Vol. 5 Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai

Although a battle sounds simple enough, I, as a LV 27, against a LV 31 Samurai, am still faced with a ton of pressure.

He’s a Samurai. If the Samurai class in this world is no different from what I think it is, then, his combat abilities will mostly rely on speed.

By drawing your katana in the fastest time possible, and then, kill your target with a single blow.

Hence, if I were to allow him to approach me, it will definitely be really dangerous!

And with this thought in mind, I commanded Ice Wolf to leap onto a bookshelf. At least, by standing on the bookshelf, my scope of vision is wider, after all, if I were to stay on the ground, my vision will be hindered greatly by the countless bookshelves in the library.

“Quick Steps!”

As I thought, his body suddenly glowed, and his speed was increased by several times in an instant.

And, he actually began to go around the bookshelves at high speed, as though as he’s trying to find some sort of an opening to initiate his attack!

At this rate, I will definitely be thrown into a dangerous situation!

Restrictor of the Frozen Earth!

The entire floor of the library instantly turned into ice, and his figure evidently paused for a moment, a frozen status icon appeared on his body.

But, his speed still seemed to be a lot of faster than when he activated his skill earlier, looks like he’s trying to…

At this moment, he took a heavy step forward, as though as his body became an illusion, a row of blurred silhouettes appeared, and then, he charged straight towards me!

And, before I was even able to react, he had already leaped right in front of me!

So fast! His speed has already surpassed my speed even with all my speed buffs activated!

Before I could even raise my sword, he had already initiated his attack. With a flash of his blade, I saw my blood and pieces of ice armor slowly scattering in the air.

The scattering drops of blood and pieces of ice, as though as they were fireworks announcing the pain I was about to suffer, splashed off my body!

And this was the result even after my Ice Wolf was using its quickest speed to retreat. If I were to receive that attack head-on, my left arm would have definitely been sliced off!

But just at this moment, he thrusted the scabbard in his left hand into the Ice Wolf’s abdomen. Then, in a flash, the Ice Wolf I was riding on emitted out a painful cry, as it turned into a ray of light and returned into the summoning magic formation!

Just what the hell is that technique!?

Ice Totem!

Staying in my current position was too dangerous. I immediately used an ice totem to push myself towards the side, and at the same time, I shot countless of ice arrows towards Bai Yueguang.

But, he dodged with a high jump towards my direction!

In the air, as he slashed apart the homing ice arrows, he slowly approached my position!

Frozen Light!

Instantly, a ray of blue light shot towards his body, which was still in the air.

Even if he’s able to slash the ice arrows apart, he should not be able to directly block against Frozen Light!


In the next second, I realized I made another mistake. He actually used his scabbard to first block against the Frozen Light, and the moment his scabbard was frozen, he borrowed the impact on the scabbard to turn his body and avoid the Frozen Light!

At the same time, his figure once again turned into countless blurred silhouettes, and he flashed right before me in an instant!

Damn it…

So I’m left with no choice?

“Super Arcane – Freezer from the Kitchen of Hell”

In an instant, Bai Yueguang who was about to slash at me froze in mid air.

Not just him, even I, and the space surrounding the two of us was sealed in ice.

“What is this magic spell?”

“A magic spell that’s really effective to everyone except Ice Magicians.”

I laughed, and the moment I finished saying that, the space beneath us suddenly distorted. Immediately after, a gigantic freezer appeared below us.

【Super Arcane – Freezer from the Kitchen of Hell】, it’s a legendary magic spell which combines Ice, Darkness and Spatial elements to summon the freezer from Hell’s Kitchen into the space of the battlefield. It does not consumes MP, but, after summoning it, everyone, including the summoner, will receive damage from the magic spell.

According to the number of people present, the size of the freezer will change in size. Currently, the freezer was only three meter in height.

And we, who were completely immobilized, fell straight into the freezer. With a bang, the freezer closed shut.

“Next up, we’re playing a game.”

Saying that, I picked up an ice spike beside me, and stabbed it into my thigh!

My HP which had already been depleted by more than a half by Bai Yueguang’s slash earlier, with this self-inflicted wound, it plummeted down once again.

In this magical domain, not only are you able to harm yourself, you’re able to inflict damage on your party members as well!

And the reason why I’m attacking myself… The ice damage inflicted on yourself will be multiplied and converted into darkness corrosive magic damage, which will be inflicted on the other party!

And because we’re currently being separated by a gigantic layered ice barrier, we’re not able to directly attack each other!


In an instant, Bai Yueguang let out a painful cry, and a black fog was poured out of his body!

That’s rather understandable. After all, I specialize in Ice Magic, and by using an ice spike to attack myself, it would naturally generate additional damage. However, my resistance against ice attacks is pretty high, and adding that my ice armor was not entirely broken, I would naturally not fall due to my own attack.

But… the converted damage was not calculated according to the damage I received, but according to the damage I dealt to myself. Hence, that earlier attack of mine, probably only had the strength of a single【Ice Flower】spell, I guess?

“Damn!!! Damn you!! Damn you, damn you, damn you! You bastard! This kind of attacks is basically against the rules!!!”

Bai Yueguang roared as he stood up.

Looks like the damage dealt from that attack was indeed not light, as his HP immediately plummeted down to a half, and was still slowly decreasing!

“You can’t blame me for that, I have no other choice. I don’t have the guts to go head-on with opponent like you who rely solely on speed to attack. Adding the fact that I’m not that familiar with your skills, nor am I familiar with your limits and abilities, I have no choice but to use the skill that would bring about some advantages for myself.”

“But did I not give you a blade!?”

“What? You gave me that blade, so I have to definitely use it? I don’t have a single skill that corresponds to that type of weapon, and you’re not the least bit embarrassed about fighting me while knowing that fact. Geez.”

“You bastard… Fine! Eat this!!!”

After saying that, he actually went into his katana-drawing stance!

Hey hey! This game is about being the first to oppress your opponent to death, and not to kill yourself! What are you doing!?

But that guy had already completely entered the mood!

I hurriedly prepared to pick up another ice spike from the side to deal him the final blow, but he suddenly raised his head, and his pair of eyes emitted a red glow, like that of a ghost’s.

What the hell!? What kind of big technique is this!?

“Secret Arcane – Iaido – Skybreak!”

At the same time he shouted that out, I stabbed the ice spike into my chest.

But, the frightening sword silhouette had already flew past me, and immediately after, something incredibly terrifying happened…

The freezer… was instantly sliced into half!!!

This guy… Is he a monster!!??

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30 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 21: Magician and Samurai

  1. acefisher says:

    poor Fir, he went from a big fish in a small pond to a small fish in a big lake. On a different thought, if you’re supposed to become a sage after 30 years of abstinence, then would he become a hero after reaching level 30 with no class?


    • DMR says:

      I think he’s an MC… you know, those weird people that build harems without realizing it and live lives that the make the FFF join together to annihilate…


      • DMR says:

        Why would he downgrade himself to a class? He doesn’t get a class boost… but he gets so many random boosts that could help multiple classes, he won’t get behind…

        And he has a larger level of variety than others.


      • DMR says:

        In videogames, the heroes usually just get to be a glorified warrior that is good at everything, but not the best….

        He’s like the 2nd place for everything, but becomes the best overall character.


      • acefisher says:

        so king, but not ace, right? I’m just thinking that he will begin to lag behind stat wise, relative to his level, because of the lack of increased stat gains. All of those passives give him percent increase, right? Without the larger stat to increase, the percent bonus will be less, and there would come a time when the others will surpass him entirely. It has been a while since I last read the beginning, so I could be mistaken. I’m pretty much agreeing with what you are saying, I just think he wouldn’t want to always fall short of the others.


      • DMR says:

        He’d be more well rounded… but a Jack of all trades….

        That said, he’s getting a lot of bonuses and extras, and his undead-angel race gives him many benefits too, so at least as a healer, he won’t lag behind, and maybe he’d keep on getting other extras that allow him to keep up with the rest.

        (When he’s pissed, his power could rise better, and as an Assassin, if he one shots, he’d be great -just needs more skills for that)…

        So he’d probably be alright in the long run…


      • DMR says:

        The FFF from Baka To Test. They were started by the F Class (hence the “F”) and are parodying the KKK, except instead of targeting black people, they target men that are getting any sort of achievement from the females and would sabotage each other once in a relationship.

        They, like a plague, attack any male happily in a relationship and then brings him into their miserable ranks.


  2. DMR says:

    “Magician and Samurai”… could be a nice video game title…

    Thanks for the Ide… I mean chapter, thanks for the chapter…

    And I promise to the name of that random old man I threw away, if a video game called “Magician and Samurai” appears, I did not steal it from this title and am not involved in the making of the product or selling it and getting rich to spoil my harem.

    And if I break that oath, I shall instantly force some random stranger to apologize to you and I will personally punish him for the breaking of my promise.


  3. kmx72 says:

    Thanks for change and good luck with your exercise and Magician and Samurai really does sound like a video game justlike DMR said


  4. RyuGen says:

    Lol was that a sneaky DBZ reference “The freezer… was instantly sliced in half!!!”. Trunks instantly slicing Frieza in half. Thanks for the update.


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