Vol. 3 Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic

The Annual Tournament is really tiring. This can be seen by how my fatigue meter was always depleted by a full half after every match.

However, most of the students still love the Annual Tournament. After all, there’s a one week break from lessons because of this event.

This feels like the annual sports meet in the schools of my former world. Although the sports meet does not involve most of the students, but, everyone is still happy about the event. Because, we don’t have to attend lessons for a day.

But, since there are people that are happy about it, there are people that are troubled about it as well, especially me.

Let’s put aside the fact that my life was in danger because of this Annual Tournament for now. Right now, I’m becoming way too famous.

As a saying goes, ‘a man dreads fame as a pig dreads being fat.’

Even in the toilet, there’s even people that recognize you. Imagine how that feels like.

It’s terrible as hell.

Alright, this isn’t the scariest part.

The most frightening thing was, after the battle in the morning, I realized those plant-type people had been following me around. It felt like they were trying to find a certain weakness in me or something.

I say, can you guys please learn how to actually stalk people, before even attempting on following me? What’s the use of tailing me by having a bunch of people crowding behind me? You guys feel like bodyguards, rather than actual stalkers, you know?

But, in actual fact, you guys aren’t trying to protect me, rather, you guys are trying to find the perfect opportunity to stab me in the back, right?

Well, the reason why they were following me, was naturally because Princess Anne’s water magic was ineffective against their plant magic.

If I recall, the moment the plant magic barrier was cast, the water arrows striking the barrier were directly absorbed. Not just the water arrows, every sort of water magic spells were directly absorbed.

Basically, it wasn’t even a fair match!

Although, in my personal opinion, it’s possible to use a large amount of water to surround them. But, in a situation where I’m unable to determine the amount of water the plants and wood could absorb, I think there will be a danger of depleting my MP bar if I do that.

And it seems that MP Recovery Potions do not have a 100% effect on the inhabitants of this world. So, it wouldn’t be wise to do it the hard way.

In view of the above situation, I decided to sacrifice my entire afternoon worth of rest time, and head towards Ms Mari’s office.

Ms Mari did not seem surprised to see me here, as she pointed to the seat in front of her and gestured me to sit down. Then, she laughed.

“And here I thought you will really try to win the Annual Tournament with just elementary-grade magic.”

“I actually wanted to try that out. However, I heard from a certain cute student that her teacher happily taught her several intermediate-grade and advanced-grade magic spells.”

This cute student was naturally Miss Helena of the lightning-type team.

‘Since I lost to you, then you must win the Annual Tournament! If I still had ample MP, I would have definitely destroyed your elementary-grade magic spells with my lightning magic spells! Speaking of which, why didn’t you ask your teacher to teach you intermediate-grade ice magic spells?”

When I heard this, I suddenly felt the world betrayed me.

How would I know you could learn intermediate-grade ice magic spells like that? Nobody told me that!

Or did everyone think that intermediate-grade magic wouldn’t be of any use to me when they saw my bizarre battle style?

Are you kidding me!?

I’m already sick of using those same magic spells!

Ice Arrows, Ice Valley, Ice Assassination Spikes, Ice Shield, Ice Castle, Ice Meteor, Ice Totem!

When I look at these spells closely, they are only magic spells that affect a small radius. What about those weird spells my opponents used? One of them even used dolls! Is there even justice in this world!?

Ms. Mari shrugged, and then she threw a few books onto the table.

“Intermediate-grade and advanced-grade ice magic skill books, right? Even though the library has a few hundreds of these skill books, but after removing those magic spells which basically do not have any practical use, these are the only ones left that are useful for combat. This is actually a compilation I made after all my research in my younger days, so you better thank me.”

“Couldn’t you have given them to me earlier?”

“I find the way you’re thanking me a little weird. Is this how you thank people in your homeland?”

“It would have been fine if you gave me unrestricted access to the library as well, you know?”

“Unless you don’t even know how to thank people?”

I sighed, and then picked up the entire stack of books.

“Thank you very much.”

“Your personality is really terrible.”

“Is that so? I think that the personality of a teacher who reads a light novel about teen romance during office hours is much worse, don’t you think so?


“When you gave me the stack of books, I saw the cover of the book that was stuck beneath them. I saw that book once in the library. It’s most likely the same book. Adding the fact that all these books have the library’s labels, I’m very sure it’s the exact same one.”

“Cough cough, in any case, you guys aren’t having any lessons, why can’t I read my light novels?”

“I don’t really mind, of course. But, may I ask? Are those weird light novels that are placed in the regular bookshelves in the third row on the third floor of the library, yours? There’s barely anyone who visits the bookshelves there, so the librarian doesn’t bother to check that area either. But evidently, there are several strange books over there.”

“Obviously, they aren’t mine.”

But, when Ms. Mari said that, she picked up a pen with her right hand and started writing down the location I just spoke of on a piece of paper.

Is she trying to keep those books for herself?

“Where’s my thanks?”

I smiled and asked.

Ms. Mari was startled for a second, and then, she pushed the piece of paper to a side.

“Cough cough, later, I will lift your library access restriction to the intermediate-grade magic section. Is that good enough?”

“Of course~ Just to add on, the bookstore called ‘Maubert’ that’s outside the academy has several interesting books. However, they’re a little expensive. You can decide on your own.”

After saying that, I carried the books and left Ms. Mari’s office. Then, I quickly ran towards the activity room.

Why did I choose the activity room?

Because Falan and the two girls placed several interesting magical traps around that area. They would definitely trouble those who are following me and force them to retreat.

And at this hour… As I expected, there wasn’t anyone in the activity room.

I immediately went inside, and found a table to drop the books on. After that, impatiently, I started reading all of them.

Of course, I’m not actually reading them. Rather, I’m recording all of the spells inside.

Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Frozen Light?
Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Ice Fall?
Do you wish to learn Intermediate-Grade Magic Spell: Ice Flower?
Do you wish to learn Advanced-Grade Magic Spell: Frozen Eternity of Grief?
Do you wish to learn…

When I looked at this full list of magic spells, I swallowed my saliva, and I positioned my finger onto the notification window.


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51 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 31: Learning Advanced-Grade Magic

      • mike777ac says:

        I would look for an OP super-difficult meditation technique, which he would only have to activate and not actually pay attention to lol. Like it would register him as meditating and constantly restore his mana, but unlike regular mages who would have to reach a state of enlightenment, it would just be working subconsciously while he fought. Of course, if he had mana/life drain, that would be nice too lol. Maybe he could make mana-potion injections, and since he can activate them directly from his ui, they would instantly work, and be a lot more effective than drinking the potions? Idk, he could create some kinda mana-gems, which store mana and can be drained in emergencies?


  1. exqalph03 says:

    hohohoho~! Now this is getting exciting! Wonder what effects those new skills have and also their visual effects? lol.

    — Thanks for the chapter~ ^^.


  2. DMR says:

    So he has new skills, and the next few days, he’ll level them up and use them in the tournament….

    Nice 😛

    And now he can learn all the useful and useless intermediate skills he wants from the library XD

    Thanks for the chappy 😛


  3. xias1 says:

    …and as it turned out half of the skills I couldn´t learn.
    Why you ask?

    Remember the one who made this collection of ice magic skillbooks was my teacher Ms. Mari.
    Just to make sure you haven´t forgotten while Ms. Mari is rather peculiar she is still a woman.
    You understand now?

    Correct, half of the magic spells in those skillbooks are for women only.
    Hence I was unable to learn them.

    ‘Thank you very much’ for giving me those skillsbooks that are useless to men, Ms. Mari.
    (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

    How about that as the continuation of this chapter?

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  4. Cupcake ninja says:

    I kinda feel good whenever i recognize someone in the comments section.
    I think, ” ah~~ we leechers are such a close knit community 🙂 ”

    Hehe, if anyone asked, I’d even hide a dead body for ya no questions necessary.


  5. abyssdarkfire says:

    I was just thinking what class the mc was he reaches 20 but then i realized he doesn’t have a first class so not sure how it works


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