Playing Around with CSS

So uhh, I just started the 14-days trial for the Premium WordPress plan, so I’m going to play around with font and stuffs. I’m not sure if the premium changes will stay permanent after the end of the trial, if it does stay, then all’s good. Otherwise, oh well.

So, if you have any suggestions on any improvements, like what fonts to use and such, please comment down below.

My primary objective is to allow mobile users to have a better reading experience on my site, ’cause I mostly use my phone to read novels as well.

Hence, expect some slight changes to the site in the next 2 weeks~

14 thoughts on “Playing Around with CSS

  1. g Runner says:

    Bro all good with the bells and whistles but the most respectable thing about your site is the meat of the matter your translations are what bring us back time and again I read on mobile and so far I have no complaints keep up the good work and thank you for caring about your readers

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  2. DMR says:

    To be honest, I already found it perfect… but just mess around with it…

    (something to change) Maybe sure that after at the end of every chapter, it automatically shows the next chapter instead of your next post, and organize all those posts into a single place.

    (something to change)Also, why not make it that the “Full Text” parts have the individual chapters as “Sub-parts”.

    So under Part 1 could be all the chapters that was in it and what not… so it makes finding the parts we want easier (and it’d be nice for the Epub too).

    That said, reading each individual chapter in itself is already kinda nice on the layout you have.

    (something to change)Another thing is that if possible, maybe the comments could be on a separate page (as comments for he chapter) or a way to hide them until you want to see them…

    I do hope this was helpful in any way cause to be honest, I don’t know much about creating a wordpress page, so I just stated any tiny issue I (sorta) felt…. though it actually didn’t bother me and I actually had to find it and nit-pick….

    But I thought it might be helpful…. might… not sure… but if you got the trial.. maybe you could do something about this stuff…..

    And do you also use the wordpress app or do you use a browser?

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    • DMR says:

      Did you change the font already? Honestly, I did think the older one looked better… but this still works… I checked it out on mobile and it wasn’t noticeable on the WordPress app… And while the font looked different, it didn’t cause much of a change on the browser…..


      • Scrya says:

        The reason why I chose this font is to complement with the fonts used by the other translation groups, so that my readers wouldn’t feel weird when they transit from the other sites. Though it’s only a small difference.

        As for the ‘Next Chapter’ button thing, I will go about doing it when I’m done with translating Vol. 3.

        I will be reviewing my previous translated volumes again once I’m done with Vol. 3, so I will take the sub-parts thing into account.

        As for the hiding comments part, I would probably need a plug-in for that. But it wouldn’t be possible for now, unless I get my own server and stuff, which I probably won’t be getting one for a long time. I will see what I can do. 🙂

        Thanks for the suggestions!


      • DMR says:

        No problem… though a question, if you change servers, will we still get an update on the wordpress reader feed if we were following this?


  3. xatoatox says:

    For me, there’s little to no changes to be done with this site…

    Maybe adding the next button that leads to the next chapter…

    Honestly, it’s a user friendly site which doesn’t hurt the eye… Just this is already enough for me to appreciate it…


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