Vol. 3 Chapter 16: Bone-Piercing Ice & Blazing Heart (II)

Looking at the frozen Lee who was at the side, his HP was already depleted, and there were traces of burns on his clothes.

Looks like, according to the experiment, they did not have invulnerability against their party members’ attacks. When Brecht’s magic skill ‘Sunfall’ landed on Lee who was frozen next to me, his remaining HP was instantly depleted.

And currently, only Brecht was left as our opponent.

“Looks like you have pretty strong magic spells. Was that intermediate or advanced grade?”

I asked as I slapped away the bits of ice off my body.

“… With that strength of yours, you shouldn’t even be in the elementary grade in the first place, right?”

He held his magic staff onto his chest, and gripped it tightly, displaying a feeling of desperation.

However, from his painful expression, he understood that his attacks will not have any effects on me.

“To think you would be unharmed after getting hit by an advanced-grade magic spell… Really incredible.”

“So it was advance-grade, huh. No wonder all of my guards were destroyed instantly. If you were a little bit stronger, I might not have been able to withstand it.”

“Is that so? Hahaha. Alright, although I do not really care about obtaining victory in this Annual Tournament, however, I really wish to see the full extent of your abilities. After all, your next opponent will not be simply someone that can use advanced grade magic, but a monster capable of using forbidden grade magic.”

After saying that, he looked towards Princess Anne’s direction.

Princess Anne furrowed her brows. It seems that people outside the ring could hear our conversation.

And, right from the start, the host had been talking about something really lively on the stage outside the ring. Most likely, she’s still slandering me.

“Alright, I really wish to know how far I can go with just elementary grade magic as well!”

When he heard what I said, he gave a wry smile. Then, he took out a red bead from his chest and threw it into his mouth.

And just when I was thinking of what the thing he ate was, a red ripple of light was fiercely emitted out of his body, and it swept the entire ring.

In an instant, all of the ice crystals in the ring converted back into magic particles. Other than the stones and cracks on the ring, nothing else was left.

To think it would be able to cause all the ice which was made out of condensed magic particles to evaporate in an instant? Just what is that magic spell?

And in the next second, his name, titles, and even his level underwent a change!

Unleashed Brecht Fel LV 23 Fire Demonic Being[Neutral] [Firm] [Royalty] [Wild] [Disciple of Fire] [Third Prince] [Awakened Form]

What the hell? Did you renew your mod or something?

Even if you’re awakened, you shouldn’t have an instant increase of 10 levels, right!? Are you kidding me? Just where did you buy such a convenient bead? Do you mind selling me one?

If he’s LV 23, his base strength should be about 5,000. A Magician’s… No, this guy actually turned into a Demonic Being? Is that a class or a race? Even if I were to assume he only had his Elemental Magician’s enhancement bonus of 1.3 times, this guy’s magic strength was at least 6,500!

My base defense is 3,400. Even if I equip the shield I bought before and reinforce it with Ice Shield Summon, the defense added will only be 2,400, and only a total of 5,800!

And even if I were to stack my Ice Castle and Ice Armor, they can only block about 1,500 points of damage.

Which meant that I could only block up to 7,300 points worth of damage, and I have yet to include his weapon into my calculations…

My future is looking bleak!

And not only did his name and titles change, with the spreading of the red ripple of light, several red magic symbols appeared on his body. His originally tied hair scattered about, and the red hair turned into streams of red flames. His eyes also turned crimson, and flames were coming out from his eyes.

And, he was actually hovering in the sky…

“My dear prince, isn’t this a little too much? How am I going to fight like this?”

“Do everything you can, I guess~”

He smiled.

You guys have seen how a demon lord grin before, right? Right now, this guy is giving me the same feeling.

And then, that weird smile suddenly magnified!

Sensing the danger, I immediately raised my Blasphemer to defend, however, when the blazing fist struck my wand, I was still sent flying in the air!

My HP was instantly depleted by a third. If I did not still have my Ice Armor on, I might already be bleeding profusely by now.

When Brecht turned into a demonic being, it seems that his physical strength was increased as well, and his speed was increased by several folds.

Even without using any magic skills, his fist alone could deal so much damage. If he were to use magic, wouldn’t that be…

Just when I was thinking about this, I looked up and saw Brecht opening his mouth. A stream of red flames was released from his throat. Immediately, I tapped on Accelerate, and at the same time, I charged to the right to avoid his attack!

The floor where the red flames swept across burst apart. If I were hit by those flames, I would definitely turn into a fried chicken!

Too strong! This is simply not something a human could do!

There’s definitely a price for an awakening like this, right? Otherwise, wouldn’t it be too frightening?

“Alright, let’s end this immediately! Sunfall!”

With a swipe of his finger, a fireball which was twice as large as the one before, appeared in the sky. It then began to fall slowly!

But, I simply smiled.

“I did say it earlier. From now on, it’s my time. Why can’t you just give up?”

I charged right in front of him, and simultaneously, I quickly drank down a Quick MP Recovery Potion with my right hand.

There’s a very long cooldown for using potions like this one, but, it could instantly completely recover my HP. And, the reason why I would use it at this time, was to naturally… bring this guy right above the the fireball using Flash Movement!

“Princess Michelle, it’s your turn! Your target is 50 meters above the fireball!”

“Ice Fall!”

In the next second, we already appeared in the sky. Above us, was a giant ice block created by ‘Ice Fall’, and below us, was a fireball made by ‘Sunfall’.

“You… You could actually use Spatial Manipulation Magic?”

“It’s only a means to escape. But, using it like this isn’t bad either.”

“Why did you follow me here? Don’t you know I’m able to fly?”

“I know that. But, you can’t fly for long, right? Your transformation shouldn’t be able to last long, otherwise, you wouldn’t be anxious to use such a big attack to conclude the match. However, since you haven’t been using any aerial attacks to attack me, it meant that you’re not that familiar with flying either. Hence, I made a bet.”

“A bet… on what?”

“Whether if your magic could harm you! Ice Totem!”

An Ice Magic circle appeared between us, and a large ice totem pushed Brecht towards the ice block created by ‘Ice Fall’!

When struck by ‘Ice Fall’, it would definitely freeze the target!

‘Slowed’ and ‘Frozen’ icons appeared beside Brecht’s name. Then, Ice Fall brought Brecht and rushed towards me.

Fortunately, with this little bit of time, I managed to recover a little bit of my MP using a MP Recovery Potion.

An Ice Totem immediately sent me out of the Ice Fall’s radius, and then, the large ice block pushed Brecht towards the giant fireball below…


The floor struck by the fireball turned into a sea of flames, and at the same time, steam created by the evaporating ice blocks covered the ring.

At the other corner of the ring, Princess Michelle who was covered by a circular Ice Shield looked at the entire scene shockingly. Looking at her expression, it seems that this was the first time she saw a magic tournament such as this.

Quest Updated
Main Quest: Annual Tournament Battles – 1/3 Completed.
Additional Quest Objective: Allow Michelle to deal the last hits for all battles – 1/3 Completed.

Two more battles to go!!

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  1. darklordcorwin says:

    How many more chapters are in this Tournament arc? I decided I’d wait until they were done to read them, and 2 chapters is already killing me having to wait. I need to know how long my suffering will be.


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