Vol. 3 Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)

After following after Helena for about 10 minutes, we finally arrived at our destination.

If I had not came along with her today, I wouldn’t have known that there’s a shop that sells dolls located at the outer sector of the academy.

The shop was facing in the opposite direction of the business district, and normally, no one will come here.

But, the area covered by the shop was large, and was 8 stories high.

The entire building was cast in metal. Although there’s coating on the walls to prevent the reflection of sunlight, but, at the position of the joints, the traces of welding were still visible.

Also, from the labels at the entrance, customers are able to know the different types of products available in the respective floors. They provide regular aesthetic dolls, magical puppets, and even automatons.

I kind of feel like, with this kind of products available, the technological level of this world has surpassed that of my former world. Isn’t this ‘automaton’ a robot with an AI?

“Please, come in.”

The shop’s door opened automatically, and Yoei pushed Helena into the building.

Sighing inwardly at the illogical automatic door, I followed them into the shop.

The shop was rather quiet. The first floor was huge, but only a single maid was tending the shop.

When she saw us enter, she immediately bowed.

“Young miss, young master, welcome back. Master is already waiting upstairs.”


Nodding her head, we headed to the metallic door at the side.

I shivered. Could they actually have an elevator as well? I knew the answer to my own question, of course. Other than an elevator, what kind of door would have number-labeled buttons on the wall just beside it?

A microwave?

As I thought, the moment Yoei pressed on one of the buttons, the door automatically opened. I didn’t expect to see an elevator in a place like this, and currently, I’m having mixed feelings about this.

“… You don’t look surprised at all?”

Finally, when the elevator door closed, Helena turned and posed this question at me.

“If you didn’t ask me that question, I would have definitely been surprised. But as for a mechanism that transfer items up and down, I don’t really have to be surprised, right?”

“Oh? Have you seen this before?”


I said as such.

“I saw it on a book I read in the past.”

“A book… It should be impossible. I’m pretty sure this mechanism is the first of its kind in this entire western continent.”

Although she said she didn’t believe me, she still turned and stared at me.

“Will you believe me if I say I could draw out the skeleton design of how this thing works?”

“You’re able to draw the structure of this mechanism?”

“I can tell you how that automatic door works as well, and even some other mechanisms that you don’t have.”

“You… How do you know all this!? All these mechanisms could actually be found on a book!?”

“I’m not entirely sure as well. I only recall that I saw the designs of these mechanisms on a book I read a long time ago.”

“A long time ago… So you’re telling me that book isn’t with you right now?”

“Of course. But I can tell you the title of that book though. It’s called ‘Physics’.”

Oh, my dear Physics teacher, I don’t know if you’re still alive, but, do you know? Your knowledge is being put to good use in this other world.

Even if it’s in a magical world?

‘Physics’… Is that so… That person said the same thing as well. That book is definitely extraordinary.”


This time, I was really shocked.

“That person… You’re saying there’s actually another person who told you he read a book like that before?”

“Un. About half a month ago, a man called Lester traded some materials with us. Back then, he used the blueprints for the ‘Ortus Door’ and ‘Avril Lotte’, or what you call the automatic door and elevator, to trade with us. He told us that he saw these designs from a book titled ‘Physics’ as well. However, just when we determined the practicality of the designs, that person disappeared. Hence, all the more, we decided to make the two mechanisms.”

So it was actually that bastard Lester…

“I know that person called Lester. But did he actually enter our academy as well?”

“No. He was in a city situated at the border of the Eli Empire. We have a branch shop there.”

That guy actually ran to the Eli Empire? He sure moves fast. But I wonder if he had found the thing he was looking for in the underground dungeon.

“I see. If you happen to see him again, please pass on this message for me. ‘Fir is very angry. Prepare to suffer extreme consequences.’”


Helena actually laughed.

“I just realized you two are pretty similar. Just like you, his way of thinking was pretty weird. But since you’re knowledgeable of that book titled ‘Physics’, in the future, I will like to consult you regarding some matters.”

“… If you’re able to provide me with some advanced-grade lightning magic skill books, as well as the method to create dolls.”

When she heard my answer, she revealed a stunned expression.

“What’s wrong? Is it impossible?”

“No no, of course, it’s possible!”

Hearing her tone, she’s actually really excited?

Why do I feel like I’m the one who made a loss here?

“We have tons of lightning magic skill books in our household. But as for the method to make dolls… Even though we can teach you, but learning it isn’t a simple matter.”

“No problem. You can provide me with various related reading materials as well. I think it ill be more convenient if I take a look at them myself.”

After all, I have the system’s support, so reading them myself will be a faster way.

Although I’m able to learn it if they teach me personally, but, I have never tried making an item of my own.

Unless it’s possible to create one by simply pressing on a single button?

That will definitely be frightening. Earlier, I don’t know how I managed to successfully impart the magic spell to Irlin, but, I kind of have a weird feeling about it.

“Of course, we have books about them. But, we’re more interested in that ‘Physics’ book and the information held within it, and what other mystical mechanisms are still being hidden inside it.”

“That will depend on what you guys want to know.”

“Is that so…”

The elevator finally reached the top floor, and with a ring of a bell, the door slowly opened.

Looks like the businesses in this world are pretty profitable. These extravagant decorations are comparable to the villa that Falan bought with her huge sum of money.

“Oh, we actually have a guest today… If I recall, you’re Fir right? The boy who competed against my daughter in the tournament earlier today.”

A middle-aged man, who was dressed in a formal attire, was standing in the center of the room. Putting the rest of his features aside, the first deep impression I got from him was from the scar on his face.

“Pleased to meet you, Mr. Smuu.”

I responded with a smile.

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29 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 34: Smuu Household (I)

  1. GonZ555 says:

    Thank you for the chapter 🙂
    isn;t advance magic book kind of common? he should’ve ask for forbidden magic or something.
    if he wanted a advance magic book he should’ve ask for his library card to be upgraded again to his teacher..

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  2. defiring says:

    This chapter in a sentence: “I entered the building through an automatic door, we went up an elevator, I bargained my knowledge against books and I met the chicks father, the end.”
    I like this novel but sometimes they have some uselessly long chapters ><

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  3. pancakes4ever says:

    And now for 1st trick, The “Stun Gun”!
    For my 2nd trick, The “Escalator”!
    For my 3rd trick, The “Bread Toaster”!
    For my 4th trick, The “Light Bulb”!

    For my next trick, The “Refrigirator”!

    For my final trick, The “Battery”!

    And thus, otherworlders infect the world with Earthly conveniences.
    “Welcome to a magical world, Modern Tecnology! Muahahahaha”

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  4. bakaleaf says:

    lol aliens already start living in that world fir already encounter them
    without world(god) help they area already a goner
    so much for RPG sometime I am somewhat lost in this novel
    I mean when you think that the world is not advance this things like pc and spaceship sudden appear lol
    no wonder world(god) been summoning different gamer in various different world lol
    I am not surprise if shield hero suddenly appear here
    I mean shield hero is God hunter at the moment lol


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