Vol. 5 Chapter 22: All-Out War

The 【Freezer】slowly split into clean halves right in front of my eyes, and then, dissipated in the air.


The Battle Barrier’s notification had already indicated that the battle was over.

Because this was just a private battle between the two of us, the battle results were indicated in the【Battle Barrier】device itself.

Seeing that the both of us only had about a tenth of our HPs remaining, the two of us smiled, and kept our weapons.

Looking at the Battle Barrier’s information display, the result was actually…


“Wow, the battle actually ended like this…”

Bai Yueguang sighed.

“But it was still within the range of your expectations, right? Alright, we best run. The managers of the library seem to be rushing towards our direction.”

Two red dots have appeared on my mini-map. Looks like they heard the commotion caused by our battle earlier.

Our battle ended really quickly. We only took about three minutes to finish our battle, but the commotion caused by our final attacks was too big, it would be strange for them not to notice.

Although a protective barrier was set up due to the battle barrier, but with a Secret Arcane skill added on to a Super Arcane skill, the designer might not have considered the upper limits of the users’ combat strength.

“Alright, let’s flee. We still have to head to the entrance to sign out. After all, we signed in before entering library earlier.”

“You’re right… But how are we going to head down?”

“Like this, of course!”

Saying that, I patted on his shoulder, and the two of us were transferred to the toilet on the first floor.

“This… You’re actually able to use Spatial Magic?”

Bai Yueguang looked at his surroundings astonishingly, and asked.

“Well, I’m not entirely sure if it’s actually a spell, because it’s a skill the system gave.”

“I see, I understand.”

After hearing that it was given by the system, he nodded understandingly.

As I thought, compared to the things of this world, the settings of the system in our bodies are able to go even deeper into the illogical category?

“Alright, in any case, we should first head back for today. We will see how things go tomorrow.”

“I guess that’s fine, after all, there’s… the team battle tomorrow as well.”

Thinking of this, I inexplicably smiled.


【Black Prince】challenges【Knight of the Blue Seas】to a team battle.
【Knight of the Blue Seas】challenges【Sweeper】to a team battle.
【Sweeper】challenges【Black Prince】to a team battle.

The moment the rest period in the afternoon started, the broadcast in the entire school sounded.

Hearing of this mysterious triangular battle, I can’t help but express my admiration to the cooperativeness of the three Knight Squads.

And the atmosphere in our base became serious as well.

“Looks like our opponents do not wish for us to obtain five points. It seems they have already came into agreement to suppress us.”

The moment the meeting began, Princess Michelle suddenly stood up and said.

“Un, like this, on the surface, they don’t seem to be initiating any attack against us, but, their actions cause us to lose the opportunity to gain points. According to the third rule, a team is only allowed to challenge another team once in a single day, so it’s still reasonable if they don’t attack us. but if we were to attack any one of them, it will give them an excuse to join together and attack us.”

As expected of someone born into politics, thank you, Princess Anne, for your explanation.


“The problem is, what are we going to do about it? They have already revealed such a hand, which was something we did not predict. But, if we don’t do a little something, then aren’t we not matching up to the declaration we made in the beginning?”

…That’s right, at the school’s opening ceremony, I gave such a hot-blooded speech in front of everyone. If we were to retreat in a time like this…

So we have no choice but to go hard, huh?

“Then, I have a suggestion. In any case, they’re doing this because they’re against us, so why don’t we deal a complete counter-attack to throw them into despair?”

“A complete counter-attack? You’re not planning to attack all three of them at the same time, right?”

Aliyah laughed.

“That’s right, that’s how it is.”


Everyone looked at me shockingly.

“Take a look yourselves, in the rules, it’s stated that a team is able to initiate a battle against another team once in a single day. In other words, attacking… every single team once is allowed.”

“This… Isn’t it too reckless?”

””Since they have already decided to suppress us, then it would be stupid for us to simply take it lying down. But we have to consider the distribution of our members as well. Does anyone have any suggestions?”

“I want to be grouped with big brother!”

Oyado immediately said.

“Then I will group up with you as well.”

The one who spoke up next was Aliyah.

“Over here, you’re the only one who is most familiar with my attack patterns, so let’s decide it this way.”

“… Alright.”

It seems, that’s indeed the case.

But I was rather surprised that Aliyah would be the one to take the initiative.

And here I thought she did not like to participate in activities like these.

“Then Hei Luoli, Tai Shixi and I will form a team.”

Bai Yueguang said.

“Ne~ Lanya wants to participate as well! Because it sounds pretty interesting~ Right, Falan, Yybril~?”

The Magic Academy’s Strongest Trio?

That isn’t really an unexpected team, but three Magicians in a single team is a little…

Well, whatever. Since they wish to do it this way, it’s not really a problem either.

“Then, does anyone else have anything to add?”

Not only was there any opinion, they have already begun to pack their things.

“Then, let the game start!”

【NEET Tea Party】challenges 【Black Prince】to a team battle.
【NEET Tea Party】challenges 【Knight of the Blue Seas】to a team battle.
【NEET Tea Party】challenges 【Sweeper】to a team battle.

With the sounding of the new broadcasts, the entire school population began to boil in excitement!

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      • jacobpaige says:

        Less than that I think, since they don’t really have very many points at the moment. The real problem with them losing all three is that they’d be knocked back down to zero points while the other three teams gained 5 each. Not that that will happen of course. They’ll obviously win at least two of matches. Probably all three.


  1. DMR says:

    Thanks for the chapter

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  2. jon0221 says:

    >That isn’t really an unexpected team, but three Magicians in a single team is a little…

    You should know Yibril isn’t a magician, right, Fir/author-kun?


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