Vol. 3 Chapter 33: The Girl on the Wheelchair

PoV: Irlin Wood

“May the chill of ice envelop my firm heart, Ice Knight Armor, summon!”

Magic formations deep blue in color flashed on my armor, and as the light dissipates, a translucent crystal armor appeared on my body.

It succeeded as I thought it would!

Looks like the method Fir told me wasn’t wrong at all. Now, I’m able to successfully use Ice Armor Summon as well.

… Wait a minute, earlier, what did Fir say when he was teaching me?

Geez, I actually remembered the method to use the spell, but I forgot how he explained it. How careless of me. But it’s fine since I managed to remember the method.

“So this is the magic used by Magic Knights. It looks pretty cool.”

Princess Michelle, who was at the side, said in awe. She walked towards me, and touched the armor on my body.

“So cold!”

She quickly pulled back her hand.

So cute~

But it’s all thanks to her that I managed to use this training area. Because it’s really hard to find a vacant training area around this time of the day.

When Princess Michelle saw me, she shared her personal training area to me, as she wanted to train as well.

“Careful, the Ice Armor will automatically harm anyone else other than its owner. Even if you’re an Ice Magician, you will still feel cold when you’re near it.”

“Don’t you feel cold wearing it?”

“A little, but it doesn’t affect me that much. After all, I’m still a knight.”

“Un… Alright. Continue with your training then. I need to practice my magic spells as well.”

After saying that, she walked to a side, and began chanting.

“Solid and firm cold, in my name, I summon you to fall upon this large land. Endless cold, in my name, I summon… Ice Fall!”

After the chant was finished, in three seconds, an extremely large ice block appeared in the sky.

The entire chant took 8 seconds to finish, and that magic spell seemed to take quite a toll on Michelle’s body.

“Don’t look at me like that. I’m not like that pervert Fir, whose chanting speed is so monstrously quick.”

“No, it’s not like that. Look, Fir’s chanting speed is quick, because all he uses are elementary-grade magic spells. That is why he needs your help in regards to intermediate-grade magic, right?”

“That’s not true. If it wasn’t because my old man exerting pressure on the school, Fir would definitely be able to deal with all of our opponents alone. There isn’t a need for me to step in at all. Didn’t you see his maneuvers? Out of the two matches, only the puppet siblings were able to follow his speed. I believe if it wasn’t for the restriction for the last hit to belong to me, he would definitely have rushed towards them and knock them out immediately with his sword. Hmph.”

“But… But, this is a magic competition, right? To use a sword would be a little…”

“It’s not really against the rules, right? I mean, they even used puppets, you know? Using a sword wouldn’t matter much, right? Isn’t your Magic Knight spells considered as magic as well? But in the end, you would still mainly use your sword, wouldn’t you?”

“If you put it that way…”

“Oh right, about this point…”

Princess Michelle looked as if she remembered something important, and forcefully turned to look at me.

“I know Fir knows about your Magic Knight magic spells, and I also know you’re his fiancee. But, what I really want to know, is your opinion on this matter!”

“Eh, eh? My opinion on… what matter?”

“I… I mean, do you really want to be his fiancee!?”


I hesitated.

“I don’t know either…”

“You don’t know?”

“Because I can’t make clear of my own thoughts as well. But, I know that I feel safe when I’m together with him.”


Princess Michelle shook her head, and sighed.

“Your answer is really subtle…”

“Umm… Princess Michelle, you…”


Princess Michelle looked at me, and then giggled.

“I’m more confused than you. I think I’m more unclear of my own feelings.”

PoV: Fir

“Don’t lose, alright? If you lose, then won’t my loss to you a complete waste?”

The moment I entered the business district, I heard a familiar voice.

When I looked around for the source, it actually belonged to a girl sitting on a wheelchair.

Even though she was wearing a formal night gown, and had a veil covering her face, but I was able to determine her identity from the name floating above her head.

“Ms. Helena, are you preparing to participate in an important dinner party?”

“Hehe~ You must be kidding. I’m only preparing to have dinner with my father. If you came up with that thought after looking at my clothes, then, I can only tell you that this is how I usually dress. I will only wear my robe when I’m using magic.”

After pausing for a moment, she continued.

“Looks like you’re not really familiar with my background. Even though I’m the strongest lightning elementary-grade magician, but, other than turning my neck, I have to use magic to control my body through the metal plates on every single joint. It can be said to be pretty inconvenient.”

“Looks like I was bullying you when I won that battle.”

“If you put it that way, it sounds about right. What do you think, big brother?”

“Not entirely. After all, he’s a magician who managed to take a direct hit from a fist of mine. There’s definitely isn’t a second elementary-grade magician who is capable of doing that.”

The person pushing her wheelchair was actually her brother, Yoei. But, other than the name floating above his head, there’s basically nothing else that could distinguish whether he’s human.

“Speaking of which, although you’re able to determine my brother’s body is actually a doll’s, but you’re not able to determine the location of his real body, right?”

“Real body?”

“Is it fine to reveal that?”

Yoei asked softly.

“There won’t be a problem. If he has any enmity towards us, wouldn’t it end up the same even if I expose your location?”

“… Fine.”

“Hehe, sorry for the interruption. Actually, my brother’s body isn’t here. But, my brother’s body is worse off than mine. He completely can’t control his body at all, and he has to transfer his entire consciousness into a doll to live. Of course, publicly, it is known that brother completely modified his body into a doll.’

“Looks like your household has a weird hereditary disease.”

“That’s exactly so. Oh right, you’re heading for dinner, right? Why don’t you join us?”

“Isn’t that…”

Just when I thought of refusing, suddenly, a new quest notification popped out!

Side Quest: Broken Doll
Quest Objective: 1st part of a chain of quests. Investigate the hereditary disease of the Smuu household.
Quest Reward(s): Unknown.

“Then I… will respectfully accept the offer.”

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      • Life says:

        huehuehue, of course I keep you up at night. ;D And yep, I usually have a character editor for newborns!… Although, who can blame me for clicking randomize or using templates sometimes?

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  1. RKain says:

    I was wondering about how Irlin perceived the mentoring process. She really should be more worried about that… I mean, we know that it’s fine, but she should be concerned about the seemingly MISSING PIECE OF MEMORY she just noticed.

    My thanks to you.

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    • MXMach says:

      Well, its more like she attributed the memory of she understanding the method of how to cast magic, with him. But since its more a of a System Assist thing, it makes it natural for the user.

      Attributing the memory of learning how to cast a skill/magic seems dependent on how you got it, Ex.: Fir just “learns the method” thru books and people, but he knows he has no idea how to explain the process of how to cast it [the magic theory].

      As for Irlin, since she knew the [magic theory] behind the skill she only needed to unlock it [the method], which is given to her by debug-powers of Fir.


      • MXMach says:

        The sexy teacher is not counted, but the sexy loli (Falan’s sister) is. Not counting the teacher because she reminds me of a certain “good-for-nothing” eye-fished silver-haired fellow. Just less perverted, and less “ichigo-gyunyuu”


      • DMR says:

        Well, she should be.. I mean, I’m pretty sure you’d find characters similar to the other females too (characters that are male)…

        Sexy teacher should be in… she gives him less than enough info, but she does the basics of her job…

        And there are only 2 things that matter… is she female (and not gender-bent or sex change kind), and is she hot….

        Nothing else matters 😛


      • DMR says:

        well, announcer is a good choice, and so are the 2 friends… and which body guards…
        In fact, which females did you actually count? And which female body guards were you adding?

        And maybe we should look at how much they interact with our dude… nah… just leave them as hot… anything else becomes too complicated….

        he should just get a “harem master” class and be done with it…


      • MXMach says:

        1- Irlin (Fiance), 2- Michelle (Ice Princess), 3,4,5- the school’s Trio, 6- Cyborg Classmate trap(?),7- Water Princess, 8- Aliyah (main heroine?), 9- “Shaman” Dark Elf, 10 Falan’s sister (dark mage), 11,12- Lightning brothers (x2), 13- Sexy Teacher, 14,15- Irlin’s freinds (x2), 16,17- Ice Princess Bodyguard (were they 2?, I am sure they were 2 of them…) and 18- Water Princess Bodyguard.


      • DMR says:

        Okay…. trap don’t count… lightning brother doesn’t count (you can count the sister)… ice princess has 1 female body guard….

        So it is actually 15… plus that assassin that went after him could make it 16….


      • Cupcake ninja says:

        Title: Acquired.

        You seen to be an existence that are blessed, and attracts, little girls. In the eyes of little girls your charm has suddenly increased.

        Class: Unlocked

        You have increased the relationship between yourself and various girls to a significant degree. Due to your status, you have gone out and inadvertently formed a harem. Women will now hit you for no apparent reason while expecting your affection for them to rise.

        Curse: Activated

        Curse : Activated.

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      • DMR says:

        He attracts older women too… so far, he’s attracted 1 proper little girl, and one girl that while technically little will be fine in about 3 years…

        So most of the girls he gets are legal for his age…


      • Cupcake ninja says:

        Title: Little Girl Killer

        Class: Harem Master

        Curse: Murphy’s Law

        Curse: Raijuu Must Die.

        ( the names didnt appear in my earlier post. I used ” ” for them. Maybe thats why. . .Btw anyone recognize the title from somewhere 🙂 )


      • DMR says:

        Title is from “Word Master” 😛

        And this guy didn’t get that many little girls… really just 1 (maybe 2 -though she’s close to his age, so it’d be socially acceptable if he waits a few years)….

        This guy gets girls mostly around his age…

        And he’s a recent riajuu, so… we sic the FFF on him 😛


    • MXMach says:

      If that was like that, then every single great magic caster would have problems like that, or even normal ones might have some kind of problem. So think about it as a setting… Like how a certain classmate of Fir has a mechanical/hex-tech body but he is treated by the system world as a human (which implies greater intrigue), unlike the doll-body of the lightning bro-mage. As for Irlin… it might be that she might have great ice knight prowess, just not unveiled yet…


  2. DMR says:

    2 chapters in 1 day? Oh your too kind, thank you XD

    And I can’t wait to see Irlin’s face when he instantly uses advanced magic and says he learned all the magic a day ago…

    Then she should give him another kiss 😛


  3. Not a Slime says:

    Here’s my theory :
    Because of their body naturally have high compatible with lighting, it actually interfere with their own natural electricity (neuron system).


    • Cupcake ninja says:

      That would make sense. Others thought along the same lines but then it was said all powerful mages would suffer similar problems. Though lightning is unique amongst other elements. Water, Fire (heat), and lightning(electricity) can be found in bodies. Those exceptionally gifted in at least these three elements may have problems not yet mentioned, though i doubt it would be as drastic as this case.


  4. Semi-colon says:

    Thanks for the chapter! Glad I did not go to sleep yet. Gonna regret it the the morning though. Haven’t had a good nights rest for a while now lol.


    • Semi-colon says:

      I really need sleep didn’t realize it was not Fir’s point of view lol or wait is it Fir’s…………..sleep it is!


  5. Tcol521 says:

    Im betting rewards are secret lightning skills and +1 to harem. Wonder when their will be a love meter xP I can see that happening.


  6. Namorax says:

    So… unless it involves a quest, he has no interest in getting along with others? Even without a quest, it wouldn’t be that bad to accompany them…


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