Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Quest Completion

“Your speed ain’t that slow huh.”

“Yours isn’t lacking either… Watch your back!”

“I know, don’t worry.”

After saying that, Aliyah’s speed increased once again, and with a white trail of light, it left the metal spikes constantly chasing her back.

At the same time, I did not idle as well, as after launching my magic spells, I used Charge to move out of its attack radius. Then, I leaped onto the top of the building at the side.

The metal spikes seemed to only appear from the ground, and the spikes would not grow above 5 meters. Hence, there shouldn’t be any problem while I’m at the top of the building.

As I expected, that weird thing only glanced an eye at me, and proceeded towards Aliyah’s direction, slowly approaching her.

“Damn it, this isn’t fair!”

Aliyah shouted as she ran towards a building at the other side, probably to follow my example.

If she’s trying to do that, then there will only be more spikes popping out from the ground at that side.

However, that’s not good either. That thing’s attacks look painful, and I don’t even want to experience it at all. And that metallic body seems pretty solid as well. If we factor in its indeterminable level, then I don’t think we will be able to deal much damage to it either.

But, we can’t just blindly run like this. Even if we’re able to leave this place through Flash Movement, we won’t be able to escape the academy if we don’t complete this quest.

After all, if we don’t destroy this interference equipment, everyone wouldn’t be able to wake up. If that’s the case, the scenario will not be able to progress.

If this was a real game, then this could be considered a bug which prevents the scenario from progressing, right?

If this happens, the game developer should be fixing it, right? It’s not possible for two players to fix it, you know?

Nay. Thou only has to delay for 3 minutes.

Suddenly, in the quest window, a sentence was added at the bottom.

“Then we just have to avoid it?”

I anxiously asked.

Nay, I require at least one person to be within 30 meters of the interference equipment.

“The hell. You’re really asking for the impossible. Aliyah, did you see the hint?”

“I saw it, but…”

With a two or three jumps, Aliyah managed to get onto the building on the outside. However, the situation there was not as optimistic as mine.

That monster seemed to be able to get onto the building as well. Using its long legs, it was able to climb the building at a rather quick pace, and caught up to Aliyah at the roof.

“But even I want to escape, I don’t think I will be able to~”

This thing is really capable of doing anything huh. So it’s able to climb anything?

Even though it looked like a spider, however, it’s behavior was just like a spider as well. If that’s the case, it should completely transform into a spider instead. I’m pretty sure it would look better to the eye as an actual spider.

That Hannya mask, looks terribly hideous…

But suddenly, I felt something was amiss. Aliyah circled around her roof, and then she actually came running into my direction.

Are you serious? Do you really think I can beat this thing?

“Why did you lure it over here?”

“Aren’t you a Magician? Kite it!”

“Are you serious!? I can’t run as fast as that thing, you know!”

As I ran towards the back, I threw Ice Meteors on the monster.

Blue streams of light bounced off the monster’s body a few times, and then, the monster’s body was totally covered in ice.

However, since I can’t even see its HP bar, I can’t confirm the amount of damage I manage to cause.

In the next moment, it trembled for a bit, and the ice covering its body shattered into pieces and fell onto its sides.

Oh my god, are you kidding me? My strongest attack was actually easily dealt with with a few shakes of its body. This is more depressing than those quest scenarios where the monsters would not lose any HP at all.

“Aliyah! Hurry and run! We can’t fight this thing at all.”

“Can’t you see I have been running for quite a while?”

Once again, Aliyah transformed into a white blur. After dodging its wave of attacks with left and right turns, she reached the bottom of my building, and leaped onto the roof.

“Hey hey, why did you come over here?”

“Did I do something wrong?”

“… Fine, fleeing it is then.”

Although the quest states that we’re not allowed to run more than 30 meters away from it, however, in actual fact, even if we want to, we don’t have the ability to flee that far away from it at all.

Just to let you know, our enemy is a monster with eight legs.

Just when we landed onto the ground after leaping off, the shadow on the ground told us that the monster was already about to jump off the building!

This isn’t funny! If we’re squashed by something like that we will instantly turn into meat pie!

I don’t wish for my first death to be worse than Lester’s. Only half of his body was turned into meat pie, after all.

Firstly, I used Charge and rushed beside Aliyah. Then, I pulled her to a side and activated Charge again!

However, my skill was disrupted, as I smashed into something really hard.

I was completely stunned by that collision, and when I tried to use a bit of strength, I ended up sitting on the floor.

“Idiot! Where were you rushing to!”

Aliyah lamented, however, she still quickly took out a recovery potion and drank it. After that, she took another bottle and poured it directly into my mouth.

“Cough cough… There wasn’t anything in front of us earlier!”

“That monster used a spike to block our path!”

After recovering my senses, I then realized we were already surrounded by a circle of spikes.

Seems like from our bout earlier, that monster slowly grasped our unique movement trait… Which meant it realized that we’re not able to jump high without support of a solid wall!


The spikes blocking our paths are at least 10 meters in height. Even if you were to hand me a pole, I wouldn’t be able to jump over them!

And, after activating those Charges simultaneously, I depleted quite a big amount of my MP. It’s also not possible for my MP to be filled instantly with my MP Recovery Potion, which meant I can’t use my Flash Movement at this moment!

And the shadow below us was gradually getting bigger, which tells us that the monster already jumped, and was about to land on us!

We’re going to turn into meat pies!


The sound of a heavy fall resounded across the school grounds, and several cracks were formed on the surrounding buildings from the impact.

The rising smoke prevented anyone from looking at the surroundings clearly, however, to survive, there’s only one direction I need to head towards!

And that’s towards the sky!

Cutting through the layers of smoke, I flew out of the area covered in smoke while carrying Aliyah.

The pair of black and white wings on my back fiercely flapped, and we accelerated to the high heavens.

That’s right, just when the monster was about to squash us, at that instant, disregarding the consequences, I immediately spread out my wings, and fled to the skies from a blind spot which the monster’s body did not manage to cover.

Oh my god. I seriously hate flying or bullet hell games! This is really cutting a few years of my life!

“We… We flew?”

Aliyah, who was in my arms, was completely stunned, evidently showing that she was really surprised by this development.

“That’s right, we’re flying. However, don’t move about unnecessarily, this is actually my first flight.”

“Un… But why did you choose the princess carry? This… This position is really embarrassing for me, you know!?”

“Stop fooling around, if I carried you face to face, your reaction would have been bigger, right?”

“… Hmph.”

She seemed to have imagined the scenario I mentioned in her mind, and her face blushed red. And then, she turned her head away to avoid looking at me.

Haaa… just how old is she? Why does she have such a child-like temper…

“Watch out!”

Suddenly, Aliyah’s cry brought me back to my senses.

Looking to the direction she was pointing at, several inverted pyramids were flying out of the smoke! And they were flying towards us!

“Do you have aerial combat skills?”

I asked Aliyah.”

“None. I don’t attack planes.”
(t/n: Attacking planes, or 打飞机, is basically a chinese term for ‘f*pping/w*nking’.)

“Un. You can’t do that in the first place anyway.”

“… You bastard! What were you thinking about!?”

After saying that, she actually threw a punch into my face!

After receiving that painful blow, I immediately lost my balance. Unable to find my center of gravity, we began falling at a high speed!

“Aaaaaaah! Fly, you bastard!”

She shouted as she relentlessly punched me.

“I already told you to stop with those unnecessary movements! I can’t control my flight ability any longer!”

What welcomed us was several inverted pyramids, and in a couple of moments, they were already right in front of us!

We’re about to crash!!!!!

Time’s up. Quest completed. Destruction of Interference Equipment completed.
You leveled up!
Current LV: 19
Restriction on Message System removed.

At the same time, when the notifications suddenly popped out, the inverted pyramids dispersed into multiple specks of light, and they spread across the sky.

And we cut across them, as we fell towards the ground at an increasing speed…

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46 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 10: Quest Completion

    • Vlaeghe says:

      Yeah, but he didn’t actually die in that one. He got revived while being in semi-death status. or something like that ;p


      • M.A.D says:

        The revival thing is unrelated. His state of apparent death in that chapter is what he’s gonna go through every time his HP reaches 0. Same with being crashed onto by a giant Hanya


  1. Vlaeghe says:

    The pair of black and white wings on my back fiercely flapped, and we accelerated to the high heavens.
    (t/n: I know, the bone wings are supposed to be white, it must be a typo on the author’s part, or he’s trying to make it sound cool. Gonna leave it as it is.)

    The bones might be white, but I believe the ‘aura’ emmitted from the bones were black and the angel’s wing is white. So he’s probably referring to that.


  2. Vlaeghe says:


    I wasn’t referring to the 0 hp status, that’s something that happens multiple times and can be recovered from. The part where he died when aliyah cut him … he didn’t actually go through the whole cathedral revive thing like he should’ve as a proper ‘game character’. Instead they kept him alive and then revived him. making him obtain undead status.
    So technically he hasn’t died yet.


  3. Raw Reader says:

    well, worst scenario….
    he and aliyah crash
    people in academy wake up and asking what happened
    seeing his wing
    blamed for what happened
    scapegoat skill lvl up


  4. flame says:

    damn it god.. what kind of quest was this.. or was it more of a distract the enemy so I can destroy them behind the scenes kind of thing ?

    Anyway thanks for the chapter.


  5. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    (t/n: I know, the bone wings are supposed to be white, it must be a typo on the author’s part, or he’s trying to make it sound cool. Gonna leave it as it is.) <- since a normal bone wing has no lifting power, maybe it's black because it generates some kind of black substance to provide some surface area (maybe a dark mist or a black membrane).


  6. LordCorwin says:

    Who says the bone has to be white? It’s another world. Also in various mythology(games and book) they have black bones as well.


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