Vol. 5 Chapter 36: Release

How do you guys like the new site? What, I’m a guy, so it shouldn’t be pink? It doesn’t matter as long as it’s cute.

And finally, after 4 months, I updated the glossary! Yay! Whew. That took really long.

Looking at the potion in my hands, I revealed a bitter smile.

【Mysterious MP Recovery Potion】
Instantly recovers MP by 100%, and increases Max MP by 50% for a short amount of time.
An unknown side effect exists.

An unknown side effect exists… This sure is vague, huh.

At least, inform of me the possible side effects, so I can make the necessary preparations. What am I supposed to do without knowing anything?

What if I die the moment I drink it? Then what would be the point of even drinking it?

But, in this current situation, even if I constantly avoid her, she will not stop at all.

If that’s the case, I will definitely lose, without a doubt.

“So I ran out of options, huh? Then I will take this gamble!”

After tapping on the ‘use’ button, a blue light was released from my body.

Immediately after, I saw my MP gauge instantly increased by half a bar!

But, at the same time, countless of wounds erupted from my body, and fresh blood began to spurt out from everywhere!

Seeing my decreasing HP bar, I immediately tapped on the HP Potion, and then, I quickly tapped on the magic spell that I wanted to use.

Super Arcane – Legendary – Provocative Ice Dragon!!!

My MP instantly reduced by 2,000 points. At the same time, a roar sounded from the skies, accompanied by the magic formation that was suddenly formed in the skies above me. Then, cracks began to form on the magic formation!

Immediately after, a crashing sound was heard, and the blue magic formation was instantly shattered apart!

A gigantic ice dragon roared as it flew out from the broken magic formation!


A blue ice dragon flew around the open sky at high speed, and then, with a downward swoop, it smashed against the ground, and once again soared quickly towards the sky!

But this time around, dangling on the ice dragon’s mouth, Merun was constantly swinging her broadsword about!

Great! Like this…

But, I suddenly experienced an unbearable headache!

And as the dragon continued to fly about in the air, the headache would occasionally appear.

Damn it… As I thought, spells that exceed a certain level will lose control, huh?

Oh right, it’s the problem of my mental capacity!

Looking towards the dragon in the sky, its actions were becoming even more strange!

Looks like mental capacity does indeed determine the level of spells someone can wield… This has gotten troublesome. I didn’t think about that…

Although her HP was constantly decreasing due to the ice dragon biting her, the ice dragon constantly made irregular turns, and finally, a crackling sound could be heard.

The ice dragon in the sky actually fell apart, shattering into countless pieces.

She only has less than a third of HP left! This is my chance!

Pulling out【Ghostbreak】, I once again tapped on the Ghostify skill!

My body suddenly grew, and at the same time, the open wounds grew bigger as well!

It’s already impossible to replenish my HP!

So I have no choice but to use that?

After pondering for a moment, I gritted my teeth, and kept my Ghostbreak. Once the ghostification is complete, even if I keep my weapon, the transformation state will not be dispelled.

And the weapon I took out was… Bloodmoon!

To fight a lunatic, only another lunatic can go against her!

“Demonic Blade Bloodmoon, seal release! Blood Spirit, open!”

Immediately after, my entire vision suddenly turned red.

And I no longer knew what happened after that.

PoV: Bai Yueguang

“I’m so bored.”

After walking out of the meeting room, I made eye contact with Tai Shixi, and then, I looked towards the sky.

The sky is so blue today…

“Little Bai, are you thinking about how blue the sky is today?”

“Although what you said sounded really normal, it kinds of tick me off. I already told you not to call me Little Bai.”

“Oh, I understand, Little Bai.”


“Alright, stop fooling around. Let’s call Little Hei over and buy dinner together.”

Although she was looking directly at my contempt expression, Tai Shixi still said that rather naturally.

“Alright, stop looking at me like that. It wouldn’t be good if people were to misunderstand that you have feelings for me.”

“Pui! Even if you’re the last woman in this world, I will definitely not have feelings for you, you perverse scheming woman!”

“Arara, Little Bai, are you itching for another round? Did you forget? Back then, how did you feel when I instantly sliced you up?”

“Tch! That was because I was careless!”

“Whatever. Let’s go buy dinner. You don’t feel like fighting with an empty stomach, right?”

“You’re right.”

I nodded.

“Speaking of which, where did Hei Luoli go?”

“She went to shop in the morning, she’s probably buying new clothes. You have to know that, back then, she only has that one set of black one-piece dress, while the rest are all kimonos. So, recently, she has been going out to buy new clothes.”

“Oh my god…”

I helplessly rolled my eyes. Then, I looked towards the shopping district.

“Alright, let’s go. We will buy dinner along the way.”

“We have tried every single type of takeaway at the shopping district, right?”

“Almost all of them, I guess.”


Why is life so boring…

But, a loud explosion suddenly sounded from afar!

An instant later, intense exchange of blows could be constantly heard, it felt like…

“They’re actually fighting in the academy without the Battle Barrier deployed?”

“Looks like it…”

“Geez, it’s definitely that bastard Fir. He’s making a mess again…”

Just when I said that, a dragon’s roar sounded, and a gigantic dragon began to tumble around in the distant sky!

“Oh my god, he… even…”

“Ah, there’s definitely no precedent for this…”

The gigantic dragon twisted and turned in the sky, and something seemed to be dangling by its mouth as well.

This guy is really making too much of a ruckus!

Is he thinking of demolishing the entire academy?

But, an instant later, that gigantic dragon shattered into pieces and fell.

“Oh, I can’t understand him anymore. What is that guy planning to do?”

Just when I said that, I instantly regretted it.

What I meant was, I rather not understand him at all.

Because, after two rays of light flashed in the sky, that familiar feeling and symbols began to surface in the sky!

“Oh my god! Damn it! That bastard!”

That guy actually released the seal on Bloodmoon!?

“Go and find Hei Luoli! I will head directly towards that bastard!”

“Alright, alright, good luck!”

Gritting my teeth, I instantly activated Quick Steps, and sprinted towards the ray of red light!

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  1. NoName says:

    Just read the glossary. Can someone lose a title? Because I’m not sure if Fir still possess the Scapegoat title…

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