Vol. 3 Chapter 32: Mentor System

Possessing intermediate-grade and advanced-grade magic really makes a big difference. Let’s put aside their names for now, just their effects alone are able to get me excited.

For example, Ice Arrow deals 110% damage of your magical attack power, while Frozen Light actually deals 200% damage! And if I use the advanced-grade magic spell Eternal Frozen Stream, adding its base of 250% damage, it actually has the effect of ignoring the target’s ice resistance as well!

In other words, even if the target was to use a potion to prevent himself from freezing up, he would still be frozen regardless. It’s basically a bug-worthy spell.

And I was wondering why I was having such a hard time fighting… When all of my opponents were using such enhanced spells, how the hell would I not tire myself out?


The cost of using advanced-grade spells are indeed very high. Frozen Light uses up 1,500MP, and Eternal Frozen Stream uses up 2,500MP. Basically, if I do not manage to land a hit with my first shot, I would have to wait for my MP to recover before I could execute my second shot.

But, I did not expect Ice Magic to have a spell that supposedly has a 100% accuracy – Chaotic Shadow: 99 Types of Ice Arrows.

Suddenly, I could imagine 99 arrows dancing in the air. That will definitely be a spectacular sight.

However, these high-cost magic spells require a large pool of MP. Looks like, other than getting my hands on more magic spells, I need to focus on increasing my Max MP as well.

Currently, my Max MP is only 3,600. It’s different compared to EXP, Max MP does not increase by several folds each level, hence, it’s so low, it’s saddening.

Although I do have a mountain of MP Recovery Potions, but, my Max MP is low and the time take for my MP to recover is pretty long as well. I have no choice but to use my magic spells sparingly during battles.

Looks like, in the future, I have to arrange a sequence of magic spells to use. Currently, I feel like I’m improvising everything during battles, and it wouldn’t be favorable if I continue like this for future battles.

When I left the activity room, it was already evening. Since I was no longer wanted, there wasn’t a need for me to disguise myself, and I walked out in the school grounds with my usual appearance.

Looks like time was the best medicine to curbing popularity. Even after the second battle ended, my fame did not increase, and those so-called fans of mine no longer appeared.

But, I think the biggest reason was the fact that I survived after getting stabbed in both the heart and neck that night. And many people started to fear my identity.

This point was brought up by Aliyah. Although I don’t really care, but I can’t deny that her point makes sense.

How should I put it? If you see a classmate’s head slipping off his body right in front of you, and in the next few hours, he suddenly appears lively in front of you, that feeling will definitely be pretty unbearable.

Oh well, it’s best not to be frustrated over something like this. The main point right now is to find something to eat.

“As I expected, you’re here. When I found out that you’re not in the library, I guessed the next possible place you could be would definitely be your activity room.”

This voice probably belonged to Irlin.

When I turned to look, Irlin, who was dressed in a white light armor, was running towards me from the side of the road.

“Were you looking for me? Sorry for the trouble.”

“It’s fine~ You’re going to get dinner, right? Let’s go together.”


After walking a few steps, I asked.

“Oh right, earlier, you said you were looking for me. Is it something important?”

“Oh, yeah. In the afternoon, Princess Michelle and I were discussing on how we could increase our combat abilities. She was not satisfied with how she performed for the last two battles, hence, she’s practicing alone right now. But speaking about combat ability, why didn’t you use any of the Knight Magic spells? Ice Sword Summon should be able to increase your combat ability by a considerable amount, right?”


I scratched my head.

“Isn’t that magic spell really important to your household? If I use it here, those people who wish to steal it will probably appear, right? If that happens, things will get really messy.”

“So… so that’s why…”

Irlin was silent for a while, and then, she continued.

“Actually, that magic spell isn’t really important to our household. It’s only the most basic magic spell of our Knight Magic after all, and that is also why our family isn’t able to strengthen ourselves as quickly, compared to the other households. However, to us, it’s still a very strong magic spell.”

“Most basic…”

Wait a minute, if Ice Sword Summon is the most basic spell…

“May I ask, have you learnt all of the Knight Magic spells of your household?”

“Theory-wise, yes. But I’m not that practically proficient at them…”

“Then, do you know how to use this magic spell?”

After saying that, I immediately cast the magic spell Ice Knight Armor Summon.

A cold chill surrounded my body in an instant, and a blue armor made of ice covered my body.

“This… This is an intermediate-grade magic knight spell! How… How are you able to use it?”

Irlin said, with an expression of disbelief. Then, she inspected the armor, and continued.

“Where did you learn this spell?”

“It’s from that book of yours. This is something I realized by myself while I was training the basic spells. I don’t really know how it actually happened as well.”

I can’t exactly say the level was raised automatically due to the system’s support, right?

Speaking of which, earlier, I did see an ‘Impart’ button at the corner of the spell description. It seems that I have to use the spell a certain number of times before the button will appear.

“Do you want me to teach you?”

“Eh? Really? Are you really going to teach me!?”

This is the first time I ever see Irlin’s excited expression, with stars popping out of her eyes. It startled me for a moment.

Right, she’s a girl, after all.

“Of course.”

I looked at her, and then, I tapped on the ‘Impart’ button.

Her body shook for a second, and a progress bar appeared before me.

So this is how it works?

Why does it feel like a Mentor System…

Ting! Mentor System Unlocked

Relationships Updated:
Irlin – Student
Yybril – Mentor
Falan – Mentor

Imparting of spell completed.

After looking at these notifications, why don’t I even feel surprised at all?

Or am I already used to having the sudden appearances of new systems?

“So that’s how it works! I know how to use it now. I’m going to practise the spell, wait for me!”

After saying that, Irlin ran towards the arena, leaving a trail of dust behind her.


No way. Just how devoted are you to studying? What happened to our promised dinner?

Alright, I’m not going to deny it, I was shocked at how this went contrary to my expectations.

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44 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 32: Mentor System

  1. DMR says:

    So your reading ahead for the Douluo Dalu series? Dude, don’t leave us in the dust like that, wait for the next chapter like a good boy….. who the hell would wanna do that though…

    you… your making me cry bwaaaaaa!!!!!

    Okay, jokes aside, thank you for translating this XD

    So he can impart some skills now πŸ˜›

    Hahaha, he should teach his wife good, even that female only spell might be able to get learned by her at some point hahaha…. but maybe he shouldn’t train other females… keep it in the family…

    That said, I really don’t like the way this author uses numbers… for magic MP and spells, he could use the 10’s and 100’s…. for HP too… especially since it is all at a low level still…


  2. Claith says:

    The only error I noticed was “Woops” which should be spelled “Whoops”

    Thanks for the release even while you keep yourself busy. I personally got arc fatigued by that series and called it quits when an entire chapter could be summed up as “The King sat down in the living room”. That is the only thing that happened, just fluff aside that in the chapter.


  3. Marisandini says:

    Thanks very much for the chapter, just to say, i recently made a web novel, so searching someone for feedback, i hope you could make time to read it in witchlifenovel.blogspot.com


    • MXMach says:

      He would have the Ξ²-Class (of Ξ² tester)… Also explains why he can make suggestions to the world (dev) and they will improve… The all mighty Ξ²-Tester Class! (Also explains the “Whatever goes title”, since he isn’t surprised about bugs, glitches and other stuff…)

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Semi-colon says:

    I’m confused about something. Did he ever register a class? He’s been using magic a lot but I don’t remember his class changing. Also I wonder how many new systems he is going to unlock lol.


  5. Carl says:

    With this mentor system, it’s annoying that he didn’t become King!

    Even though it wasn’t said how many students he could have, as long as they didn’t forget the skills he taught them after he removed them from his list, he could have made every officer in the Mitchell Kingdom learn every badass warrior technique or spell!

    I know in terms of power/resources the Mitchell Kingdom was the lowest of the low (seriously, a lvl3 Irlin was appointed as captain)… but he could have super powered up everyone inside that dungeon.


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