Vol. 3 Chapter 2: Keep a Low Profile, Otherwise You Will Be Forced to Work

Pushing the door open, it was still the same familiar room. However, other than Yybril, there was no one else inside.

Yybril was holding onto a black cloth, and was cleaning the long sword in her hand. When she heard the door open, she stopped and raised her head.

“So it’s Fir. And here I was wondering, the rest of the girls shouldn’t be returning anytime soon.”

“The other two girls?”

“Yeah. Around this time, there will be several students from other schools coming over to watch the Annual Tournament in our academy. So, Falan and Lanya were dragged away to do some work.”

“Is that so…? So they would participate in an event like this as well?”

“After all, our society still receives a portion of the school’s budget even though we basically do nothing. So the school will sometimes task us with harmless work.”

Speaking of which, this society was founded from obtaining one of The 99 Trials. Hence, this is basically a society created without any goals to be achieved.

“Then why aren’t you…”

“Why aren’t I helping out? Are you joking? I’m a Knight who serves the Church. Without any order from my superiors, the academy does not have the authority to make me do anything.”

“Is… Is that so?”

So this is the importance of authority, huh… Indeed, even though the other two girls are strong, but they do not have anyone backing them up… Speaking of which, I’m the same as well.

Even though I’m currently already level 18, however, I feel that the people with high authorities here are always accompanied with strong guards whose levels I’m unable to see through. Whenever I see them, my mood become sour.

Although I do not intend on making any enemies, however, whenever I see that my level is not even comparable to that of some others, I would feel a strong sense of discomfort.

“Fortunately, you returned a little later. Otherwise, you would have definitely been forced to do some work as well.”

“Why? I’m not even a member of this society.”

“… What are you talking about? Your name is in the roster for this society.”

“How is that possible!? I had never submitted my application form.”

“Is that so? Then someone must have forged it for you.”

Damn it. Both Falan and Lanya are very potential suspects.

“Then how do I leave the society?”

“Submit an application to the principal. However, since you come to this place at a daily basis, the academy will definitely not accept your request to leave the society. They do not mind having more hands to work, after all.”


Why is the academy like this as well? Isn’t the academy known as the strongest school around here? To think they will even need students to help with their work… Just what the hell is this?

“Alright alright. Speaking of which, how’s the procedures of the Annual Tournament like?”

“Hah? You don’t even know that?”

After hearing what I asked, Yybril revealed an expression of disbelief.”

“Because my teacher is Ms. Mari.”

“So it was her… I understand now.”

Looks like my class’s teacher is rather well-known, though unfortunately, she’s infamous.

“Usually, two students of each class will be selected to participate in the Annual Tournament, and compete for the top three spots. After that, out of the six people, three will form a new party to compete with the other teams of the other two grades.”

“Hah? Are you serious? The levels of those in the Advanced-Grade… No. Their combat abilities are much stronger than the other two grades, they’re basically seal clubbing!”
(t/n: WoT reference. Experienced players playing low tiers and massacring noobs.)

“Seal clubbing?”

“It means they’re able to easily annihilate the teams in the lower grades.”

“That’s not for sure. I think you should be able to defeat the Intermediate Grade team at least.”


Is she actually able to sense my increase in levels?

“Your weird battle techniques, are basically the nightmares for all Magicians. Other than a few Magicians with high defense, the rest are small fries that you should be able to easily defeat.”

“You’re thinking too highly of me. I’m just a normal student of the Elementary Grade.”

“Normal people don’t grow a wing.”


Suddenly, I remembered that Yybril is one of the few people in the school that knows that I have a wing.

“Speaking of which, have you considered about the thing I asked you?”

“Oh? What thing?”

“It’s about joining the Church, of course. You’re currently someone who is able to spread out an Angel’s Wing. Even though it’s only a single piece, however, you already fulfilled the criteria for joining us.”

Oh right, there was such a thing.

However, the current situation is that I already joined the ‘Momiji’. It’s basically impossible to join the Church as well, right?

And it’s seems there are too many rules and restrictions within the Church. For people like me, it’s completely impossible to fit in.

“Well, about that…”

“Wait. If you’re thinking of refusing, you don’t have to say it. After all, this invitation will always be kept valid. Whenever you think of joining us, you just have to explain to anyone related to the Church.”

After pausing for a moment, she placed the sword down, and walked over.

“Speaking of which, people who grow an Angel’s Wing is able to use Light Magic. Let me teach you a few of them.”


What? There was actually such a benefit?

“Earlier, didn’t you say that people who are unrelated to the Church are not entitled to learn Light Magic?”

“Hm, personally, I feel that there’s a problem with this rule. Why can’t regular people learn them? And I will only be teaching you Healing and Detoxification Magic. I’m not teaching you any offensive spells, so I don’t see the problem in doing so.”

Seems like even though she belongs to the Church, however, she has a rebellious personality inside, huh.

“Unless you don’t wish to learn it?”

“Of course I wish to learn it!”

What’s a Healing spell? It’s something overpowered, duh!

No matter the strength of the party, as long as it’s well-supported, the battles will always be shifted in our favor.

I personally do not have an interest in Light Magic as a whole, but she possesses the ultimate Healing technique!

Although Wind, Water and Plant Magic do have some recovery skills, however, compared to the Healing spells from Light Magic, it’s basically a difference between heaven and earth.

“Un~ Seems like you’re rather enthusiastic about this. Alright, about Light Magic…”

At the same time, a notification popped out.

Yybril is imparting the Light Magic spells ‘Heal’ and ‘Detoxify’. Do you wish to learn them?

With my fastest speed, I tapped on ‘Yes’. Below the notification, a bar appeared.

Not long after, the bar was filled. A new notification window then appeared.

Spell ‘Heal’ learnt.
LV 1: Recovery
Recovers 30% of your max HP.
MP Cost: 500

Spell ‘Detoxify’ learnt.
LV 1: Stun Dispel
Removes the ‘Stun’ status.
MP Cost: 300

There’s actually levels for these Magic spells? Unless Advanced Grade Magic is different?
(t/n: Take note, the rest of the skills that Fir had learnt so far are proficiency-based, while these new skills are level-based.)

“Alright, that sums up everything. Now, try it out. Let’s see your aptitude level for Light Magic.”


“I took out my staff and pointed to the front. Then, I tapped on the skill button.

A bright light flashed in the room, and in an instant, I felt more comfortable than before.

To think there would be such an effect when I used the skill while I had full HP. This Magic skill is pretty good.

Spell ‘Heal’ leveled up.
LV 2: Intermediate Recovery
Recovers 50% of your Max HP.
MP cost: 700

As there’s a big difference in the skill level and the user’s level, Realization is thus activated.
Realized – LV 1: Group Recovery
Recovers 20% of your party members’ HP within a radius of 5 meters.
MP Cost: 500

Eh? What’s with this ‘Realization’?

I actually unlocked a Group Recovery skill as well? Isn’t this too convenient?

However, seeing Yybril’s surprised expression, I realized I made another mistake.

According to my knowledge, there’s basically no one who should be able to use a spell immediately after being imparted one. In the end, I made the same mistake again.

Title ‘Whatever Goes’ leveled up.
Current LV: 5
Resistance increased by 50 points.

Alright, I don’t even care about God’s retorts anymore. Rather, I should be thinking of how I should explain to Yybril on how I was able to use the Magic spell in such a short time.

“Please tell me the method to getting closer to the Light elemental particles! I only managed to make a small effect after practicing that spell for about fifty times! How did you master it in just a single try! You must definitely tell me!”

I was grabbed in the shoulders and was repeatedly shaken back and forth. Yybril actually immediately lost her cool and exploded.

Looks like I won’t be getting my rest time today as well…

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  1. kirindas says:

    Thanks for the new chapter! The heal spell is incredibly OP. One level increase and it jumps from 30% to 50%?!?! And he only had to use it one time to level it too!!


    • jacobpaige says:

      Yeah, but it costs 500 mp. Though, I don’t remember if that’s as high of an amount as it seems to be.

      The more OP part is the 20% to the whole party. Assuming that there’s no party size limit, he could conceivably keep an entire army fully healed in the middle of a war. Only one shot kills would matter 😉


      • Moissonneur66 says:

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        Depends on the situation, but yeah, the four magics he can cast for free are all broken in any battle/war that can be completed in under an hour (or two if they’re used consecutively rather than concurrently). Even more so if one of those types of magic has a teleport spell that would allow him to run away right before the timer ran out.

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    “Seal clubbing” is also a reference to RL. Perhaps this is a game reference, while the game’s situation references RL, I don’t know.
    It’s been a few years since I last saw something of that, but ecology groups (like Greenpeace) used to make a fuss about Canada’s yearly seal hunting season, which basically amounted to pick a club or a stick, approach seals that were sunbathing and then smash them to death (so, literally, to club unmoving seals).

    Thanks for the chapter.


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