Vol. 3 Chapter 18: Late Night Visitor


At the north-eastern district outside the academy, there’s a high-class restaurant called ‘Dragon’s Night’. Currently, inside its private room, we were holding up our glasses to celebrate our victory for the day.

Other than Irlin and Princess Michelle, there were also Shir, Aliyah, Falan and the girls, and our classmates.

However, it was Princess Michelle’s idea to eat in this restaurant. Just like my former world, without having a certain level of identity, it wouldn’t be possible to enter a VIP-only restaurant like this.


Isn’t the notion in this world a bit too exaggerated? Even if our class had more than 30 people, there isn’t a need to offer us a room that could hold more than a 100 people, right? A table big enough to sit 50 people, and there’s two of them… Are you giving us the space to play Three Kingdom Slaughter or Werewolf Slaughter?
(t/n: TKS/WS are Chinese online card games that could hold a lot of people in a single round it seems.)

But, if that’s really the case, the game will simply end after everyone draw a single card…

But if I were to say something truthful… The food in high-class restaurants are indeed delicious. Compared to the food you eat on the streets, there’s really a considerably big difference.

Unfortunately, everyone were bombarding me with questions related to magic battles and techniques, and I could only get a spoon full every couple of minutes.

The current atmosphere felt like we already won the Annual Tournament. This however, made me a little worried.

Even though Brecht’s magic tool was against the rules, however, in fact, that’s just a special case.

If our next opponent possess a high-grade cheat-level magic tool that does not go against the rules, what will happen?

This is not something that I shouldn’t be worried about. After all, in my match earlier, I already exposed my actual strength. Even though my future opponents wouldn’t be sure of the upper limit of my strength, but, they would definitely use all their strength to defeat me right at the start.

Thinking about this, if I were to drop my guard at the beginning of the match earlier, and Brecht decided to drop a full-powered ‘Sunfall’ at me right at the start, it would definitely have been a difficult fight for me.

“What are you thinking about~? Mind telling us how you managed to dodge those attacks again~?”

“Ah… Un. Alright.”

No point think about it. It would eventually be a straight route the moment we reach the start of the bridge. We can always talk about this later.

The party ended late in the night, and everyone began to disperse back to their own lodgings.

The male and female dormitories are separated, and there are several nobles in our class, so their dormitories are obviously different from a commoner like me.

And, I’m not the type that require a large living space, hence, I picked the cheapest place to live in.

Hence, along the way back, I ended up being the only person left walking to my dormitory.

There aren’t any curfews set in the academy’s dormitories, so, it’s fine to return whenever.

My dormitory was situated in a far and secluded area. At a time like this, people would already be back home or decided not to return for the night. Hence, very quickly, the surroundings slowly became quiet.

However, I don’t really feel bored walking back alone. After all, through the walls, I could still see the names of people nearby.

It’s rather interesting to drop some tsukkomi’s on titles that some people have, and I could also find out a lot of information from looking at their titles.

For example, the guy named Madair on the right, he had titles like [Stingy] and [Traveler]. From these two titles, I could judge that he’s someone that does small-scale trading, as he’s not an actual merchant just yet. Hence, from this, I could deduce that title [Merchant] would not appear on anyone who simply does trading.

And the person called Dan behind me, why does his name look so weird…

Wait, his name is Dan?

I seem to recall someone with this name, and it’s very recent as well.

Because his name corresponds to someone else, called Dual. And if I recall, she’s a 17 year old muscular girl…

Alright, this isn’t the point. The point is, why is Princess Michelle’s bodyguard following me?

I looked around my surroundings, and I did not see Princess Michelle’s name.

That girl actually has a magic tool capable of invisibility? That’s impossible, right? If her bodyguard did not use it, why would she use hers?

Then the only explanation is… This guy especially came to look for me?

“Is there something you need? Is it something that we have to spend time talking about in my dorm over a cup of tea, or is it something that can be easily settled outside?”


I looked in Dan’s direction for quite a while. That guy seemed to have hesitated for a bit, before coming out from the shadows.

Haaa… This guy is actually covered entirely in black. What is he planning to do?

I don’t like men, you know.

“As expected, Fir, to be able to sense that I was following you, you’re beyond ordinary. Even though I did not hide intentionally, but normally, people would not be able to sense my presence. You did not intentionally look around for people who might be following you, rather, you saw me the moment you casually turned. It seems your actual strength is indeed above the level of this school’s Elementary Grade.”

“… Usually, when you’re silent, was it because you’re trying to be a mukuchi? When you suddenly said so much in a single breath, it’s really hard to adapt, you know?”
(t/n: mukuchi: http://www.tanoshiijapanese.com/dictionary/entry_details.cfm?entry_id=51158)

“Muku…chi? What’s that?”

“Don’t mind it. Oh well. I will answer you. It’s just easy for me to look for people that are hiding in my surroundings. And you did not use any hiding-related skills, so it was natural that I could see you.”

“Is that so? I did not expect you have such an ability.”

“Let’s put that aside. What are you trying to do by following me, while dressed entirely in black? Are you planning to do something to me?”

“Of course not. I’m Princess Michelle’s professional bodyguard. And the princess still needs to rely on you to win the Annual Tournament, so I can’t lay my hands on you.”

I can’t see his expression. Although his tone sounded rather relaxed, however, he did not have any intonation to his words at all, and it felt horrible.

“Then, why?”

“Because there’s someone who wish to avoid Princess Michelle and talk to you directly.”


What the hell? Why does a hidden scenario have to happen late in the night? Can’t you at least give me a chance to sleep?

Hey, look at how tired I am from today, and let me get some rest.

“Do you mind telling me, who is it?”

Although sleep is important, however, I can’t reject a situation where I might be able to earn something good.

“Follow me and you will find out. Trust me, and trust Princess Michelle. We will definitely not harm you.”

So what if you harm me? I can resurrect as long as I’m in the city. What can you do to stop me?

“Alright, lead the way.”

He nodded, and turned towards the alley.

Sighing, I chased after his name.

And then, this guy, after applying pressure to his feet, he actually jumped onto the top of the building when he entered the alley!

Oh my freaking god! Do you actually think I can fly!?
(t/n: Umm… you can, dude.)

I helplessly shook my head. Tapping on ‘Light Steps’ and ‘Accelerate’, I jumped onto the second floor. After that, I borrowed the balconies at the side and slowly jumped up.

“Please, stop making a Magician do what a Warrior do!”

“Aren’t you able to keep up with me just fine?”


With no words to fight back, this guy was seriously pissing me off.

However, for the possibility of a hidden quest, I will endure!

After sprinting across roofs for several minutes, we returned to the commercial district.

Although it was already time for bed, but some stores were still open.

Dan leapt for couple of times, and landed on a balcony of an unknown restaurant. He then walked in.

I followed after him and went in as well.

“So you’re Fir? As expected… You’re strong!”

The person in front of gave me a huge fright. After all, I read about him in the library’s information terminal!

Hur Ice Afungus

The Emperor of Ice Empire!

And… Princess Michelle’s father!

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