Vol. 3 Chapter 28: Lightning Doll Master

It’s been a long time since I managed to wake up after a peaceful sleep on my bed.

Recently, I have either been sleeping in the library, or sleeping due to the ‘unconscious’ status. After recalling all these unfortunate events, I have a urge to sing ‘You’re the Wind, and I’m the Sand.”
(t/n: Huang Zhu Ge Ge’s theme song)

Forget it, I don’t want people to think I’m crazy.

However, after recalling the expressions of the Ice Empire’s Emperor and Michelle, I can’t suppress my laughter. Well, they did think that I was dead, and I suddenly appeared before them alive and well.

Of course, I can’t explain to them how I did it, since our views on this world are basically different.

And, the Emperor was someone who kept to his promises. He immediately sent a group of his people to interfere with the side who commissioned the bounty. Thus, my underworld bounty was officially removed.

Of course, Mitchell Kingdom’s bounty was also removed, but this was done secretly. Other than the officials in Mitchell, only the Emperor of Ice Empire and his team who underwent this task knew of this.

Gratifying~ Really gratifying~

But, my quest is still not completed. After all, there were still 2 more battles in the Annual Tournament. And my next battle was about to start…


Looking at the time…

If I remember correctly, the battle will start at 9am, and currently, it’s already 8.50am.

“Oh my god! I overslept!”

I immediately leaped out of my bed, and quickly put on the clothes I left at the side.

Fortunately, after disguising myself for several days, my speed in changing clothes have increased quite a bit. I even respect myself for being able to dress up, and even put on my tie, in less than a minute.

And then, I thought of the position of the competition arena’s male toilet in my mind, and transferred myself there with Flash Movement.

“Have you recently developed an obsession with toilets? Or have you found all the hidden passages in the academy’s toilets?”

The moment I stepped out of the toilet, I heard Aliyah’s ridicule.

“That’s not the point. Don’t you think it’s more bizarre to see a girl standing outside the male toilet?”

“Because when I realized you have not arrived at this time, I knew you would definitely use your transfer skill to directly teleport your way here. However, since you did not know of which waiting room you’re going to use today, your destination could only be the male toilet, after all, there’s only a single male toilet in this arena.

“Excellent, Holmes.”

“Elementary, my dear Watson.”

I glanced at her, and then turned and headed towards the arena.


“Sorry for the wait.”

I immediately went over to the competition venue, and I saw Kalua looking at the time on her watch.

“You’re very punctual huh. You actually arrived at 9 on the dot.”

“I’m someone who does not waste time.”

“In actual fact, you overslept, right?”


“If you tell me the truth, I will tell you my three sizes~”


“Eh? You’re not interested?”

“You said that two days ago.”

“Ehh? Did I? Hahaha, then if you were to tell me the truth, I will allow you to bring me on a date. How about it?”

“Do you think you’re still trustworthy in my eyes?”

“I’m not?”

“Obviously not!”

“Are you two done!? Begin the match already!”

Princess Michelle at the side, who finally could no longer tolerate our conversation, roared out.

Looks like she had not forgiven for me for what happened last night. However, I could not explain to her what exactly happened, after all. Hence, there’s nothing I can say to console her.

“Yo~ How was everyone in the last two days~? The 2nd match of the Elementary Grade Tournament, which everyone has been waiting for, is about to begin! The first battle today is between the Ice Team’s dark horse, Fir and Princess Michelle, and the Lightning Team’s Helena and Yoei!”

While Kalua introduced us, two people entered the ring on the other side…

Not quite!

When I looked at them just from their appearances, they indeed look like ordinary people. However, only one of them had titles above her head!

Helena Smuu LV 15 Lightning Magician [Kind] [Introverted] [Lightning Threader] [Forbidden Spell Possessor] [Puppeteer] [One-Hit Kill]

Undead Doll (Yoei Smuu) LV 18

“May I ask? Can a non-human being participate in the tournament as well?”

I asked Kalua.

The barrier equipment around the ring was not activated yet, hence, it was still possible to hear the noise outside.

When I said that line of words, the entire arena quietened down.

The spectators looked at our team, and then shifted their eyes to the team at the other side.

Helena was a young girl with short white hair. She wore a deep blue Magician robe, and had her hood on.

The weapon on her hands did not look like a staff. If I were to describe it, it was a combination of two metal bars, with two silk threads attached to her fingers.

And the other person called Yoei… Even though he looked like a typical person wearing a robe and had a smile on his face, I could not feel anything else about him that could call him human.

“Umm… Even though we don’t forbid insults, but now…”

“You misunderstood me. I’m saying that the person called Yoei over there, is not a human. He’s a doll.”

The moment I said that, the spectators began to debate among themselves.

And looking at my opponents, Helena seemed to have something to say. However, after she peeked a glance at the surrounding spectators, she refrained herself from speaking up.

Rather, it was actually the doll named Yoei, who rushed towards Kalua with large strides, and snatched her loudspeaker.

“As expected of the Annual Tournament’s dark horse, Fir, to be able to see through my body with a single glance.”

Could you not say it in such a disgusting way? Who the hell saw through your body?

“My body, is indeed a doll, but this doesn’t mean that I’m a doll. I’m Helena’s brother, Yoei. However, my human body was destroyed in an incident, so I had to borrow a doll’s body to live on. In other words, I’m also a human. So please, do not misunderstand.”

So he’s actually human?

Although I do not know how the world system determine a human or any other species, but until now, as long as the lifeforms had intelligence, I had been able to see some of their information, such as their titles. Only monsters could be seen with just their names.

‘Aliyah, are you there?’

‘Of course. How could I miss out on an interesting scene like this one?’

I used the message system to contact Aliyah, as I have a feeling that this situation wasn’t normal.

‘I suspect that the actual body of this person called Yoei does not actually exist. Find Falan, and have her help me investigate if this person actually exist.’

‘That Necromancer? You actually have a good relationship with her? Alright. She’s just nearby. I will go over and ask her, and I will give you a reply in a bit.”

While I cut the conversation, Yoei also returned the loudspeaker to Kalua.

Kalua was stunned for a moment, and then she looked over to the judges at the side of the ring. After receiving their approval, she smiled and said.

“Looks like there will be another exciting battle today! Both teams, please take up their positions! The 2nd match of the Annual Tournament! Ice Team VS Lightning Team! Will now begin!”

The moment the signal was given, I was given a shock!

The attack warnings actually flashed, and… They were coming from every direction!

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      • DMR says:

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  1. DMR says:

    So he’s undead cause he’s using a doll’s body…. and he’s gonna get attacked by dolls… and not the ones that he’d enjoy….

    Thanks for the translation 😛


  2. DMR says:

    “If you were to tell me the truth, I will tell you my three sizes~”


    “Eh? You’re not interested?”

    “You said that two days ago.”

    “Ehh? Did I? Hahaha, then if you were to tell me the truth, I will allow you to bring me on a date. How about it?”

    “Do you think you’re still trustworthy in my eyes?”

    “I’m not?”

    “Obviously not!”

    Best part of the chapter 😛

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  3. Sylvia Moriah Le Titania De La Waldgrave says:

    these teams really don’t care much for the rules do they?? so far he hasn’t had even a single honest to god normal / fair matchup -.-“


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    so does his body have a soul or Yoei just controlled by the other one…. Why, I remember the unbreakable machine form this….

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    • Moissonneur66 says:

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      • Alavaria says:

        There’s at least one rule, which the guy in fight against the Fire Team broke after all.

        The forbidden magic tool/seed or whatever that let him transform.


    • gianoria7 says:

      Since the fire mage earlier broke a rule by using an object to become a demon and htat they check if Fir used his own strength and not a magic item, I guess you can do anything you want if you don’ use magic item to strengthen yourself


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    i would not send an undead against the guy with an angel wing. But hopefully it’s not that kind of undead, or he might get fucked, since purifying an undead might not be covered under the “no deaths” barrier.


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