Vol. 3 Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)

Walts Smuu 47 Years Old Male
LV 27 Lightning Magician LV ?? Doll Maker
[Neutral] [Resolute] [Doll Hand] [High-Leveled Merchant] [Mousse Doll Merchant Guild Member] [Unlimited Eyes] [Technician] [???]

As I thought, I’m able to see more information about my targets after leveling that skill. With a single glance, I’m already able to understand Walts’ personality and know about his achievements.

Of course, because of the difference in our actual levels, naturally, there are still some things that are not revealed. But, the basic information is already enough.

It would be better if I’m able to collect more information. After all, we come from a digital age.

“Esteemed father, from what I heard from Fir, like Lester, he has some understanding regarding the book called ‘Physics’.”

The moment we settled down at the table, Helena immediately initiated the topic.

Young miss, is it really fine for you to actually start introducing someone by talking about the book the person had read before?

“Is that so? No wonder. I had a feeling both you and Lester were special.”

Special? Are you actually able to tell that we come from another world?

“Of course, there isn’t any special meaning to it. I’m just really curious as to what the contents are in that book, that’s all.”

“I only happened to read through it by chance. But that book is really weird. Isn’t it?”


He paused for a moment, and then continued the conversation.

“Since you have heard of the book called ‘Physics’, then have you heard of the legendary alchemy guidebook, titled ‘Chemistry’?”

“This… No, I haven’t heard of it.”

Sorry, my dear Chemistry teacher. I’m not really confident with my knowledge on Chemistry.

But really, Lester. You sure dare to spout out anything you like. You even dare to casually talk about something like Chemistry.

“Is that so? Then that’s a real shame. When he came, Lester mentioned that book to us. However, he told us that he did not really understand the contents in the book.”

“Since that thing called ‘Chemistry’ is so formidable, it make sense for it to be hard to find, right?”

“That’s true. Alright, for now, let’s enjoy our dinner.”

“My pleasure.”

2 hours later, I left the Smuu household’s doll shop.

I drew a simple blueprint of a hot-air balloon, and designed a mechanism to release fire magic, as a replacement for fuel. Hence, I successfully received some lightning magic skill books, and an introductory guide to the manufacturing of dolls.

Although there are things such as airships in this world, but, those things consume tons of magic crystals, and they are basically cost-inefficient.

Of course, our academy is able to afford it. After all, we have many magicians. But, if we use the airship to transport goods, then it will be a total waste. Hence, goods are still transported by land in this world.

Next time, I will draw an airplane. It will definitely bring about the next age.

Keeping the things I received into my ring, I quickly walked along the streets, and headed towards a place where no one could see me.

After confirming that there wasn’t anyone near me, I immediately disguised myself, and changed into a black outfit I bought before.

Ever since I learnt the Disguise technique, I bought a set of all the clothes that I could buy, so that it would be convenient when I have to change into a new set of clothes.

As to why I’m doing this now, naturally, it’s to return to the Smuu household and do an investigation.

For starters, there’s the quest I received earlier, regarding the hereditary disease in the Smuu household.

Although I don’t really harbor any evil intentions against their household, nor do I really want to involve myself in their matters, but a quest is a quest. Since there’s experience to gain, I would be an idiot to not do it when it’s a possible task.

And with my fatigue meter filled, things like sleeping are only a waste of time. Because, since I’m unable to dream, there’s no difference between sleeping and not sleeping at all.

At the same time, I was astonished, because there were several interesting things in the Smuu household.

Firstly, there’s the maid in their household.

Having a LV 30 maid isn’t weird itself, but, if she has an Assassin class, and a prefix called ‘Sunfall’ at the side of her name, then that’s totally weird.

If I recall, ‘Sunfall’ is the name of an Assassin Guild, and their targets are mostly people with high social standings.

Looks like the Smuu household will be facing danger today. But as for the specifics, I will only know when I enter the building.

And when I was inspecting the room earlier, I realized there seemed to be a basement in the building. Because, when I was at the first floor, 20 meters under the floor, Yoei’s name actually appeared. And he was not in his doll state, but his actual human body.

No matter how I see it, it has something to do with the quest scenario. Hence, I will have to look for the entrance to the basement later as well.

“Sneaking into buildings isn’t actually my forte. If there was a save and load system, it would be great.”

After complaining, I tapped on Light Steps, Sneak, and Night Vision, and quickly hopped onto the roof of the building next to the shop.

As to why I’m entering the building this way… I have no other choice. Earlier, in the Smuu’s house, from inspecting the mini-map, it seems there isn’t any windows in the 1st to 7th floor of the building. Other than the main entrance, there are no other exits.

What the hell. There’s nothing like air vents in this world. And even if there is one, I don’t even know where’s the entrance.

Hence, the only way is to enter through the window at the 8th floor.

“Prominent – Blowing Fog.”

A light green fog floated above my hand, and it quickly surrounded the roof of the Smuu’s house.

Under the effect of the fog, the magic formation on the roof slowly revealed itself.

Unlike other magic, wind elemental particles are the most common in this world. Basically, wherever there is air, there will definitely be wind elemental particles. Hence, there are several detection magic spells under Wind Magic, as they are hard to detect.

“To think they would cover all the windows with magic barriers, aren’t they going overboard with their security? Just what the hell is this household hiding?”

This is starting to arouse my interest. Although I’m not really interested in the privacy of others, but I’m really interested in weird things.

This time around, the weird things happen to involve their privacy. This is just a coincidence.


Actually, I was hoping there would be a certain weak point somewhere in the building, so that I could imitate Altair, but it seems like the conditions aren’t met.

Looks like I have to learn all the lock-picking and infiltration related skills in the future. Although currently Magician is my main class, but I do know some of the skills of other classes. After all, it’s best to do this kind of shady business by myself.

However, since I’m not equipped with the needed type of skills, I have to use my current available skills to deal with the matter. Even though it’s convenient, but because it’s too convenient, I didn’t really want to use it.

“Flash Movement!”

In the next second, I already appeared in the Smuu building’s toilet at the 8th floor. Earlier, when we were having dinner, I came to this place once. Hence, there wasn’t a problem with teleporting to this spot.


Because it was too easy, I don’t feel any sense of achievement at all.

Alright, for now, let’s complete the quest… Firstly, I have to ensure the safety of the people inside the Smuu building. Otherwise, my quest wouldn’t be able to progress at all.

Since that’s the case… For starters, I will have to find and question that maid~

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38 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 35: Smuu Household (II)

  1. DMR says:

    I’m guessing that when he meant “Magician is my main class”, it’s the skills he’s focusing on….

    And now he’s becoming arrogant, ain’t he haha 😛

    Thank You for translating this XD

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  2. MXMach says:

    Haha, Solid Fir! I expect hi mto pull out a box from he’s spatial ring and then play to be Solid Snake xD! And yup… Flash Movement is too OP, also unrestricted.

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    • MIB says:

      Altair vs Solid Snake (with no guns, only blades and no help)……hmm

      I’m gonna have tah go with SS even though I favor Altair


  3. pancakes4ever says:

    Luckily, it was vacant. For a moment there I thought ‘isn’t this a flag?’ when he mentioned ending up in the toilet after using flash movement.

    Thanks for the chapter!


  4. Momkey king says:

    Fir, get your assassin friend and flame swordsman friend to impart their skills to you with the mentor system, read those lightning and doll books imediatly, steal some more advanced doll books the smuu family probably has around, try to learn more necromancy from your evil friend, infiltrate the the church for light magic, then grind in the school’s hidden dungeon you know the location to, before imparting as much knowledge as you can to tge npcs, like irilin, who are loyal to you nefore grinding up their levels as well to at least mid 20s. Sorry, for being bitchy just blowing off some steam.


  5. Moissonneur66 says:

    So by Fir’s logic if he gains a quest to run through the city wearing absolutely nothing (disguise disabled for the quest) and he gains lets say 5 levels? Because it is a doable task he is going to do it.


      • Moissonneur66 says:

        But for free levels? okay so his dignity and social standing is probably the price but still it’s 5 levels.


      • DMR says:

        He’ll get his levels at some point… but he doesn’t know the consequence of losing his standing…

        He might need dignity and social standing… levels aren’t everything, and 5 more levels still make him a weakling among the world.. he’s only stronger than the weakest group….

        10 levels…. that’s a different story….


  6. Arifa says:

    it’s like when you play games even though you know many cheats available within your fingertips because you want to have a feel of accomplishment you don’t use it and only use it when there is no other choice.

    well except for moving around because it’s convenient right 😉


      • shakejake says:

        Nah, sometimes a glitch or fault in a game can lead to requiring you to use console commands/debug codes to fix or smooth out the problem. Which some trolls might still scream cheat at, but they aren’t people, so their opinions and thoughts don’t matter anyway. ;o


  7. ardent_wombat says:

    He should have asked about the illness instead of lightning books. The gratitude at the end would likely still get him the books.


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