[RPG] Vol. 6 Prologue

We’re jumping straight into Volume 6! Vol. 5 PDF and Epub will be released when I’m done finalizing the edits~ Probably next week~


“Oyado~ Are you done packing!?”

“I’m done packing~ Big brother~”

Carrying a bear-shaped bag, Oyado instantly flashed right in front of me.

Seeing her entire look… She seems to give a feeling of a cute little elementary student… It’s definitely my imagination.

“Big brother, what happened?”

“Nothing… By the way, your bag looks pretty cute.”

“Right~? Right~?”

Oyado happily did a spin, showing off the bag behind her.

“Big sister Hei Luoli said it suited my very well, so she gave it to me~”

“Oh, it’s her.”

As I recalled that Yamato Nadeshiko in a gothic-loli dress, I somehow felt that there was something wrong somewhere.

Ah whatever, it’s best to not mind about something like this.

“Speaking of which, she’s going together with us. Well, after all, she did come from the Eastern Continent…”

“Un, un. She told me about it as well~”

“Alright, let’s go. We’re going to the gathering point.”

I stroked her little head, and then, pulled her hand as we left the house.

Where are we going?

Obviously, the Eastern Continent.

And, the notification from the school stated that it’s a…

School excursion!

School excursion, my ass!

What happened to the exchange programme with a school in the Eastern Continent we agreed on? They actually changed the programme, and changed the list of personnels selected as well.

I even planned on learning some overpowered skills from one of the Eastern Continent’s schools. It seems I simply had my hopes too high up.

But… It has indeed turned into a fully scheduled tour where we tour around the entire Eastern Continent, visit the various schools, and sight-see the many unique attractions.

And, I heard from the principal that the one who sponsored our tour fees were actually the other three Knight Squads.

They sure are considerate. Aren’t they afraid that we might cause them to go bankrupt?

Or, are they trying to imply that, compared to spending money on us, victory in the academy war is more important?

Well, in the end, it’s not really that big of a problem.

In any case, without any quests, I simply can’t be bothered to fight for the top spot. After all, there’s no experience or rewards waiting for me.

Well~ Let’s just treat this tour as a form of scouting and expanding my map.



When I reached the academy’s entrance, I suddenly felt something was wrong.

“I say… This personnel distribution… isn’t right, is it?”

Looking at the few people in front of me, my head began to ache a little, and said.

“What? Unsatisfied?”

Aliyah, who was wearing a black coat cape, said as she ate her breakfast.

“How can a girl chew on her breakfast while squatting next to the school entrance? That’s a little…”

“That’s none of your business, is it!? Idiot!”

After saying that, she turned her head away.

Hey hey, since you’re going with that look, you might as well add a ‘yoroshiku’ word printing on your back, you will look more like a delinquent that way.

Ah whatever, it’s best not to say this tsukkomi out loud.

Aliyah joining the school excursion is not something unexpected, but…

“But why are Tai Shixi and Lois joining in as well?”

“Even if you ask me, I don’t know either.”

Tai Shixi shrugged.

“I simply received the notification to join the excursion, that’s all.”

“Me too.”

Lois said as she held onto her notification letter, which looked exactly the same as mine.

“Is that so… What about Bai Yueguang and the rest?”

“I heard that an assault incident happened yesterday, so they went to play with the rest of the Knight Squads and entered the prowling team.”

“Obviously, they’re not heading there to play, right… Ah whatever, I understand.”

Looks like I did indeed go overboard with the incident yesterday…

Well, let’s just leave it at that.

“But, are there only us?”

“We still have an advisor.”


Hearing this, I suddenly had a bad feeling.

“Yo~ Good morning, everyone~”

As I thought, an expected voice came from behind.

When I turned to look, Ms. Mari, wearing a blue Magician robe, while carrying a handbag, walked over from the direction of the academy.


Hey, hey, hey! Just how did you come up with this idea of an untrendy combination of carrying a handbag while wearing a robe?

And how can you do this so naturally!?

“As I thought, you’re the advisor. What will happen to classes?”

“You don’t have to mind about something like that~ Teaching isn’t my specialty anyway~”

“As our class’ homeroom teacher, is it fine for you to actually say something like that?”

“No problem, it’s not really a big issue anyway.”


I bitterly laughed.

Looks like, this trip isn’t going to be boring at all…

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  1. starlight barricade says:

    I’m glad Aliyah got to come. An arc without the main heroine isn’t an arc at all. Plus she needs to help him steal all the secret techniques.


  2. GonZ555 says:

    Carrying a Meat-shaped bag, Meatbun instantly flashed right in front of the site.
    yay~ School excursion! time for culinary adventuring~
    maybe meatbun will find meatbun brother and sister in this volume~
    Thank you for the chapter 🙂

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  3. crashclown says:

    haha nice! All the characters that need “character development” in one arc. Many new laughs to come.
    Also thanks for the chapter


  4. flame says:

    Once agian.. poor Irlin QwQ!!! You had so much screen time at the start.. then there was when the schools merged and you ninja kissed Fir(taking on mouth cover thing and putting it back on in a blink of an eye).


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