was on all fours on the ground. The shattered ice pieces flew over my head, while my Ice Valley was already heading towards where the fireball came from.

A chain of ice spikes continuously rose from the ground, and at the same time, I followed after them, and passed through the fog created by the evaporating Ice Castle.

After passing through the fog, what welcomed me were several fireballs that filled the entire sky.

Ice Shield!

I instantly blocked the two nearest fireballs, and sped through the opening created in the middle. Simultaneously, I threw a series of Ice Arrows in all four directions.

Complementing the Ice Valley on the ground, the ring quickly became surrounded by blue ice crystals.

Of course, I did not shoot the arrows randomly. Even though the ring was currently surrounded with fog and pieces of ice, but, my opponents’ red names were still clearly displayed in front of me!

Ice Spike!

The surrounding pieces of ice congregated on my hand, and when the form of a giant Ice Spike was completed, it immediately flew towards Lee.

However, he was fiercely enveloped by a bright red aura. A huge flame made of countless magical symbols covered his entire body, and the moment the Ice Spike tried to pierce through it, it simultaneously evaporated!

Alright, even though I’m unable to pierce it through, I should be able to push you, right!?

Ice Totem!

Unlike the Ice Spike, the Ice Totem does not concentrate on point-attacks, but a wider range.

An Ice Totem flew towards him. Although it was instantly shattered, but, Lee’s flame was momentarily extinguished, and he was sent flying.

I mean, seriously, that was a elementary-grade ice magic spell with maximum proficiency. Although I’m unaware of the grade of magic he used for those flames, even if I had never seen it within the list of my elementary-grade fire magic spells, however, since I’m already LV 19, it won’t do if I could not at least break through his defenses.

And the speed of my Ice Totem is much faster than my Ice Spike, hence, it was much more effective.


Suddenly, I heard a voice coming from the other direction.

Hearing the name of the spell, it sounds rather formidable?

At the same time, a head-numbing wave of heat could be felt from above me.

I looked up, a gigantic blazing fireball of unfathomable size was falling quickly from the sky, and evidently, it’s target was me!

Why do all these nobles usemMagic spells that I have never seen before? Hey hey, what happened to the rules of not being able to learn spells beyond your grade, huh? Do you think it’s right for VIP players to mistreat regular players!?

Alright, fine, it’s a perfect time for an experiment.

Ice Meteor!

Firstly, I threw my Ice Meteor at the fallen Lee and trapped him in ice.

And then, I bind myself tightly with several Ice Castles and Ice Shields. Lastly, I added an Ice Armor to increase my defense.

My MP was thus completely depleted. I opened my inventory and tapped on the MP Recovery Potion and Defense Increase Potion. In the next second, a sound like that of a car crash resounded from above, and cracks began to travel down the surrounding ice blocks.

The Ice Armor on my body was also slightly shattered, at the same time, my HP bar moved by a bit.

That’s right, only by a bit.

This is an obvious result. His offensive strength should only be about 1,400 X 1.3 = 1,820. Even if this magic spell could double his strength, it would only be 3,640 at most. However, at my level, my base defense is actually 3,400.

Hence, allow me to give a disappointed look.

Thus, in front of the opponent’s shocked expression, I stood up from the layers of shattered ice.

“Are you done? Have you finished using your magic spells? If you’re done, then it’s my turn~”

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