Vol. 3 Chapter 5: Unconscious Campus

Although I had already recovered my consciousness, I could only see the ‘unconscious’ status countdown in front of me.

It was the same as when I was dead that one time. Though, this time around, I could not even feel my own body, and I could only wait for the countdown to end.

Those two girls really do not know how to hold back. It’s not like I broke their armor on purpose. How could they blame me for that?

Alright, in the end, I did strike the jackpot.

I didn’t expect their figures to be comparable to those of regular girls, after all, they were knights. Although I did not touch them myself, from the looks of their bodies, I could determine so.

Hai… Let’s not mind about this anymore. The countdown is about to end. We can always talk about this when I wake up.

Countdown ended. ‘Deep Unconsciousness’ status removed.

I slowly opened my eyes, and confirmed the place I was currently at by looking around.

The academy’s infirmary.

I recall the last time I was here was when I died, and that was also when I became an Undead Holy Angel.

When I raised myself up, I realized there weren’t anyone in my surroundings.

When I looked at the window, I could already see the morning sun’s rays beaming through the window.

Just how long was I unconscious? Geez. If someone were to kill me then, I would have died easily in their hands.

And the last thing I remember was being attacked in the kidney by the two naked girls. I recall that skill would result to a 100% stun, and I was attacked twice by that same skill at the same time.

So the ‘stun’ times superposed? Even if the difference in our levels were rather large, but the 100% proc chance is still quite frightening.

However, being unconscious is not entirely a bad thing.

Even if I blocked their skills, there wouldn’t be a point, as they would definitely not let me off without blowing off their steam.

If that were to happen, I would rather cause myself to faint. That way, those two girls would at least be at ease.

And currently, since they aren’t beating me up, it meant that my theory was right.

But why was I unconscious for so long?

Earlier, I recall that it was still evening when I was knocked out. And now, the morning sun was about to rise. If that’s really the case, it meant that I was unconscious for 10 ~ 11 hours.

No matter how strong the skill is, it shouldn’t be able to knock me out for so long, right?

However, since there weren’t any important information on the notification window, I can’t figure out what happened as well.

After inspecting the items I have and my current status, there’s nothing that should be taken note of as well.

Just what the hell happened within this 11 hours?

I looked around the empty infirmary. Frustrated, I got out of the bed and opened the door.


When I tried to open the door, although the door was not locked, there seemed to be something blocking the door from opening from the other side.


Someone blocked the door from outside? Why?

Did Sheil and Mur threw me here and even tried to stop me from leaving?

Geez. What’s the point of doing this… Oh? Wait a minute.

Why did the surrounding names and titles suddenly appear? Even though there wasn’t any earlier!

And I was wondering why I couldn’t see anyone. So the Name and Title system was turned off earlier?

But why? Isn’t that something that transcends the rules of this world? To think it was shut down… Unless the 【Kidney Blows】 earlier were that impactful?


Suddenly, a notification window appeared, but on it, there was only a single word.

This… Is the system talking to me?

“Are you… the system?”

Nay. I am the World.

This guy is actually talking to me! This guy has been throwing tsukkomis on me, and now he finally decided to talk to me!

Nay. I am only using the most appropriate way to communicate with thee… Language Reconstruction completed. I will now explain.

Thou was unconscious for a long period of time due to interference caused by something that surpassed the range of prediction of the system.
Thou does not have the required authorization, hence I am not able to explain in detail.
However, I do not have the power to directly interfere in this world’s affairs, hence I can only seek thy to help with inspection.
Wilt thou help me with finding the interference main body?

This guy… As I thought, it has a consciousness. However, to think its first way of communicating is by throwing tsukkomis… Just what the hell was the person thinking when he was designing it?


Since it’s the World system that governs our life and death, then it shouldn’t have any reason to lie.

In other words… It seems something extraordinary did happen in the last 11 hours.

Haa… Can’t you just let me level up peacefully? I keep encountering all these troublesome situations… No, this might not be a bad development either.

“I say, couldn’t you just design a quest for this kind of situations and pass it down to us? Even if I were to make you owe us a favor, it’s still rather troublesome for us. Wouldn’t it be fine if you just give us some rewards for this?”

Thou make a point.

It left these words, and the conversation window disappeared.

Immediately after, the quest notification window appeared.

Unique Quest: Unknown Interference
Quest Objective: Find the source of interference that’s causing the entire academy to be in deep slumber.

Quest Procedures:
1. Find your partner, and wake your partner up.
2. Inspect the range of interference.
3. Find the center of interference.
4. Destroy the interference equipment.

Quest Reward(s):
Lifting of Restriction of Friend Message System (Exclusive to Otherworlders)
Gain in 1 Level
Increase the Limit of Unique Skill Levels

“Friend Message System? Unique Skill Levels? What the?”

I posed the questions to the air, but the notification never came.

Looks like the self-proclaimed World is being irresponsible again… Oh well. Whatever. Since that’s the case, then I can only depend on myself.

I looked at the door again… Oh? The people blocking the door were actually Irlin, Sheil and Mur?

Crap. Earlier, I even thought of using my skills to knock the door open. With the situation at it is now, how am I going to deal with this?

Leave from the window?

But it wouldn’t be fine to leave these three girls lying outside, right?

Alright, I have a plan.

I opened the window, and stood beside it. Then, I formed a picture of the infirmary’s hallway in my mind.

“【Flash Movement】!”

The scenery in front of me flashed, and in the next moment, I appeared in the hallway… in the middle of the air!

Crap, I shouldn’t have pictured the ceiling’s position as well!

I crashed onto the floor. Although I could feel the pain of my body colliding with the floor, but my head seemed to have crashed into something soft…


It was actually Irlin’s thigh!

I quickly jumped out of the way, and looked at them… Good, they’re not waking up.

Currently, their backs were against the door, and they’re leaning against each other. Their armor were also changed to a casual western clothes.

So cute. Putting the three of them together basically results in a picturesque scene… No, I should be waking them up right now!

“Irlin, Sheil, Mur, wake up!”

I called them several times, and even poked their faces, so soft… No, this isn’t the point.

The problem right now is that they don’t even have the slightest of reactions, other than their soft breathing.

Oh right, the quest window did say something about the academy being in deep slumber. So it’s referring to this!?

Indeed, it seems to be a very frightening situation, and it was even able to interfere with the ‘World’. This definitely ain’t simple.

However, I can’t just let them lie on the floor outside. Let’s shift them to the beds in the infirmary then.

After covering the three of them with blankets respectively, I looked at the sleeping Irlin.

So cute… Even if she’s wearing a mask, she’s still so explosively cute~

I wonder how she looks like under the mask?

When I recovered my senses, I realized my hand was already reaching towards her face!

I quickly stopped myself, and took a deep breath.

Since she’s unwilling to show me, she must have her reasons right? Earlier, when she removed it, it happened in a flash, so I didn’t get a good look.


Someday, she will definitely remove it, right?

“Alright, let’s start the quest!”

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46 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 5: Unconscious Campus

  1. RKain says:

    Partner… Aliyah? Shir? That Momiji girl whose name I forget? Someone we haven’t met yet?

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


  2. DMR says:

    Awww, he’s getting along with his Fiancee…. I like 😛

    Sho cute!!!!!

    That said, is speaking with the god such an easy thing? That is a bit convenient… though I kinda wonder if he’s closer to getting a harem… sexy teachers included or not…

    Thanks so much for translating this awesome series XD

    Definitely don’t regret starting this series… it’s awesome 😛


  3. Nostradamus says:

    I’m telling you guys there will be a catastrophe when irlin unequiped her mask! But seriously you should have taken it offfffff!!


    • rezastillalive says:

      well, to be honest I thought that will be they way for it since

      1. Find your partner, and wake your partner up.
      2. Inspect the range of interference.

      how can he wake his partner up if entire people in those place in deep slumbers if not with the power of kiss(lol), but somehow I can’t see he do that intentionally so maybe he ‘accidently’ kiss his partner.


  4. flame says:

    ” Putting the three of them together basically results in a picturesque scene…” GAHH why did this have to be a novel.. If this was a light novel we may of gotten a sweet picture :3…

    For anyone forgetting what she looks like :3 – http://imgur.com/qGskkDM Isn’t she just the cutest ~


    • desuworks says:

      Remember this picture is fan art he said. For one, in the chepter it describes her the hair is not red. can’t remember much more but scrya said this was fan art he found.


      • Twi says:

        The girl illustrated is Irlin, who does indeed have red hair, wears a mouth mask and uses a knight sword. Just see volume 3 chapter 3 to confirm this. Yes, the sword is indeed illustrated as green instead of blue as mentioned in that chapter, but that is probably due to this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ao_%28color%29

        Also, thanks for the chapter, Scrya!


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