Vol. 5 Chapter 20: Demonic Blade

The situation on the second day was better than the first, as we only received a single challenge.

Although【Knight of the Blue Seas】challenged Lanya, Lanya simply used a couple of grenades to blast the opponent, causing him to lose consciousness, which led to Lanya’s victory. I bet, right now, Masha-chan is about to go crazy.

After deep considerations, we decided to leave our challenge right on the second day to Lois. As one of the few normal teammates in the team, she finally made today’s battle the longest one since the war began.

Of course, the one she’s battling was a member from the 【Black Prince】squad. After all, the battle capabilities of the members in the【Sweeper】squad seems to be a little terrifying, so who we’re supposed to choose as our opponent was rather obvious.

And the result of this battle, was the first draw since the start of the war. The two of them fell at the same time, and was sent to the infirmary. Although the barrier guaranteed that the participants will not receive any life-threatening attacks, there will still be injuries to a certain extent.

We, who rely on various types of skills to attack were different. When these people battle, there will always be various sword waves flying around, with the occasional use of skills.

I don’t really understand, but I felt it was really amazing. When the two of them were battling, it felt like a battle between a group of people instead. It’s really complicated.

In any case, the results on the second day was really good, and it seems everyone is starting to prepare for the team battle tomorrow.

Because we made an agreement, currently, Dale’s laboratory has already been linked with 【Sion’s Door】’s system, and his work of invading other networks has become really easy.

But it seems the three Squads did not set up their own databases, so invading their networks was unnecessary.

But, by maintaining surveillance on the entire school’s networks, we will definitely be able to find clues. At least, that’s what we’re thinking.

And through Ms. Mari’s side, we have begun to investigate the systems in our bodies and their relationship to this world, at the same time, we have started to research ways to return to the Abyss.

Although this world is really interesting, it’s not really a good idea to simply live here cluelessly. Understanding why we’re here is the most correct method.

But the Ice Empire’s entrance to the Abyss had already been completely sealed, so even if we wish to enter from there, it’s already impossible.

Though, we have yet to find any similar passageways to the Abyss in other places. And currently, Dale have already obtained access to the library’s information terminal, and we’re hoping to find any relevant information from the legends stated in the various library books.

But, with our current progress, it’s impossible to know when we will be able to find any clues at all.

“Well~ In any case, we won’t grow old. So, continuing a lazy lifestyle like this is a pretty good choice as well~”

This was quoted from Ms. Mari. Although she used technology to cover her titles, her aura as a lazy teacher was not covered at all.

This was also the reason why the academy met with a special invasion incident in the past. Because something went wrong with the procedures when she tried making a robot, it ran amok, and hence…

In any case, before finding any crucial information, we decided that it’s best that we continue on with our academy war.

Because Dale told us that, after he issued the challenge yesterday, he received a new quest notification.

Looks like the quest this time will only be activated after accepting a challenge. Really, 【World】sure likes to give quests in weird ways.

But since there’s a quest, that will mean rewards such as EXP and unique equipment or tools. In times like this, we have to be more motivated than ever!

But… currently, the girls were happily decorating the base, and this scene was too beautiful to look at.

Hence, on the night of the second day of school, Bai Yueguang and I stayed in the library and diligently searched through the books with regards to related legends, hoping that we will be able to obtain some useful information.


Most of the books related to demons have already been censored by the Church, and as for those books which managed to slip through the net… Haah, they did not really offer much.

“Speaking of which, Little Bai, why did you think of running to the Western Continent?”

“Don’t call me that! Haah, I didn’t have a choice. What else could I have done?”

“In times like that, weren’t you supposed to bring your girls and flee to some deep mountains, while conquering beastkin girls, and finally, create a harem full of girls of different races?”

“Hey hey hey hey! Are you really treating this as a gal game? You will definitely be stabbed, you know!”

Bai Yueguang dropped a tsukkomi as he threw a book to a side, and then, picked up another book.

“You’re actually afraid of being stabbed? In any case, even if we get a bad end, we’re able to resurrect, right?”

“Then why aren’t you trying it?”

“… Well~ I don’t have the talent?”

“Then you’re instigating someone else to do it?”

“It’s exactly because I don’t have the talent, so I hope to see people experimenting with it, and then, according to the data gained from the experiment, analyze the routes.”

“So you’re actually thinking of me as a lab rat!”

With a ‘huaa’ sound, a book was immediately thrown towards me, as it crashed onto the ice wall I made.

“Really, don’t destroy public property.”

I picked up the book that dropped after hitting onto the ice wall, and it was titled <Review on the History of Ancient Arts>

The corner of my mouth twitched, and then, I immediately threw the book to a side.

“Didn’t you just throw it away as well!?”

“Something like that with no value is not considered as public property.”


“Speaking of which, Ms. Mari said that we might be members of the same organization, but what is that organization? Are we actually simply lab rats? After all, our memories have all been altered.”

“That’s really the simplest situation. Well, there’s no point in guessing right now, I will only believe in the absolute truth, that’s all.”

“You’re really a realist, huh…”

“Is there something bad about that?”

“Of course not.”


After being silent for a while, Bai Yueguang suddenly took out something from his ring, and threw it over!

“Un, what is this?”

I grabbed the thing with a single hand.

The thing that Bai Yueguang threw over was a sword, but from its long construct, it looked really similar to a tachi. The scabbard was full of various talismans, and there were even many runes and symbols drawn on the handle itself.

Pulling out the sword from its scabbard, it’s look was then revealed.

It was indeed a sword, and it was even double-edged. The blade was dyed blood red as well.

But the vibe I’m getting from this sword was not really good. Just by holding it with my hand, a brutal aura was slowly being emitted.

Bai Yueguang took a big step towards me, and flicked at the blade. The talismans and runes on the scabbard and handle lighted up at the same time, and that brutal aura instantly disappeared.

“If you wish to use this blade, you have to first infuse mana into the talismans, otherwise, you will be controlled by this demonic blade instead.”

“Hey hey, isn’t this thing too dangerous…”

Even though I said that, I still immediately looked at the weapon’s stats.

Demonic Blade Bloodmoon
When struck on a target, the target will receive a bleeding effect. Additional damage will be caused when attacking bleeding targets.

Exclusive Arcane Skill [Bloody Spirit]
Forces user to enter a crazed state. All physical stats increase by 50%, All magic resistances decrease by 50%.

“Bloody Spirit… Is it? Where did you obtain this sword?”

“It was a drop from a field boss.”

Bai Yueguang shrugged.

“Hey hey, which field boss would actually drop such an awesome weapon? Is it possible for me to find one too?”

“Do you think a weapon like this is common!? Back then, I only chased after the wolf holding onto this weapon because it’s entire body was emitting a red glow. Usually, people wouldn’t find trouble with a wolf that emits such a red glow.”

“I guess you’re right… Then you’re planning to give this to me?”

“Un, wasn’t your tachi broken from your battle with 【Blazing Horn】?”

“Yeah… Well, I initially thought of using this opportunity to try out other weapons.”

“So, you’re telling me you don’t want it?”

“Of course not~”

Saying that, I kept the blade into my ring.

“After all, my Tachi and Magic are currently the ones with the highest levels of mastery… But, I do have decent levels of mastery on other weapons as well.”

“So… Just what class are you?”

“… A hero!”

I said proudly.


The corner of Bai Yueguang’s lips twitched, and suddenly, a battle barrier was thrown onto the ground!

。Out of conditioned reflex, I immediately used Charge to retreat, at the same time, a blade wave cut across my initial position, and then, it grazed past my face as it flew to the other side.

“Hey hey, even if you wish to fight, have the courtesy to inform me about it first.”

“It’s precisely because it’s a fight, that’s why I have to take the initiative.”

Bai Yueguang sheathed his katana back into the scabbard, and then, took on an attack stance.

“Now, let me see what kind of hero class you actually are!”

“Hoho, perfect, then I will use this opportunity to try out new magic spells! Magic Knight Arcane – Ice Mount Summon!”

Blue ice particles erratically gathered on my body, and in less than a second, an entire suit of ice armor appeared on my body. At the same time, a blue figure immediately rushed out from the magic formation beside me, and I lightly leaped on top of it.

“Well, this is a new skill I awakened after grinding the Magic Knight skills out of boredom. Back then, I didn’t even know Magic Knights had the ability to summon either.”

The mount I summoned was an Ice Wolf, a magic beast that wielded the ice element. Although I have no idea why I gained the ability to summon a magic beast, since it allowed me to ride on it, then I will just use the opportunity given to the fullest.

“An Ice Wolf? Very good. Then, I will attack without holding back my speed!”


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  1. MXMach says:

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  2. necrosis says:

    that was sudden here is a gift now let me kill you because I’m upset that I didn’t get the hero class
    misunderstandings and jests apparently lead to conflicts who knew
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  3. jalog100 says:

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  4. felipe says:

    does the “ghostbreak” count as a cursed sword? I understand that Fir dont use it normally both because its the weapon of a demon god (so it would too op and would attract unnecessary attention) and because its a giant sword so to use it normally would be weird, but even so its a amazing weapon he should try to use it in pvp battles and boss battles


  5. xtremeloldude says:

    riding to battle on an ice wolf? that’s just badass
    i can’t imagine their faces if they find out he doesn’t have a single class

    thanks for the chapter


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