Vol. 3 Chapter 29: Doll War

The attack warning is usually a single red arrow pointing to the direction where the attack is coming from. But currently, the attack warnings were flashing from all 360 degrees, and this fact was frightening me quite a bit.

However, when I realized a large lightning magic formation was covering the entire ring, I understood their method of attack.

Evidently, this large mine-type magic spell encompassing the entire ring must be set-up beforehand. Then, when the enemy is standing in the trap, the user will activate the spell immediately, so as to ensure the enemy takes 100% of the damage.

“Watch out for the floor! Defend!”

I uttered this out, and pressed my hands on the floor. The large ‘Ice Totem’ that grew out from beneath me pushed me off the ground. Princess Michelle used ‘Ice Castle’ to construct a castle that covered all directions, and block the omni-directional attack.

In actual fact, the spell she used was the intermediate grade ice magic spell ‘Ice Palace’. However, someone like me who does not have the spell book can only look at it with awe and sigh.

Immediately after, countless lightning snakes, as if escaping from a cage, flew out of the ground, lighting up the entire ring.

It was blinding both of my eyes, and unfortunately, there were no sunglasses in this world.

The lightning snakes were not able to climb up my ‘Ice Totem’, and they were not able to get pass the ‘Ice Palace’ as well. The electric currents surrounded the entire palace, but they were not able to seep into it. And the reason why I knew that, was because Michelle’s HP did not drop in the slightest, and she was not suffering from ‘stun’ either.

But our opponents sure are strong. Usually, it takes time to chant out the magic. However, I was staring at them the entire time earlier, and I did not see them chanting at all. Hence, either they cast the spell instantly, or they had already prepared the magic mine before the battle. However, no matter how they did it, it was already very impressive that they managed to do it without anyone finding out.

The lightning snakes had not disappeared, but suddenly, a slight trembling could be felt at the top of my ‘Ice Totem’!


Subconsciously, I looked at my mini-map, and I realized one of the two red dots of my opponents disappeared. However, fortunately after meeting Dorumi, I learnt something new… And that’s when there’s a larger dot on the mini-map, then that dot will cover the smaller dot in the same position!

And the only large dot on the mini-map was naturally my own position.

Ice Shield.

The moment the attack warning came, I used an Ice Shield and positioned it where the attack was coming from. A large lightning ball struck directly onto my ice shield, and broke it into two pieces, while I stabbed an Ice Spike forward with my other hand at the same time.


He actually used his hand to directly grab onto my ice spike! He dug his fingers deeply into the ice spike, and it was immediately broken into pieces!

How is that possible? He stopped my magic spell just like that? Is this guy a monster?

The person who did this inhumane action was naturally the guy called Yoei, and his stiff smile was so close, I could feel the hair on my body standing on end.

Although the ice spike was destroyed, a layer of frost was covering his hands.

Since they’re used for battle, then those arms were definitely made out of metallic materials. Then even if he is not affected by ‘frozen’ status, he would definitely lose his usual functionalities if he undergoes rapid thermal expansion and contraction.

“Ice Totem.”

At the edge of the original ‘Ice Totem’ beneath my feet, a new ‘Ice Totem’ was erected, and it struck Yoei’s abdomen and caused him to be pushed away from my side.

And at the same time, I positioned my next magic spell on my new ‘Ice Totem’.

“Ice Assassination Spikes!”

Countless ice spikes protruded out of the ‘Ice Totem’, and with the ‘Ice Totem’, they flew towards Yoei’s direction.

However, he actually kept his smile. Yoei raised one of his hands and held onto the growing ‘Ice Totem’, while a lightning ball of about a meter diameter was formed on his other hand. Then, he smashed it onto the ‘Ice Totem’!

“Lightning Destruction!”

The moment the lightning ball collided with the ‘Ice Totem’, the ‘Ice Totem’ shattered into pieces like a crumbling biscuit, and, the lightning ball was actually rushing into my direction!

“Ice Totem!”

I immediately used an Ice Totem to push myself away from my original position, and at this moment, suddenly, an attack warning coming from behind me flashed!


A lightning ray penetrated my body, and my HP immediately fell by a third!

Fortunately, Lanya, that work-a-holic, stayed in her laboratory for the entire night. Otherwise, I can’t imagine how this would end if I do not have a Stun Dispel Potion on hand.

I immediately tapped on a HP Recovery Potion, and I waved my wand. A rain of ice arrows appeared from the skies, and they flew towards Helena who was on the ground.

When she saw Michelle using an ‘Ice Palace’, she had been using the surrounding magic mines to attack Michelle and trap her in her own construct.

And this gave her time to unleash an attack on me as well!

Ice and lightning arrows collided against each other, however… Are you joking with me? How could the attack power of a LV 15 compare to that of a LV 19?

The ice arrows slowly gained the advantage, and I immediately used another magic spell on her.

“Icicle Field of Light!”

Countless ice crystals flew out of the ground. She seemed to have thought of something when she saw my action, and gave up on attacking and retreated to the sides.

Speaking of which, I have to thank the Church for restricting light magic, otherwise, why would she even think of avoiding the ice crystals which, at best, could only be used as light sources?

And at this time, a shadow immediately rushed towards me from the top!

Subconsciously, I immediately cast an Ice Shield, but with only a single punch, he penetrated my ice shield and struck my abdomen!

My HP was only refilled earlier, and it was now reduced by half!

What the hell! This guy is only one level less than mine, and I was unsure whether he had enhanced physical or magical damage. However, from this attack alone, no matter how I look at it, he definitely enhanced his physical strength!

He actually penetrated my defensive magic spell… Although it was an elementary-grade magic spell, but to destroy it with a single hit is too frightening.

The impact actually caused me to fall from the sky. There’s nothing I could do about it. If he actually used magic to attack me, I might be able to come up with some plans. But if he attacks me directly with physical attacks, avoiding them isn’t a simple task!

However, I suddenly felt like I was being held by someone behind me!

Who is it!?

Helena was on the ground, while Yoei was above me!

Princess Michelle?

Impossible, she was still in her ‘Ice Palace’ and she’s not able to come up this high in the sky!

And, the thing holding onto me was evidently emitting an abnormal chill on my skin at the points of contact! This…

This is a robot?

‘Fir! The thing on you is a real puppet! And that guy called Yoei, he’s indeed a doll. Also… He’s a pervert! For the sake of experiencing the best feeling of being a doll, he turned himself into a doll!’

Aliyah’s sudden message gave me a fright.

However, at the same time, she reminded me of something.

‘Are you sure the thing on me is a puppet?’

‘Yep. What about it?’

‘Something fun is about to begin.’

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40 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 29: Doll War

  1. RKain says:

    After reading this chapter, I immediately had to Google whether ice conducts electricity. Apparently, it doesn’t. TIL.
    (Before anyone mentions it, yes, I know that water only conducts electricity when there are dissolved impurities present)

    My thanks to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Transparent says:

      If my last drop of physics lesson are right: if ice don’t conduct, it will resist, if it resist, heat will be produced, if something cold heat up fast ,no matter what, it will shatter

      So it seems legit to me :p

      Liked by 1 person

      • gianoria7 says:

        Magic ice is harder to melt than normal ice, unless you use magic fire.
        I guess heat created by a physical phenomenon induced by two magics still counts as normal heat and isn’t enough to melt the ice

        Liked by 1 person

  2. DMR says:

    ‘Fir! The thing on you is a real puppet! And that guy called Yoei, he’s indeed a doll. Also… He’s a pervert! For the sake of experiencing the best feeling of being a doll, he turned himself into a doll!’

    Is that the truth or is that just rumor…. and our MC is now playing with dolls… even after getting a fiancee…. a cute, fiancee that supposedly has a nice body….

    Well, thanks for the translation XD

    Liked by 1 person

  3. moonberserker says:

    Wtf. We have a lighting sasori?

    Wonder what will this guy do now. His plans are a little unconventional most of the time.


  4. pancakes4ever says:

    Grenades. This situation definitely calls for bombardment tactics. And Fir is an FPS specialist, surely he will use it this time. Uncork a grenade, flash out of range, then boom.

    Anyway, thanks for a chapter! :3


  5. Alavaria says:

    “For the sake of experiencing the best feeling of being a doll, he turned himself into a doll!’”

    You know, if humans can turn themselves into dolls, there should be a way for Fir to get to use that gender restricted skill…


      • Alavaria says:

        If you can turn into something like a doll, it wouldn’t be that inconceivable.

        Right now he’s an undead angel, so perhaps he can get a human or some other gendered race/type. Wonder if gender-restricted skills are useable or not by races without gender


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