Vol. 5 Chapter 26: Complete Victory

Battle Concluded.

Defeated: Masha Luna
EXP Received: 10,000

Level-skipping Rewards
Credits Accumulated: 8

You leveled up!
Current LV: 28

After looking through the level-up notification, the surrounding miasma finally subsided.

“You bastard… you’re really…”

Masha struggled to crawl up from the ground.

A large half of her armor was already ruined, and her school uniform underneath was torn as well, revealing her snow-white skin.

She looked at her current attire, and helplessly shook her head. She then took out a cloak from her ring and wore it over her body.

“What are you looking at!?”

Probably noticing my gaze, Masha frowned as she asked.

“Nothing much, I’m just assessing the destructive power of my attack.”

After saying that, I turned to look at the side. That Spear Knight was already lying on the ground. His entire armor was crumpled like a piece of scrap metal, and it’s impossible to distinguish its original look.

Aliyah was standing beside him and watching him interestingly, as though she was very satisfied with the results of her battle.

And on the other side, Oyado was sitting right on top of the fallen Wind Magician, as she cleaned the dagger in her hands.

Alright, looks like we’re done here.

There’s completely no news from the other two sides though…

When I raised my head to look, the top of battle barrier actually cracked open a large hole. The string of magical symbols above were slowly dissipating, causing the crack to grow bigger.

With a loud bang at the end, the entire barrier actually shattered into pieces. The 【Battle Barrier】device emitted out a shriek, as though its life had come to an end, and then, it exploded!

“Incredible! I had tried destroying that barrier countless times, but I never succeeded. I didn’t expect you would succeed in destroying it.”

Masha looked at the remains of the【Battle Barrier】device amazed, and then, she stood up.

“It was just a coincidence. Probably, that【Battle Barrier】’s battery wasn’t charged.”

“Battery? Charge?”

“It was just a metaphor. I meant it did not have any energy left.”

“Is that so? I see. But I don’t think there’s a need to change the magic crystals within this competition-use【Battle Barrier】.”

“Well~ It doesn’t matter anymore.”

【NEET Tea Party】defeated【Sweeper】.
Points Awarded: 5
Total Points: 12

【NEET Tea Party】defeated【Black Prince】.
Points Awarded: 5
Total Points: 17

As I thought, it’s impossible for the academy’s strongest trio to ever lose, and on the other side, a team with two otherworlders as members should not lose either.

“Your actions this time are a little too bold, don’t you think? You guys are going to make enemies out of all three Knight Squads, you know?”

“Is that so?”

I helplessly shook my head.

“Hasn’t it been that way right from the start? You guys received orders to do a joint attack on us once, and since there’s a first time, there will always be a second, no?”

“Well… Currently, that’s the rough situation~ After all, you guys are a Squad that appeared out of thin air.”

Masha pondered for a moment, and actually admitted it really straightforwardly.

“Although the Ice Empire and Witt Empire are two large Magic Empires in the Western Continent, those Knight Empires are unwilling to accept a force like us that came out of thin air… But don’t they know that angering us will also cause something really troublesome to happen?”


“Especially when one angers a bunch of lunatics. There’s nothing scarier than that, right?”

“I know, I know~ Though it’s best to leave these things for later~”

Masha shook her head.

“Although I’m the Leader of my Knight Squad, to tell you the truth, the one commanding us is still the country backing us… But, this is great. I don’t have to be the leader of this Squad any longer.”


As I watched Masha saying these words, I felt that she was still really happy about it.

“Because our superiors have stated that, the moment the squad leader loses, his or her position will be removed by the squad. Currently, I guess I’m no longer their squad leader.”

“Is that so… being discarded so directly… it’s really rather straightforward, huh.”

“But don’t worry, I have already promised to treat you dinner. I’m not going to forget about my promise because of a small matter like this~ Didn’t we make a bet?”

“Is that so? But is that really alright? Since you lost… This should be one of the rare opportunities you will ever have, right? After all, you aren’t a State Knight of any country, and you’re even mix-blooded. You have just lost your only opportunity to obtain a higher position.”

“Well, in any case, they’re always in need of scapegoats to take the blame for them, and the reason why I became their first squad leader was because…”

“They knew they will definitely fail once. And even if they won’t, they do not have to give you that many benefits, while all the glory will belong to them.”

“… I didn’t expect that you, who is nothing more than a commoner Magician, are this knowledgeable about politics.”

“Well~ My hobby is reading, after all. But if it’s like this, won’t you…”

“I don’t have any other choice but to think of ways to find some simple work to make up for in-adequateness.”

When Masha was saying all these, it’s as though she was talking about someone else.

This girl… Did she experience something even worse than this in the past?

”… Then wouldn’t everything be solved as long as you join our squad?”

Suddenly, Aliyah leaped over from her position and said.

“We’re lacking a lot of people anyway.”

“Aliyah, what do you mean we’re lacking in people?”

“Aren’t we? The other teams have near to a hundred people, while our squad only consist of about a dozen.”

“So what of it? Isn’t it fine as long as the quality is better?”

“There’s still a limit to our combat strength, you know~”

I looked at Masha, and she was looking at us with interest.

“Alright then. Once you’re kicked out from your squad, come to our side then. As long as there’s no problems with the rules.”

“Un un~ Then when that time comes, I will treat you guys to dinner as well~”

After saying that, she brought her heavy hammer up and returned to her team.

As I watched her return to her teammates, I helplessly sighed.

“What are you looking at?”

Aliyah suddenly asked.

“That girl’s titles, the last two were【Abandoned】and【Slaughterer】. I really have no idea whether I should take her in.”

It was just earlier that I used my Phad’s Eye to reveal her last two titles.

“Eh, from my point of view, most of them are just question marks though… Well, even if that’s the case, she’s still considered to be a very strong support. We might even obtain some valuable intel from her as well.”

“… You just feel that she’s interesting, don’t you?”

“Don’t you feel that way too?”


I shook my head.

“She’s more than just interesting…”

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44 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 26: Complete Victory

  1. Sliminy says:

    So, slaughterer mean she kill dozen of people, probaby a village or small city. Abandoned could mean she does that because she left alone in hostile environment, because she doesn’t have {Scapegoat] tittle so its by her own will to slaughter and not ordered.

    We haven’t see people lose any of their tittle isn’t it ?

    Liked by 1 person

    • DMR says:

      No, if she slaughtered, even if it was because of orders, it won’t change that she slaughtered, so she shouldn’t have scapegoat.

      Our MC has scapegoat because he is being accused of crimes he didn’t commit. Even if you did the evil on orders, it doesn’t change the fact that you did the evil.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. sasamiyasoujiro says:

    Slaughterer huh? Maybe after shes been abandoned since she’s a mixed blood in some village,(i think you guys should know that if theres something different about you,you’ll get abused/bullied) and she slaughtered everyone bullying her when she passed her boiling point… Also since she got no [Evil] title then she’s not a bad person…. Same as Uncle Gabriel 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Maruku says:

    She’s more than just interesting… She is the love of my life! Ohhhh damn bro! Harem is gonna kill you and Oyado will kill that girl and rape your hard!


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