Vol. 5 Chapter 1: If This Can be Called Peace

“Big brother? Why are you wearing glasses?”

“Eh? Oh, you mean this? Recently, I kind of feel that my eyesight hasn’t been good, so I went to buy one…”

“Is that so~ Big brother looks cooler this way~”

“Ha… Thanks.”

I pushed up my new glasses, and laughed.

Of course, I did not wear these glasses for the sake of improving my eyesight. Because this is the new tool, the Eyepiece of Truth, which I obtained as a reward for completing the quest earlier.

But wearing these glasses does not enable me to expose those [Unable to Reveal] titles, rather, it adds a large amount of explanation and details.

For example, I’m currently holding onto the plate of breakfast, and on the right of my vision, the details of it are listed.

Normal Plate – 142
A normal plate manufactured by the Ice Empire.
Cost: 20 Copper

Fried Egg
An egg fried by Lin Fir.
Cost: 10 Copper

Hey hey, why is my name even stated in the description!? Fortunately, I was the person who obtained this eyepiece… No! Isn’t this an eyepiece!? Then, shouldn’t it look like goggles or something!? Why is it a pair of glasses!?

But, compared to an eyepiece, a pair of glasses is indeed more convenient.

Though, I’m still not used to wearing one.

“Speaking of which, soon, we will be returning to school.”

“That’s right.”


I looked around my room, and then roared angrily!

“Why is everyone eating breakfast in my room!?”

“Because the breakfast you make is pretty good.”

Aliyah ate the fried egg I just made with a single bite, and said that.

“That’s right, it’s really good.”

Next, it was Princess Michelle who replied.

And because she was the earliest, the rest of the ingredients had all been used up, and only the eggs were left.

“Wait a minute! Are your royal family’s cooks just for show!?”

“Because this way, everyone is gathered and we can head to school together.”

Aliyah, Princess Michelle, Oyado, Ms. Snow, Irlin, and Lois, who said she wanted to go to school with Oyado, were all currently eating breakfast in my room.

But this room sure is big, as expected of the Ice Empire’s VIP guestroom. Although it was only a single-room, it did not feel cramped even with this many people.

As for the fact that there’s actually a kitchen in this room, I don’t even know where to begin dropping my tsukkomis about it either, but this isn’t something I should care about anyway.

“No matter the case, that was the last egg in this room! There’s nothing left! I’m heading out to eat!”

“Eh, wait a minute…”

Only an idiot would wait! I can’t stay in a room with such a weird atmosphere any longer!

I will definitely be misunderstood as a playboy for staying in a single room with a bunch of girls! In situations like this, it’s best to flee as fast as possible!

Walking along the hallway, when I confirmed that there wasn’t anyone in my immediate surroundings, I used Flash Movement and entered the nearby royal family’s kitchen.

Because we would usually eat in the ballroom, there’s nothing like a dining hall here. And as for breakfast, they’re basically sent to our rooms, so in times like this, the only option left is to head straight to the kitchen for food.

“Yo, Uncle Loke, is there anything good to eat today?”


Uncle Loke, who was currently managing a pot of soup in the kitchen, turned and looked at me wierdly.

“Weren’t you eating breakfast with the Princess? Why are you here scrounging for food again?”

“Because they had eaten all the ingredients that were prepared in the room…”

“Hahaha, it indeed sounds like something they would do. Then you could have simply called us, and we would have sent more over to your room. There isn’t a need to come personally, is there?”

“I think it’s better to have a quiet breakfast by myself.”

With this said, I went over to a stool at the side and sat on it.

“Just give me some bread or something, I’m fine with anything.”

“Well~ Someone beat you here, so I had already started making another set of breakfast. It’s pasta, by the way.”

“Pasta… Was it Uncle Gabriel?”

“Huh, you actually knew.”

Gabriel laughed as he walked out from the back of the cabinet of ingredients.

This guy actually hid himself, and even used a stealth skill. He’s really a child at heart, huh.

“How did you know that I like pasta?”

“Because a few days ago, I passed by the pasta restaurant outside, and I saw your picture pasted at the front of the restaurant. You haven’t been here for long, right? To actually have your picture pasted there in such a short time, you must definitely be one of their regular customers.”

“You actually even noticed something like that, you’re really not as simple as you look, huh.”

“… Well, it was just a coincidence.”

Actually, it was because I had played too many of those mystery games, so I cultivated the habit of observing the things around me carefully… Well, I can’t reveal something like this though.

“Oh right, I heard you had been invited to be a Court Magician for the Ice Empire, but it’s all behind the curtains though…”

That’s right, currently Gabriel could be considered as my superior. He made an agreement with the Emperor of the Ice Empire, and became the hidden boss of the Ice Empire. And the Emperor even went his way to give Gabriel the doll control device he wished for.

It’s also the device Yoei is using, I think it’s called the Doll’s Cabinet.

“Morystria, that’s her name, right? Though she seems to be much younger than you…”

“That’s because I placed her in an Ice Coffin for more than 30 years! What the hell are you thinking about!?”

“Oh right, since that’s the case, why did you come all the way here for breakfast? Didn’t she make one for you?”

“Because… Because she turned into a doll, so she completely lost the sense of taste, then…”

“No sense of taste…”

I seemed to be able to imagine what happened. What a tragedy. I wish you two happiness, then…

But, because of this, my quest has also been updated.

Broken Doll
3rd Quest: Understand the entire story of the plan.

Hey hey, this sort of description can’t be considered as a hint, right!? I completely do not know where to start at all!

Hence, I immediately threw that quest aside. What, you’re hoping that I would head directly to someone else’s house and ask about their hereditary disease?

I will definitely be taken as someone crazy, won’t I?

In times like this, it’s best to return to school for now, and deal with this issue in the future, when the opportunity arises.

Oh right, that bastard Dale said that he wanted to create a mechanical gryphon as soon as possible, so he actually followed the blueprints for the royal family’s airship and made a minimized airship in three days, and immediately flew to the academy right after.

Though he’s currently holding onto a proof that would help him enroll into the school, but… hopefully that crazy bastard won’t cause any trouble.

“Alright, let’s start eating, don’t you have to rush back to academy later?”

After saying that, he took the plate of pasta from Uncle Loke’s hands, and finished it in an instant.

Hey hey, your way of eating is too weird, isn’t it? It’s no wonder the pasta restaurant owner would take notice of you.

Shaking my head, I raised my plate and started eating… Un, it’s pretty good, but is it really alright to eat pasta in the early morning?

“Big brother, hurry and run!”

I had only just finished half of the plate, and suddenly, Oyado’s figure appeared before me.

I was so shocked for a moment that I almost dropped the plate on the floor. Fortunately, my reaction was fast, and I managed to immediately grab hold of the plate which just slipped from my hand, the tragedy was thus averted.

“Oyado, I already told you many times, don’t suddenly appear before someone else!”

“But, umm, big brother, the big sisters are already rushing over here. It’s best if you flee as fast as possible.”

“Why? It’s not enough to finish my ingredients, so they’re going to eat me as well?”

“Umm… Because they said, they planned to tie big brother onto a chair, and have you try the breakfast they made as thanks. But big brother once told me the food they make are really dangerous, and never ever try eating them. So, I came here to report~”

“… You did well. Good girl.”

As I said that, I placed the plate on the table, and stroked her head.

Seeing that she was enjoying it, I laughed. Then, I carried her and fled in the opposite direction!

“Hurry! We’re going to head directly towards the airship! Do you know where it’s located!?”

“Yes! It’s at the empty field in the front yard, big brother!”

“Alright! Then we’re going…”

“Where are you two rushing to~”

An attack warning suddenly flashed above me, and I hurriedly stopped and leaped back. In the next second, numerous ice blocks of about two meters in size smashed onto the place I was standing at earlier, creating a wall of ice in front of me!

And above the ice wall, Ms. Snow and Princess Michelle were both smiling at me while holding onto their staves.

And behind me, Aliyah, Irlin and Lois, with their weapons on hand, blocked my escape route.

What the hell, this formation is really frightening! Just what are you girls planning to do? Assassinate me?

I think it’s best to keep these words in my heart, otherwise, they might really assassinate me. Though, I might die from food poisoning caused by the food they make as well.

Oh my god! I’m really going to die!

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54 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 1: If This Can be Called Peace

    • NP-3228 says:

      i believe the god of the world made their relation ship null so she is not familar with him anymore. thus no topic to intrude on. I mean the princess of a country favors him, no way a small time noble can talk to him while the princess is. Since they have no relaionship too, she won’t meet him on her own time to chat, only go with the princess or others. I assume anyway.

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      • DMR says:

        They don’t seem to have NO relationship with the way they act. They seem to be a group of friends.

        She’s completely quiet. Nothing, not even mentioning anything.


      • Countrymage says:

        Actually, she’s been a little shy and quiet ever since they got to the King of Mitchell and their engagement was cemented. She got embarrassed after the kiss, and was only starting to get over that embarrassment about the time that the rest of the harem formed up to remove him from the teacher’s reach. By erasing her memories (if it was done) It has reset their relationship, she still hasn’t decided how she feels about being engaged to him. At least that’s what I think.


      • Artorias says:


        Actually her status was changed from Fiancee to Childhood friend, they have some awkward (at least on Fir’s part) chats later


    • hanues says:

      the same way the holy undead angel did i suppose, not to mention fir is her master and he received permission to use dark magic so an elf zombie answering to him probably isn’t a big deal.

      and if they know she’s ms snow she’s a saint even if she’s undead now


      • Sicill says:

        I don’t think many people outside of a handful of Otherworlders ,the Demon Gods, and the Momiji know about the Holy Undead Angel bit.

        And back in early vol. 2 it was mentioned that dark magic was ruling class restricted, but necromancers were hunted by the entire world. It feels a bit politically risky, from my prospective, to knowingly let undead in and hang out with the royal family.


  1. flame says:

    For some reason I thought Aliyah was ok at cooking.. guess I was wrong.. and we haven’t had anything Ms. Snow has made have we…? I don’t believe Irlin was bad at cooking(if we even had anything she’s made)


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