Vol. 3 Chapter 4: Armor Break!?

“And… And so this was what happened. Fir is someone who saved my life during my journey. So…”

While waiting for our dishes to arrive, Irlin who was sitting beside me began to explain my history to her two friends.

After all, she did cry the moment she saw me, and she even kissed me. With this kind of drama happening so suddenly, anybody would have loads of questions in his or her mind.

Some people might even think that I’m a heartless person who abandoned a young girl. After all, she did cry in front of me.

However, she kissed me at the end. It would basically be rather difficult for anyone to understand our exact situation.

Uncle Howells had been staring in our direction since the beginning, and my back was about to feel rather numb from the stares.

Not just him, with the eyes of everyone in my surroundings, including the two girls in front of me, their stares were like needles continuously piercing into my body. Thus, my entire body was feeling very uncomfortable.

“Even though she’s the ‘Cold-Hearted Knight’.”

“That’s right.”

“To think currently she’s a timid girl sitting beside a man.”

“This is very bad.”

“I know, right?”

The two Knight girls said in turns.

The two girls both have green hair. The one with the short hair is a little shorter than the other, and her name is Sheil, a level 5 Knight. The girl with the long hair is named Mur, a level 6 Knight. The two of them looked like sisters, and their eyes were both pure brown.

Unlike Dual-swordsmen such as Aliyah who rely on their nimbleness and agility, standard Knights are usually equipped with fully plated armor, wrapping their bodies like a tin can. However, the armor they’re wearing seem to be designed based on their individual figures.

“Sheil, Mur!”

Irlin exclaimed, as she looked a little unhappy.

“Fir is a very good person. Please believe me.”。

To actually be presented with the ‘good person’ card by my long lost fiancee… Just what in the world is this?


The two girls looked at each other, and then once again stared at me.

I could only smile to express my helplessness.

“An idiot.”

“Yeah, he’s really an idiot.”

“I don’t understand why Irlin would love a man like him.”

“I don’t understand either.”

Are you two performing a crosstalk?

“Even though she did not even bother looking at the guys in the Knight Guild.”

“She was like a solid block of ice.”

“But to be so attracted to a Magician…”

“Why is that?”

“Don’t be like that. Fir’s swordsmanship is pretty strong as well. Back then, he was able to block my attack instantly!”

Listening to her friends’ words, Irlin anxiously said.

“Really? He doesn’t look strong at all. He’s simply a Magician.”

“A Magician wouldn’t know swordsmanship, right?”

Damn it. This two girls really get on my nerves. If they weren’t Irlin’s good friends, I would really wish to teach them a lesson or two.

However, if there isn’t any unique situation, I’m not supposed to use magic in the city. This is one of the ten great rules of the academy. Neither royalty nor nobility are allowed to disobey these rules as well.


It’s fine if I don’t use magic, right?

“You two have been rather harsh since the beginning. Even though Irlin is your friend, why don’t you believe her!?”

If I were to stay silent any longer, you two would definitely treat me as an idiot, right?

“Because you’re a Magician.”

“Because you’re a man.”

“Even after looking from every perspective, you’re simply not the type that we can trust.”

“Even though we can approve Irlin’s choice.”

“But we will never approve of you.”

The two girls answered in turns.

I see, looks like these two girls are rather biased against Magicians.

Though I can’t change the fact about being a man, however, by dueling with swords…

“To put it bluntly, you two want to have a match with me, right?”

I immediately stood up and said.

“Fir, the academy’s eighth rule.”

Uncle Howells kindly reminded.

“No problem, I won’t use any magic spells.”

After saying that, I took out my Tachi.

Even without using Ice Sword Summon, the demonic blade embedded with an ice crystal gem is still able to freeze my opponent. Although it would not cause a significant decrease in the opponent’s speed, however, it is still able to dull the opponent’s movements.


I can’t take this seriously at all. My opponents are level 5 and level 6, while I’m already level 18.

Even if I were to slash randomly, I would still be able to break their defenses easily, right?


“Please enlighten us.”

The two girls quickly jumped out of the table to the side, flipped in the air, and rushed towards me.

The onlookers at the side must be seeing the scene as such, right?

Other than Uncle Howells, the civilians are mostly level 1 or 2. They must be thinking how fast the people with the levels of 5 and 6 are, right?

However, to me, they are seriously too slow.

After entering the battle state, the speed which I’m supposed to have will instantly peak in an instant. My entire surroundings will slow down, just like that slow motion action scenes in movies.

After instantly getting a raise of five levels, my entire strength leapt into another grade, and at the same time, my senses were raised to a whole new level as well.

As I expected, leveling up feels so aaaaaaaaaaawesome!

The movements of their air flips were so slow, I don’t even know what to do anymore.

What should I do? Bring them down just like that?

I can’t, right? They are, after all, still Irlin’s good friends.

However, I can’t just let them cut my body. I don’t wish to be like some 14-year old boy in a certain anime who allowed others to cut his body to demonstrate his HP recovery speed.

HP recovery costs money, you know? Even though I possess a Magic skill to recover my HP, however, Light Magic obviously isn’t something to be used in front of so many onlookers. And I don’t wish to waste my HP Recovery Potions.

However, how should I make them give up on attacking me?

Oh right, it’s fine if I destroy their weapons, right?

After all, their speeds are really slow compared to mine. Inertia or whatever should be able to of use!

With this thought in mind, I fiercely slashed, and my tachi flew towards their respective Knight swords.


The sound of weapons shattering reverberated. In the next moment, the two Knight swords began to fall apart.

After leaving the battle state, the two girls were staring blankly at the weapons in their hands.

“We lost?”

“Our weapons were destroyed.”

“So strong.”

“Are your really a Magician?”

“Why aren’t you working as a Knight?”

The two girls said as they approached me.

“What a weird sword.”

“I had never seen anything like it before.”

“We admit that you’re strong.”

“Irlin’s choice is indeed not wrong.”

“Do you mind teaching us swordsmanship?”

“We wish to be stronger Knights as well.”

The two girls forced me to retreat my steps, and it felt like I was about to hit the wall behind me.

With the intention of asking for her help, I looked towards Irlin. She, however, only revealed a helpless expression.

It seems she can’t do anything about this two girls either, huh?


Why do I somehow hear something being split apart?


The sound of shattering reverberated once again, the armor these two girls were wearing actually fell apart!

I did not attack their armor at all, why would they…


The young girls did not even wear anything else underneath the armor. Other than a cloth slightly wrapping around their chests, there’s nothing else at all!

The two sentimental girls were thus standing naked in front of me!

The most outrageous thing was, a part of their armor did not fall off, but were still hanging on their bodies!

This, however, increased the arousal instead, damn it!

“【Kidney Blow】!” X2

Suddenly, after a short feeling a pain, my surroundings darkened, and I lost consciousness.

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58 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 4: Armor Break!?

  1. Bardioc says:

    Haha thats what happens to the strongest ones… get knocked out by beauties with no chance to fight back. Thanks for the chapter =)


      • TUSF says:

        He probably thinks SAO was the first series to ever have the protagonist break the enemy’s weapon in a duel. Though, I guess there really aren’t that many.


      • godlydesu says:

        When he’s with dragon girl and the pvpers were there to stop him and dragon girl i remember it from the whole sombras are I guess


      • Dninja says:

        Its from the scene when kirito helps dragon tamer girl and gets hit on purpose to demostrate his hp recovery opness


    • youngdrgn says:

      He is talking about the SAO reference when Kirito allowed a group of players to attack him while his HP recovery speed outperformed their damage.


  2. ~Shiroyasha~ says:

    Lol, such OPness and yet got knocked down by Muse girls, though, the author didn’t specified who have the blow but it’s either the sisters or irlin, thanks for the chap!


  3. Tcol521 says:

    guess the armor broke from air pressur of the blade. he is OP to them with his equipment and stats.




  4. jalog100 says:

    thank you for the chapter, i guess we have to wait for the god tsukkomi on the next chapter i cant even imagine the new title, or maybe something like new ability [dress breaker] learning 10%


  5. koblat says:

    why do he needed to knock down by a simple blow of a low level… seriously.,

    well thats a good fight and ecchi scene
    thanks for the chap


    • Alavaria says:

      That would make sense.

      Either that, or the skill somehow ignores level and stat differences, which would be damn powerful


  6. triopsate says:

    I’m just waiting for the message saying “Due to your actions, you have learned the new skill ‘Dress Break’ . ”

    Fir is making Issei proud with impromptu Dress Break.


  7. Shiaforthewin says:

    To me this novel is unique in that the game system(god) is a like character responding to the mc actions and seems to be taking an active interest in the mc.

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  8. flame says:

    You two have been rather harsh since the beginning. Even
    though Irlin is your friend, why don’t you believe her!?”
    If I were to stay silent any longer, you two would definitely treat
    me as an idiot, right?
    “Because you’re a Magician.”
    “Because you’re a man.”
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZeMqWfZJGmE : 3

    Oh thanks of the chapter again and congrats on 1 million lets make it to 1 billion!(or 2 million….).


  9. ZaX says:

    And his whatever goes makes for great opportunities. 1 sword attack to destroy armor and weapons! What technique!


  10. wyzan25846 says:

    I think he will learn “Armor Break” because of that. and I guess that’s why this chapter is called “Armor Break” XD


  11. rosid says:

    Buahaha that’s so funny IoI, hmmm.. it’s looks like 2 attack in 1 move , the other attack so fast that i can’t be seen 😀 , i remind me to anime Black Bullet Episode 13, when the girl Kill his Brother and get her revenge IoI ahahaha


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