Vol. 3 Prologue

“Umm, Princess Michelle…”


“Do you mind moving a little bit? It’s squeezy here.”

“Are you kidding me? Then, I will be the one suffering, you know!?”

“But, I’m really suffering quite a lot here.”

“If you’re a man, endure it! Geez, it should be your honor to have your body in contact with mine, a princess!”

“… Are you making fun of me?”

“Idiot! Take note of the atmosphere!”

She kicked me in my stomach, and although my HP did not drop, but I still felt the pain.


She’s speaking the truth. I have never been in such close contact with a young girl before… No, if I take her figure into account, realistically, she should be a loli.

Although I do not know her actual age, however, I feel she’s about 12 to 15 years old. Taking that age range into perspective, she could still be considered as a loli, right?

Fortunately, as a gentleman, I would never think of using this chance to touch her inappropriately. However, currently, we’re facing each other, and we’re pretty close as well. If we aren’t using our hands to support each other, we would definitely be hugging each other right now.

That’s right, a hug.

Because currently, I’m already able to smell an aromatic scent coming from the breaths of this little girl.

Also, our noses are almost about to touch. Adding that this thing is constantly moving, I’m already at my limits.

You guys are probably thinking, if a man holds back in such a situation, it will definitely be a waste, right?


The problem right now is that we’re in a life-and-death situation! Who the hell would feel like doing that at this time!?

Especially when we’re in a man-eating flower’s stomach!

“Hey hey, this definitely won’t do if this keeps up. At the very least, we have to use our magic spells to pierce Devourer of Visitors from the inside! Otherwise, we will definitely be devoured!”

“You’re trying to release your hands right, you pervert! Then, you will be free to touch any parts of my body!”

“I won’t do that! If I wanted to, I would have already done so! Why would I wait till now!?”

“Hmph! So you’re meaning to tell me you’re totally uninterested in my body? Oh right, unless you’re more interested in a body like Anne’s?”

“Hey hey, that is totally unrelated to the current situation, right?”

Although Princess Anne’s body figure is indeed superb…

“You bastard! Why did you shift your gaze when you’re talking to me!? You were definitely thinking of how superb that bitch Anne’s body is, right!?

“Of course not!”

Does this girl actually have the ability to read minds? Or do all girls have powerful six senses? Even though she’s just a little troublemaker…

“Stop fooling around! At this rate, we will definitely melt in its stomach acids!”

“But… But…”

“And what I want to say is… Your cloak seems to already have melted quite a bit…”

“Aaaaaaaaaaaaah! Noooo!”

She immediately released her hands and wrapped them around her body. However, what she did was correct, as not only her cloak, the clothes on her body were starting to melt as well.

So close… Her entire body was almost exposed.

Although I didn’t manage to see it, but she immediately bumped into my chest. Unfortunately, we were both covered in this damn stomach juice, and I could not feel how Princess Michelle’s skin feels like at all.

However, I currently don’t have the time to consider about these things. After all, I’m already feeling a burning sensation on my skin.

“【Ice Assassination Spikes】!”

After crossing my arms on Princess Michelle’s back, I took out Blasphemer, pointed it at the man-eating flower’s meaty wall behind her and ruthlessly pierced it with ice spikes.

Even though this thing is hard on the outside, but it’s defense must be pretty low on the inside, right?

Several ice spikes consecutively pierced into the Devourer’s stomach walls, and I could clearly see the HP of this LV 20 monster dropping rapidly.

And the ice spikes created a bigger space for us to move in. However, Princess Michelle was squatting down at the side. Using what was remaining of her cloak to cover her body, she stared at me with vigilant eyes.

Geez, just what does this girl think of me as? I’m not a pervert or anything.

And finally, the monster’s HP was depleted. I held up my Blasphemer and ruthlessly slashed it, and I drew a large square on its stomach wall.

Devourer of Visitors defeated.
EXP Received: 100,000
Item(s) Received: Devourer’s Phlegm, Lightning Crystal Heart

Fortunately, this thing gave quite a good amount of EXP, otherwise the cost of being eaten by this thing would have been too great.

“Are you alright?”

Wanting to carry her out of the Devourer’s corpse, I raised my hands out. However, she actually slapped my hands away, and ran out.

“Idiot! Don’t look at me!”

After that, she quickly ran into the forest, and only walked out after a long while.

It seems she changed into a new set of clothes.

“You actually look more beautiful than when you were in your school clothes.”

“Hmph! Obviously! This is my favorite design!”

“However… there’s still some goo on your face.”

“Aaaaaaaaah! Where is it!? Hurry and clean it off for me!”

Looking at her panicked expression, I helplessly shook my head. Casually, I took out a disposal towel from my ring and wiped her face.

“However, you should hurry up and take a bath. This goo wouldn’t be simply removed with a simple wipe.”

Because when I tried wiping on myself, that corrosion status was not removed. Although the amount of HP dropping isn’t much, however, the feeling was horrible.

“You two are sure daring. To think you two were having some an embarrassing play under this broad daylight.”

Hearing her voice, I realized Princess Anne and the rest were already here.

“Indeed… It’s a little daring…”

Even Shir joined in.

“Don’t misunderstand! Do you guys think I would have wanted this to happen? Shir, lend me your house’s bathroom. I really need to take a bath. This goo is too disgusting…”

“Un, no problem.”

“What are you saying! I’m the one who suffered here, alright!? Even though I managed to take that Crystal Heart, but I was actually captured and swallowed by that monster, and then…. And then, why did you get swallowed as well!?”

Princess Michelle pointed me and shouted.

“Obviously, to save you. Geez…”

“Can’t you have done it from the outside?”

“Took a look at this guy!”

I pointed at the corpse and continued.

“It’s outer skin was already as hard as a rock, and it even buffed itself with a wood defensive magic spell. It’s vines were also poisonous, so how else were we supposed to fight it!? I had to risk my life getting eaten by this bastard, you know!?”

“Ah… Umm… Is that true?”

“Unless you didn’t want me to save you?”

“It’s not like that! But… Whatever, that’s all! I’m going to take a bath!”

After that, she immediately returned to her own house.

Hai… Just what is this girl thinking.

“Hmhm~ The two of you sure are interesting.”

“Princess Anne, didn’t we originally agree that you guys would immobilize it? So why was it running around!?”

“You said it yourself, it’s skin was tough. So there’s nothing we could do.”

“Immobility magic?”

“It was ineffective.”

“You guys were just lazy, right?”

“In the end, everything went pretty well, didn’t it? Tell me, wasn’t Princess Michelle cute?”

The other three looked at me with curious eyes. Obviously, they were Elan, Angil and Shir.

6 and Princess Michelle’s bodyguard were forced to leave due to the increase in security measures.

“Cough cough, in any case, this is the final Crystal Heart, right?”

Saying that, I threw the 【Lightning Crystal Heart】 into Princess Anne’s hands.

【Crystal Hearts】 for the respective Ice, Water, Summoning, Wind, Earth and Lightning elements were all found by us. Of course, we were attacked several times because we were holding six of these 【Crystal Hearts】. However, after gaining five levels, I wasn’t someone they could simply mess around with.

Although I have not learnt any intermediate-grade ice magic spells, however, all of my elementary-grade magic spells’ firepower were greatly improved. My Ice Knight Magic automatically increased several levels as well. Other than the initial 【Ice Sword Summon】, I could now use 【Ice Knight Armor Summon】 and 【Ice Shield Summon】 magic spells as well. This is not the same as the regular Ice Shield Magic spell, as it is able to temporarily enchant a shield, just like 【Ice Sword Summon】.

However, I did not dare to reveal it. After all, they’re skills that I stole from someone else. If someone is able to identify it, I would be in big trouble.

And I’m currently wanted by the Mitchell Kingdom… I wonder where’s Irlin currently at. I’m curious why the system had not removed my Fiance title. It seems there’s a need for me to return after I gain a few more levels.

Although my current level was indeed much higher than the Mitchell Kingdom’s king, however, it’s not my style to directly plunge myself into dangerous risks.

However, I’m still worried about Irlin’s situation. After the Annual Tournament, we will be having a vacation. I will take a look then.

“With this, we’re all done. Let’s return to the airship. I have a feeling some people will be ‘taking care’ of us on our way there, so stay focus as we move along!”

“That’s… of course!”

However, other than the six 【Crystal Hearts】 listed above, I found the 【Plant Crystal Heart】 as well. It was found together with the 【Summoning Crystal Heart】. After all, the【 Ice Crystal Heart】 was still rather useful with my current level, so it’s best to keep it.

We actually did not manage to find any of the Ninety-Nine Trials, so it’s best to at least collect some other good items, right?

The next quest… will be the Annual Tournament!

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  1. jacobpaige says:

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    at the beginning you said you would be busy weekends but can only post on weekends? was there supposed to be a weekDAY in there?


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    To think you two would be having some an embarrassing play under this broad daylight.”

    some should be such

    To think you two would be having such an embarrassing play under this broad daylight.”


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    What a way to start to chapter off, from inside a plant monster’s stomach. 😛


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