[Disciple] Chapter 49

Chapter 49: Setting Off to Tasyoluk

Zhu Yao widened her eyes out of excitement. This was the Nine Heavenly Lightning, and with this, even if she were to encounter a demonic beast that’s of a higher rank than her, she would not need to be afraid.

“Master, you’re the best!” So moving!

Yu Yan did not reply, and simply stretched out his hand towards her hair which was already a pile of mess, messing it up even more. Looking at his stupid disciple who was still smiling sillily, he became more and more worried. His disciple was so stupid, yet, she still liked to head to dangerous places. Back then, she had already lost her life once, this time, he was even more worried. No, I have to give her a few more guarantees.

“The dangers in ‘Tasyoluk’ is widespread. Master cannot be by your side, you have to pay more attention by yourself. This sword, can only be used to attack. You have to be on your guard at all times!” After pondering for a moment, he took out a defensive mystic robe from his storage ring. “Wear this.”

Zhu Yao looked at that gold sparkling mystic robe, which was sparkling so bright, it almost blinded her eyes. She spoke up weakly. “Master, this isn’t suitable, right?”

“You don’t like it?” Yu Yan frowned, and took out another one. “Then this set of robes. A defensive formation has been placed on it, and it is able to defend against any Mystic Art attacks for fifteen minutes.”

“Uh…” This set was not sparkling gold, however, it was bright red and purple in color, and was embroidered with a bunch of flowers, as though it was welcoming the new year. She didn’t dare to wear it at all.

“You do not want it either?” Yu Yan frowned even deeper, and continued to pull out another one. “Then, this one.”

“……” This set was not sparkling, nor was it bright red and purple in color. However, master, why the hell are there so many gems sewn onto it!? She was not going out to sell merchandises!

Zhu Yao speechlessly looked at her master who had already activated the River God mode, and then, once again looked at the three set of clothes on the table. She could faintly see the words “So silly” being written on the first set of clothes, “yet so rich” on the second set, and “hurry and steal him away!” on the third set.

She was clearly heading out to steal an item, she did not want to change her objective into stealing a rural landlord¹!

Finally, under her firm refusal, her master could only regretfully keep the items, and he looked at her with a complicated expression. My disciple is so stupid, she will be bullied when she goes out, won’t she? She will definitely be bullied, won’t she? She will totally be bullied, won’t she?

Zhu Yao could only use rest as her excuse, and escaped.

Having a master who loved to worry, the pressure on her was immense.


Finally, it was the day of the opening of the ‘Tasyoluk’ Secret Realm. Zhu Yao arranged a few life necessities, and prepared to head to the Main Mountain’s open field, to gather for the instance dungeon run. Right before she left, her master actually popped out all of a sudden again. Zhu Yao’s heart trembled, afraid that he would once again pull out some gold and sparkling item for her to bring along.

Fortunately, this time, master was more reasonable. He simply took out a jade pendant necklace, and wore it for her.

“You must remember to wear this at all times. It must not leave your body, understand?”

Yu Yan said very seriously, and completely did not have the unreasonable look he usually had. Zhu Yao instantly felt that this must definitely be some sort of very incredible Mystic Tool. She stuffed it into her chest, placed it at a position which was in contact with her body, and patted it twice.

“Master, don’t worry. Wherever the jade is, I will be there too!”

However, Yu Yan’s expression was a little strange, he stared at the collar where she placed the necklace into for a moment, before turning away and leaving without saying anything.

Zhu Yao inexplicably curled her lips, and flew away from the Jade Forest Mountain with a flying sword.

After going through the demonic training in these few years, her fear of heights had been completely cured. She was finally able to safely become a bird-woman.

The moment when she flew away from Jade Forest Mountain, Yu Yan had sensed it. Turning his head, he looked towards the direction his stupid disciple left in, and deeply sighed. As expected, he was still unable to put his heart at ease. Suddenly, he once again recalled the scene when his disciple placed the jade pendant on her chest, his face strangely grew a little hotter. Was it because of the weather today?

There were about a dozen of people in the group, and there were actually four or five female disciples among them as well. In their eyes, without exception, all of them were sparkling with lights of love, and were currently circling around a man, conversing with him. The black bolded “BUG” word on the man’s face, even if she did not want to recognize that he was Xiao Yi, it was impossible.

As expected of the protagonist’s cheat, the women would instantly feel uncomfortable if they did not stick to him.

“Little Bun!” Her shoulder was patted on, and when Zhu Yao turned her head, she just happened to see Wang Xuzhi. Zhu Yao was startled for a moment, and when she thought about it, it was understandable. He had formed his Azoth Core, so obviously, he would go as well.

“You formed your Azoth Core?” Wang Xuzhi was very astonished, after all, he did not see anyone forming the Azoth Core in the Ancient Hill Sect in the recent years.

“I have just returned from field training. I formed my Azoth Core outside.” Zhu Yao casually came up with an excuse. She really did not wish to bring up that washbasin tribulation.

I see. Wang Xuzhi nodded, and then, continued to ask in surprise. “You’re going into ‘Tasyoluk’ as well?”

“Yeah! A Secret Realm that only opens once every five hundred years, obviously, I can’t miss out on it.”

“But, you have just formed your Azoth Core.” Wang Xuzhi showed his disapproval. “‘Tasyoluk’ is extremely dangerous. It’s stated in the legends that, even a Demigod-stage expert would not be completely safe when venturing into its core area. Why don’t you…”

“My master has agreed to it!” Zhu Yao interrupted his words.

Wang Xuzhi felt it was not his place to oppose her either. Looking at her a little worriedly, he still could not help but remind her. “Later, after we enter, remember to stick close to me. It’s fine to stay at the outer areas, don’t head deep into the center of the place, understand?”

Little wimp, are you caring for me? Zhu Yao felt a little pleased, and could not help but stretch out her hand and stroke this man who was even taller than she was. “I understand! Senior, martial, brother, Wang!”

Wang Xuzhi was stunned for a moment, and simply stared at her blankly. After a while, he finally sighed and regained his senses. He pretended to be angry and lectured her. “Mischievous!” At that moment, he actually thought he was looking at big sister Zhu Yao. As expected, was it because his obsession was too deep?

“This little martial sister, we meet again.” Out of nowhere, Xiao Yi popped out. His dimples showed when he smiled towards her, and instantly, the protagonist’s cheat was fully activated. Sizing Zhu Yao up, he asked in amazement. “Little martial sister, you formed your Azoth Core?”

Ever since he came over, Wang Xuzhi’s expression was ugly. Although the knot in his heart had been resolved, he still hated the person whom he hates. Before Zhu Yao could even react, he had already side stepped and forcefully inserted himself between them. Staring at him defensively, he rightly pulled Zhu Yao behind his back.

“Senior-martial uncle Xiao, what you said was incorrect. You’re Sovereign Feng Yi’s personal succeeding disciple, according to seniority, we should be calling you senior-martial uncle, so how could she be your little martial sister!”

“Seniority is only a form of addressing others, I do not mind at all.” Towards Wang Xuzhi’s causing a scene, Xiao Yi was a little displeased.

“Senior-martial uncle do not mind, but this junior minds.” Don’t think of using the martial brother and sister trick to approach her. Little Bun was big sister Zhu Yao’s junior-martial sister, he had to protect her. “If other people were to know of this, they would think that we don’t know our courtesies.”

As expected, Xiao Yi’s expression darkened. Although he knew that Wang Xuzhi had always been unhappy with him, he never expected that Wang Xuzhi would challenge him by himself. As expected, these so-called Inner Sect disciples, were all who did not know the meaning of death. Xiao Yi held in the anger in his heart, looking at the cute little martial sister behind him who was blinking her pair of black grape-like eyes, his tone could not help but soothe down. “Little martial… niece, I wonder which Mountain you’re a disciple of?”

After saying that, he smiled coldly towards Wang Xuzhi. Didn’t you say we can’t forget about our courtesies? Could it be that you’re also able to stop a senior from asking a question?

¹Rural landlord:  http://wiki.china.org.cn/wiki/index.php/Rural_Landlords

31 thoughts on “[Disciple] Chapter 49

    • ruzivon says:

      That’s pretty clear I think. Now the question is will she be able to attach Wood spirit to herself, and carry it to her next reincarnation or will she fail and Xiao Yi will get closer to unintentionally destroying the world?


    • Namorax says:

      Instead of dying, I fear that the Woodspirit will dump most of her powers on the stupid disciple to make sure there won’t be any issues when she elopes with the bug >->


    • Truth says:

      I was thinking that Zhu Yao would manage to bound the Wood Spirit onto Wang Xuzhi in order to make sure that the dude finally has a chance against Xiao Yi and to make sure that it would be kept safe from anyone else’s hands. We mustn’t forget that the only reason that Xiao Yi is able to surpass Wang Xuzhi in cultivation speed is because he has the Metal Spirit to take his cultivation speed to a whole new level. What would happen if the playing field is a bit more leveled?


      • gohankuten says:

        What element of veins did Wang Xuzhi have? If he doesn’t have wood then the wood spirit wouldn’t benefit him much cause the reason the metal spirit benefited Xiao Yi so much is cause he has metal veins so it’s extremely compatible to him.


      • gohankuten says:

        Yeah just went back and looked and Wang has fire element so ideally he needs the fire spirit to attach itself to him to get the same beneficial effect that Xiao does from the metal spirit.


      • Truth says:

        Even so, we must remember that Xiao Yi took all five spirits and still benefited from the power of each one in the original timeline. It may not be the most compatible spirit, but it should help nonetheless for Wang Xuzhi..


    • Truth says:

      Honestly, this chapter said a lot about the people around her. Despite practically raising and changing the diapers of Zhu Yao, Master Yu Yan ended up thinking perverted things about Zhu Yao.
      As for Xiao Yi, he actually became the third wheel. I feel the shame in his place. How can he not see or at least think that Wang Xuzhi already likes Zhu Yao and is being overprotective of her for a reason? You would think he would feel that he owes him one for hesitating in that crucial second which caused Zhu Yao’s death. Well, this would be the case if those deity cultivators would learn some actual humility. Also, is he purposely and really trying to perform ntr on another person? Is Zhu Yao really the only deity cultivator who is not completely selfish? Come on, he barely even knows her, yet he is already trying to capture/flirt/entice her into becoming one of his lovers.

      ………..I just realized. Could it be that Zhu Yao is just that hot/adorable in this new body of hers? That would explain so much. She is so enticing that she rob the common sense of others or even cause wars among cultivators…….. Zhu Yao, your cheat is not your lightning affinity. It is your beauty!!!!! Dun Dun Dun!!!!!

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      • manegomez says:

        Or perhaps, for Xiao Yi, all women must fall for him (read: harem protagonist logic) and Zhu Yao being immune must be new/unique for him… you know how it is about unattainable things…

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  1. libraryrocker says:

    Well it’s impossible to take Xiao Yi seriously anymore because he has BUG plastered across his face… XD

    Also Master and Disciple are a perfect match!!! XD But… the grown up dumpling… argh the agonies of not knowing which ship to board!!!

    Thanks so much for all your hard work!!!

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