Vol. 3 Chapter 19: New Path

Hur Ice Afungus LV 38 Ice Magician LV ?? ?????? [Emperor of Ice Empire] [???] [???] [Forbidden Technique Possessor] [Bloody Ice Crystal]

Although I could see one of his class, however, his other class was not revealed.

As an empire which has Ice Magic as its pride, to think the emperor would have a class that is stronger than his Ice Magician class, this fact is making all of my hair stand on end.

I definitely must not anger this guy. Otherwise, I will no longer be able to move about freely in this entire continent…

The emperor’s hair was already grey in color, yet his pair of deep blue eyes held a cold light. He wore a blue robe with gold linings, and on the tip of his staff which he was holding, the cold aura emitting from the gem could be felt even from afar.

“Do not be afraid, since you’re a friend of Michelle, I will naturally not do anything that would harm you. However, if you were to harm Michelle, then that’s a different matter.”

“… I’m fully aware of that. So, the reason why you wish to see me this late in the night was to tell me not to bully your empire’s princess?”

“Hahaha! Interesting. As expected, you’re different from those people who would only flatter me with praises.”

The old man laughed, and stood up.

“That’s probably one of the reasons why you’re growing so quickly, I guess.”

Hearing his words, my mouth twitched.

This guy… Did he realize something?

“It was only a few months ago when you first enrolled into this academy. Back then, your magic ability was not as strong as Princess Michelle’s, right? But now, there’s practically no one in your current grade that can stand up to you. Isn’t that so?”


“Even if you don’t say it yourself, Dan was able to tell that your abilities had improved greatly. Just to let you know, Dan’s level is much higher than yours. Thus, he would naturally be able to gauge your strength with a simple glance.”

“I see…”

Then wouldn’t that mean there’s a lot of people who realized my jump in levels? And these people actually turned a blind eye?

Fortunately, they are not able to evaluate my actual level numerically, otherwise, at that time, my jump in 5 levels would have definitely frightened several people…

Wait a minute, if I recall, this guy called Dan was there when my level raised. So I caught his eye ever since then?

“Alright, I did work very hard to improve my abilities. But is there anything wrong with doing so?”

“Of course not. Rather, I’m very happy that you did. Because, you specialize in Ice Magic!”

The old man’s grin became wider.

“In other words, you hope that I would become a citizen of your Ice Empire?”

“Of course. In any case, you’re wanted by your country, aren’t you?”

“That kind of thing…”

“Do not deny it. After all, I’m fully aware of your identity. Back then, when Dan reported about you, I immediately became interested in you. However, my intelligence department was only able to find information about you up to when you first appear right before enrolling into the academy. And that’s when your bounty was commissioned by a small kingdom called Mitchell. Though, that king is an idiot, to think he would push his mistake onto you. But that’s understandable, after all, they’re a small country, hahaha. But there’s something else I’m interested in as well. You seemed to have entered the Wood household, and you were able to use ‘Ice Armor’ in the tournament earlier. I’m not wrong about that, right?”

“Un… You aren’t wrong.”

Alright, since you even used your intelligence department to investigate a small character like me, then, I have no choice but to admit to everything.

“Do you plan on sending me to Mitchell Kingdom for the judgment of my crimes?”

“Hahaha. Of course not. In the morning, I saw that you were pretty close to your other half, the young lady of the Wood household. Since your fiancee did not say a word about you, then I can’t really force myself into your matters. Don’t you think so?”


“Hahaha. Don’t mind it. Regarding the Wood household, in this entire continent, there’s even a branch family in another continent… No, the branch family should be in this continent, to be exact. Your other half is only a small part of the Wood household in the Mitchell Kingdom, hence, naturally, I know about about their household. But, their household generally keep to a low profile. In this case, you have seen it yourself. Even though two of their important figures disappeared, there’s not even a single reaction. Or if I were to put in another way, they are not that important to the main household at all.”

“Umm, I really appreciate that you used so many of your resources to not only investigate about me, but also matters regarding my fiancee. However, if I may ask, what are you getting at?”

Are you really here just to chat? Are you kidding me?

“Don’t rush. There’s always a certain procedure to doing things. But, since you asked, then I will be blunt.”

He kept his smile, and with a stern look, he asked.

“Just who are you?”


The same exact question, again. You guys are irritating, you know? Geez. ‘World’, you designed such an identity for me, but it’s totally half-assed. At the very least, give me some background regarding myself.

In this world, my identity is basically someone who was living under a rock the entire time, before I escaped the Beginners’ Village. How am I supposed to live like this?

“Alright, I can only tell you this. I don’t even know of my own identity.”

I shrugged.

“If it’s possible, I even hope you can help me find out about my past.”


He revealed a shocked expression after hearing my answer. He stared at me for quite a while, and then evidently went into deep thoughts.

“Interesting. I guess since I already said so much, you don’t have a need to lie to me, right? But since you don’t even know it yourself… I guess it’s still a mystery. Very well. I will appoint some people to investigate about your past. But since things turned out this way, I will skip a step then. Boy, do you want to become a citizen of our Ice Empire?”

Hearing this, it was my turn to get startled.

“You mean… Changing my nationality?”

“Nationality? You’re pretty good with your choice of words. That’s right, I hope that you could join our Ice Empire. If that happens, your bounty will lose its effect. After all, as a citizen of an empire, we will not allow a small kingdom like Mitchell to even attempt to arrest you.”

Wow! An empire sure is overpowered. So is it fine for a regular empire citizen to kill a couple of kingdom citizens?

Of course, since this was an issue of morality, I did not dare to ask. After all, if I were to get a definite answer, I would probably feel insecure.

“Looks like there’s several benefits to being an empire citizen. But, this doesn’t really help me that much, right? The thing about my bounty is already several months old. If no one were to especially investigate my identity, then I wouldn’t be found out, right?”

“Hmhm. Originally, that’s the case. But, did you forget what you did earlier in the afternoon?”

“In the afternoon…”

I used my weird battle style and exterminated the Fire-type team who used cheat mods…

Crap, how the hell did I forget about this?

Probably, everyone in this academy is currently checking out my profile, right?

Looks like I did several things that I shouldn’t have today.

“Alright, looks like you have thoroughly thought this through. Indeed, I no longer have any escape routes.”

“You could still decide to flee, right?”

“I still wish to study peacefully.”

“Oh, right, that’s the reason why you came to this academy, wasn’t it… Then let’s both propose a condition.”

The old man slightly smiled, and hinted me to walk over.

“My condition is for you to become a citizen of our Ice Empire. After that, I will directly bestow you the title as one of our empire’s State Magician, and you will be one of our empire’s forces. In exchange, I will provide you with all of our empire’s magic research and materials. As long as you do not spend too much money…”

“You’re saying I’m even allowed to take a look at your empire’s hidden magic skill books?”

“That’s right.”


“Then, everything is settled.”

Title Unlocked: [Ice Empire Citizen]
Familiarity with all Ice Empire citizens increased.

Title Unlocked: [Ice Empire’s State Magician]
Obtained the rights to use Ice Empire’s magic research and materials.

Main Quest: Revenge
Revealed: New Possible Ending
Requirement: Lead a country to liberate Mitchell Kingdom.
Reward(s): Position as King of Mitchell Kingdom Position as Provincial Chief, 1,000,000 EXP

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75 thoughts on “Vol. 3 Chapter 19: New Path

    • rambowambo says:

      why should she, theoretically he now is someone of some importance and it should be easier for her house to accept him. Of course they could be pissy of him for changing nationalities but they have a branch in the empire right? Right?!


      • Kureyn says:

        Perhaps more importantly, once they take out that worthless king, he’s in a good position to recommend Irlin’s house for promotions. The power structure tends to have large chunks taken out of it when you remove a ruler, especially if you can find out how many of them are cronies. Someone needs to fill those holes, and it’s usually best to rope in locals and send some mild supervision rather than throw a crapload of foreign dignitaries to manage the affairs of a region they don’t really know.

        (Let’s hope someone in this mess actually thinks of that…)


      • RKain says:

        Mostly, I was thinking about how she was going to get even more irritated by Michelle’s presence becoming (probably) more pronounced as a consequence of this (because of the whole princess thing).

        I would be modestly surprised if she thought through all the ramifications of this situation.


      • DMR says:

        Hey, it was not thinking things through that left you alive… else you woulda been skinned by Weed… Seo Yoon was only able to get you because of that…

        Liked by 2 people

      • DMR says:

        Please, she was someone who didn’t want to kill viscous virtual wolves.. if she fed you for a while, she wouldn’t allow you to die in front of her… she wouldn’t allow any chicken to be killed in front of her….

        And she only likes you cause your Weeds chicken…. don’t deny it.

        You know, he still dreams of you; your head twisted….

        When he and Seo Yoon marry, you’ll go right back into his arms….



      • DMR says:

        Did you know, in Royal Road, he’s a famous artist, and he made a unique master piece that is rated highly… it’s about you….

        A man, twisting the neck of a chicken….

        Your master is coming for you. Your brothers feel betrayed by you… imagine, the wedding day, and what is cooked?

        Something Half-fried hahahahaahahahaahaha

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    • M.A.D says:

      She’s not his wife yet. Also, emotion-wise he can still abandon her and run away the next day. On the other hand, now that his fiancee’s household is down to her only, maybe she can “switch nationality” too? Depends..


    • Firestorm says:

      The good part is if he does conquer/liberate that country and gets to be in charge then as a noble he can have a legal harem with wife plus concubines

      Liked by 1 person

      • DMR says:

        …. this is one of the few “different world” series that has me mixed about harems… I want it and I don’t…. maybe its from how soon he got the fiancee… who knows… but a part of me wants him to at least add that sexy body princess (not loli) and the academies top 3, and the sexy teacher….

        Liked by 1 person

      • Cupcake ninja says:

        DMR you really understand that harems must be made with a certain amount of consideration. You know that you must include at least one sexy teacher and princess in every harem. Though you seem to not have the wisdom to know that lolies are also instrumental to a harem’s foundation, yet your personal inexperience or preference may be the cause of that flaw so it can be forgiven.
        That said, I, cupcake ninja, 7th Cardinal of the DaMaki Church, would like to extend to you an invitation to join our ranks. Your inherent grasp on harems is always welcome among us, we who strive to enlighten others on the superiority of polygamous relationships. there are many benefits, as you will see, but you are required to swear an oath of loyalty to our goddess, Yuina-sama.

        Know that if you break your oath, death would be. . . A luxury.

        But enough of that. What say you, DMR?


  1. DMR says:

    Thank you for the double translations XD

    Love this series XD

    Don’t worry, I won’t complain if you do another 30 chapters either…

    Discounting the joke, is this really a Chinese web novel? It seems way too Japanese… and SFACG seems to have more Japanese media than Chinese stuff….. though its a Chinese site and is limited by Chinese law…

    So is this maybe a Japanese novel brought into the site?

    sfacg looks like a Chinese site for Japanese media…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Scrya says:

      This is a Chinese original. The author is just influenced by anime and stuff. Pretty much everything in sfacg is mostly influenced by japanese media as well. There’s both jap light novel translations, and original compositions.

      Liked by 2 people

    • DMR says:

      Ya, but that is actually to his advantage…. the higher the scapegoat skill, the more safety he has….

      When it gets full, can he do no wrong?


      • Namorax says:

        The best scapegoats are those still alive. Everyone is too busy hunting him down to wonder about incongruencies.

        Why else is the skill giving him def-related boni?^^


  2. iamtheoneandonlytrueleech says:

    MC: (It`s her fahter…. well who cares)
    King: I will give you a country if you help me to conquer it.
    MC: hmm…..
    King: I will get rid of your bounty and offer you safety!
    MC: well… hmmm…
    King: I will let you study in peace if you become a national magician that helps out if a war comes!
    MC: Okay….
    King: You will have access to the research and skills books….
    MC: Hidden skill books?!
    King: Yes.
    MC: Just say that from the beginning! DEAL!
    King: (…. safety, a country or working for one of the biggest countries doesn`t matter to him but as soon as I mention skill books he agrees…?!)

    Title unlocked [Against the mentally twisted] (For the king)
    Chance to reach an agreement with a person that has a different way of thinking is increased.

    King: Oh yes if we are already talking…. what are you doing with my daughter if you have a fiancee already?
    MC: …. (Flash Movement)

    That`s how I read this dialogue……

    Liked by 1 person

    • desuworks says:

      I saw it as
      ” we were interested in you so we investigated your background and couldn’t find anything, who are you?
      Your fiance can’t be considered important in her family. As proved by the way her relatives disappeared and no one noticed. I can make her dissapear and turn you in for political power. No one would ever care.
      Or I could let you become a citizen of my empire hoping for some potential in you and improving my relationship with my daughter.”
      Main character response
      “Well my choices are turned in for torture and execution or become a citizen of your empire. It’s a TOUGH (lol) decision. If I join your giving me authority? OK sounds good (although princess would not accept any thing less for me without being annoyed at her dad.)”

      These types of conversations require you to read heavily between the lines. As should any conversation in public with a politician or with someone who cannot speak freely. Will a king casually invite a random student no matter how good his rep in school to join his country personally? Why would he have time for that with all his other emperor duties? In situations like this ulterior motives are every where. Especially since he actually avoided mentioning his daughter throughout the entire conversation.
      As for translating this as well as it is. Great job Scrya 🙂


      • desuworks says:

        This conversation is also a great example of the carrot and stick method. Point out all the problems he will soon have. Then say “I will make them go away if you do this for me”
        There is no way that the king is not going to use him in some way. And he’ll just follow along like “Quest!!” While forgetting that he is affecting the world.


      • desuworks says:

        Re-read the chapter. Realized that he did mention the princess once when mentioning his growth. But she was still kept almost entirely out of the main points so my thoughts still stand


  3. maracas says:

    damn… his fiance was just mentioned and when he is given a chance to change nationality he didnt mentioned her… (and her situation is no better than his…)

    his title of whateever happens idc is so true to his character :S


  4. AnimeLover says:

    I really wish “who are you” would be directed at other players…not just him. Even Aliyah has deadly cheats like him!!


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