New Series Teaser


The Revered Master, Yu Yan, known as the number one in the cultivation world, waited for sixteen thousand years, and finally took in a disciple. He taught her carefully, and took care of her diligently.

He watched her slowly grew stronger as she comprehended the laws, and just as she was about to soar into prominence… she died!

Hence, he once again took in another disciple, carefully taught her, diligently took care of her, and then… she died again!

Thus, he took in another disciple, and not long after… she still died!

Yu Yan: …

Disciple: …

(Why do I always get picked up by the same person every time I reincarnate? Haaaa… )

Coming soon~

After my exercise~


35 thoughts on “New Series Teaser

      • Stalking level over 60000 years old says:

        i don’t know how strong he is but he have earned all the stalkers respect
        he can find the disciple even after death!

        Liked by 8 people

      • Vyl says:

        I’m curious to know word is killing her. Doesn’t sound like old age. You’d think after that many reincarnations she’d overcome the problem.


      • xias1 says:

        Maybe in the end it turns out that he proposes to the disciple but the disciple rejects him. Then the master kills the disciple and begins to search for another disciple (future-wife-to-be) but the next rejects him as well. And so the cycle coninues.


      • Scrya says:

        Optimistic Plan:
        Translate 1 RPG chapter per day.
        Mon+Tues – 1 chapter of this.
        Wed+Thur+Fri – 1 chapter of ATG
        Sat – 1 chapter of this.
        Sun – 1 chapter of ATG

        It will work! Definitely! I think!


      • DMR says:

        Well… to be honest, I’d rather have more ATG…. but I’ll trust your judgement…. and probably get hooked on another series… and wait for even more series and be unable to wait for even more translations….

        Your probably just giving me some new drugs 😛
        Well, I’ll take em’

        But 4 chapters of ATG a week? Yay!!!!! Nice XD The more, the better XD


  1. bakaleaf says:

    I just hope RPG Shijie You Zenyang (Novel) won’t be drop in release
    1 chapter everyday is already thankful
    If the novel I read decreases I might go insane


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