Vol. 3 Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy

Since I can’t see his figure, then I just have to force him out!

After judging the size of the room, I pulled out Blasphemer, aimed it at the four walls of the hall, and unleashed my magic spell – Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

A blue magic formation flashed. Countless blue ice crystals spiralled in the air, and instantly, the entire room was frozen.

Even if you hide yourself, your attacks shouldn’t be able to instantly penetrate these frozen walls, right?

As expected, a red name appeared under the stairs at the side of the hall. Looking towards the direction of the enemy as shown in the mini-map, I immediately threw an ice spike towards him.

The ice spike struck directly at the enemy’s position, and the place was surrounded in ice blocks.

However, I knew that my attack did not land on the enemy. Because a black shadow already flew out of that position before the ice spike even landed.

However, since I already saw your figure, then there’s no point for you to go back into hiding again.

Ice Assassination Spikes!

From all directions, countless ice spikes flew towards the assassin’s position. The assassin nimbly dodged my attacks, and rushed towards me.

Accelerate! Strengthen!

After simultaneously using two skills, I kept my Blasphemer, and took out my tachi to block the person’s attack.

The assassin was evidently startled by the fact that I pulled out a sword. At the same time, I always able to see the person’s name.

??? Dorumi Three (Dorumi Lyle) LV 32 Assassin LV ?? ???? [Evil] [Skeptical] [Advanced-Grade Assassin] [One-Hit Kill] [Night of Fresh Red] [Fugitive] [Doge Military School Student] [???] [???] [???]

Her weapon was a dagger, but when it struck my tachi, the impact stung my entire body!

There was too big of a difference between our levels. I was already fortunate when I was not blown away by the impact.

I quickly retreated, and inspected my opponent.

She had black hair, black eyes, and was totally covered in a black outfit.

Before, there was only one other person I knew who would dress like that, and that person was assassin called Yuon.

Is this the latest fashion for all assassins? Or does this outfit provide bonus effects?

And this person’s title exposed her public identity as a student of Doge Military School.

Interesting. Most probably, just like Aliyah, she came over to watch the Annual Tournament. And, she realized she had the chance to complete a mission while she’s here. A wise choice.

Even though I could resurrect after dying, I would probably lose face if I were to die so easily, right?

Even if your death is supposedly scripted in certain scenario quests, at the very least, you have to struggle to the bitter end! That’s a man’s romance!

“You’re… Dorumi Lyle from the Doge Military School?”

Just when I was asking her this, I quickly used the message system to contact Aliyah, and asked if she knew of a student called Dorumi.

The hand she was using to wield her dagger evidently trembled for a moment, and her eyes revealed a startled expression.

But, very quickly, she calmed down, and did not utter a single word.

She’s probably thinking that it was a bluff. However, she did not dare to confirm the questions in her mind, and was waiting for my answer.

And on the conversation window, Aliyah’s reply came speedily.

‘Yep, I know her. She’s my senior in a higher grade. She specializes in wielding a machete, but she would occasionally swing a dagger as well.’

“Umm, Aliyah told me about you before.”

“Impossible! Even if that’s the case, you shouldn’t have been able to recognize me!”

After saying that, she stood in her position, and stared silently at me.

Don’t look at me like that. I didn’t force you to say that, you know? You admitted it yourself.

“Did you not recognize me through my disguise as well? I don’t believe it was just a coincidence.”


She fell into deep thoughts for a while, and then replied.

“Alright, firstly, give me a reason why I should not kill you. After that, I will give up on killing you, and explain why I knew you were Fir.”

Hey hey, what’s with this logic? A reason to not kill me? Because I’m too handsome? Is that a valid reason? No, I think she would kill me immediately after hearing that.

“Because I’m Ice Empire’s State Magician. Is that sufficient as a reason?”

“No. Although I will be on the wanted list for killing a State Magician, but, that would just increase the bounty that’s already placed on me.”

Speaking of which, she had the [Fugitive] title as well.

“What about the fact that I’m a fugitive as well?”

“I know that. I have already read up about you.”

Oh god, what happened to my privacy? Do you happen to know what I ate last night as well?

“Alright, I’m also a member of the Momiji Secret Society. Do you believe me?”


“If you don’t, take a look at my tattoo.”

I pulled up my shirt and pointed at the Momiji tattoo on my body, and then, continued.

“Actually, we’re in the same occupation as well.”

“Mo… Momiji Secret Society? You… You’re actually…”


Her face immediately turned deathly pale.

“Sorry for the disturbance! Forget everything that happened today! I shouldn’t have casually tried to attack you! Seeing that I’m still on vacation, can you please forget about this?”


Wait, is the name of the Momiji Secret Society actually this frightening? To the point where an assassin from another organization would turn pale just from mentioning it?

“Of course, I can forget about what happened today. However, you must promise to answer a few of my questions. Firstly, how did you see through my disguise?”

“About that… Actually, I wasn’t exactly sure as well. Because I heard that you really like to stay in the library, hence, I was thinking that you would be either looking up on books regarding Ice Magic, or even Lightning Magic. Thus, I discovered you the moment I came into the library. Also, I have went through all the pictures of people in the academy, but I felt that I have never seen your face before. Even though I wasn’t really sure, but… You spent too much time reading. As such, I went to look through the student roster again, and as expected, your face did not come up. Hence, I confirmed that you were Fir who underwent a disguise.”

“Are you not worried that it was actually someone else with a disguise?”

“That was why I did not immediately try to kill you, and was only testing your skills.”

Testing… Was that really simply a test?

Are you telling me that if you were to seriously bare your fangs, I wouldn’t be able to flee?

“Alright, I admit, you’re pretty good.”

“Thank you for your praise.”

“… Fine. Then, the second question. Which assassins’ guild are you from?”


“If you aren’t willing to tell me, I will personally pay a visit after investigating you.”

“Purple Charm Assassins’ Guild!”

She replied hurriedly.

As expected, the question marks at the front turned into ‘Purple Charm’. Looks like she wasn’t lying.

“Alright, looks like you were telling the truth. Now, for my last question, do you know of any other assassins trying to kill me?”

“Umm… I have no information regarding that matter. Because, I only received the notice of the bounty in the morning as well. And I was even thinking how fortunate I was to be in your academy at the moment. However, finding you wasn’t a simple matter. Oh, right, the magic that’s expelling people from this library is about to lose its effects. We should hurry and leave this place.”

“Of course.”

I smiled and touched my face. After that, I turned into a young man with black hair and eyes.

Then, I walked to her side.

“Let’s go together, big sis~”

If I have to hide from assassins, the best way is to hide beside one, isn’t that right?

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39 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 24: Killing Me Isn’t Easy

  1. RKain says:

    Isn’t he going to die a single time during this quest? That would surprise me (and Fir too, it sounds like).

    My thanks to you.


    • jalog100 says:

      this is a tricky one, it says you have to look alive,there are two options here the scene when he dies from wound or poison just after finishing the quest or he is already dead because he es a undead angel


      • Killica says:

        He did another disguise right, and I suppose they will think they are siblings because he change his hair and eyes to black, and I think there will be no one in there because she used magic to keep people out of the library and Fir used an Ice field in the beginning to detect the enemy right??


    • sherrynity says:

      Considering they are both from underground world, it’s kinda OK, I guess.

      Moreover, by claiming himself as member of infamous Momiji’s, many underground people wouldn’t dare to offend him, while the rest who tried to kill him will find out how he seems immortal.
      Later, it might help to improve the aura of mysteriousness of Momiji’s, which will make people hesitate to offend them, which might increase the other member’s rates of survivability.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Moissonneur66 says:

      But whats the point of been in a secret society if you can’t tell anybody eh? kinda defeats the entire purpose of a *secret society* but meh who cares

      Liked by 1 person

    • Slimy jelly says:

      There are other kind of quests, like bankrupting someone, stealing peoples precious, bring down goverment and fulfilling someone fantasy (a bad one).


  2. pancakes4ever says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    Anyways…. I think it’s dangerous to reveal the tattoo too much since it does instantly turn people’s impression of Fir from a ‘promising youth’ to ‘national-level threat’. He’s been trying to keep a low profile as a safety measure, and this doesn’t really help him at all in the long run IMO.

    Also, showing it to others can lead to people w/ grudges towards Fir to also think the same towards the Momiji Secret Society. Think about it. They’d associate all the bad things that was blamed on Fir to be ‘activities involving the Momiji Secret Society’.

    That said, I smell a Guild Event coming!

    Liked by 1 person

      • Siegberg says:

        The scapegoat skill wouldnt work if he really is guilty he really is member of Momiji but his other skill will allow him to do some crimes as long it dosent reach a certain level


  3. GonZ555 says:

    let’s go together nee-chan~
    i wonder where are they going to go.. public bath, restaurant, theater or even a hotel ? XD
    they need to recover their fatigue/stamina bar right 😉
    Thank you for the chapter 😀


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