Vol. 5 Chapter 25: Ghostify


After a loud bang, the ice wall erected in front of me once again collapsed.

I helplessly revealed a bitter smile. My MP had already been drained near empty from the spells I used earlier, so currently, I have no choice but to wait for my MP to slowly recover.

Although the recovery effects from my MP potions have never stopped being active, my MP recovery speed is still not fast enough for a MP-draining battle like this one.

Initially, I had wanted to take my time battling her, but, I did not expect her weapon to actually be so overpowered. If I had known this from the beginning, I would have immediately cast 【Millennium Frozen River】or 【Eternal Frozen Grief】to freeze her. However, currently, I no longer possessed the MP to use such large-scale magic spells.

Right now, I have no choice but to dodge, avoid, and occasionally use my blade to block her attacks.

But, this girl is using a heavy hammer, it’s impossible to block it completely with a blade. At most, I’m able to block against its sickle-form attacks, but I will still receive some damage from them as well.

“What happened!? Where did all that vigor earlier go!? Why don’t you be a good boy and surrender, and treat me to dinner after this!”

Realizing that I have become powerless, Masha began to attack ruthlessly without rest, continuously swinging her sickle towards my body.

“You still dare to say something like that while using such an overpowered weapon!? Evidently, that’s no longer an average weapon, but a weapon of the ancient-grade, right!? To actually be absolutely resistant to intermediate-grade spells, even if you were to allow me to fight against it, I won’t be able to defeat it at all!”

“How did you know this is an 【Ancient Weapon】?”


I forcefully took a step back, and said.

“Because you just said it yourself.”

“…Ah! You idiot!”

Realizing that she exposed it herself, Masha carried her giant hammer and fiercely charged straight towards me. A silhouette flashed past, and I felt as though my blade was struck head-on by a demolition machine. All the bones in my body trembled, and I was sent flying away!

Not good. This weapon is no longer strong enough to fend against her. Although I don’t really like the idea of it… But I have no choice but to change my weapon.

Tapping on the hotkey to switch my weapon, the 【Bloodmoon】in my hands was instantly swapped with 【Ghostbreak】!


Without using the Warrior’s Strengthen skill, I’m incapable of wielding this weapon freely, in other words, this weapon requires me to use my MP to wield. This was one of the reasons why I did not want to use it.

However, the bigger reason was, this weapon gains in strength according to the number of people killed by this sword. When the ownership of this weapon was transferred to me back then, the count was reset to 0. In other words, although the weapon in my hands is strong, it’s currently nothing more than decoration.

Oh, where’s the justice in the world…

“Oh, so you finally decided to give up on that thin sword of yours. But as a Magician, is it really alright to use a broadsword?”

Masha looked at me with interest, or should I say, she was looking at the weapon in my hands.

“Well, I don’t really have a choice. I’m basically unable to defeat you unless I have more skills at my disposal. A battle barrier with such a small size is disadvantageous for Magicians in the first place. A Magician requires time to cast spells, and a Magician only cast them after judging the situation of the entire battlefield. This battle barrier is made to completely suppress the actual strength of Magicians in mind, so it’s impossible to use magic to battle in this situation. Look, your Magician had been lying there for quite a while now.”


Masha frantically turned to look. When she saw the Wind Magician lying on the ground, she immediately leaped back out of caution, and carefully observed the surrounding situation.

On the other side, Aliyah and that Spear Knight was having a hot-blooded exchange. Probably because out of pure fun, the area over there was completely enveloped with sword waves and silhouettes.

And Oyado’s figure had already disappeared a while ago.

Don’t worry, I only told her to hide at the side and rest after accomplishing her mission.

It’s my own battle, so I have to deal with it myself!

“But as for you, your opponent is me!”

Accelerate! Extreme Shadow! Quick Steps!

After learning Quick Steps from Bai Yueguang, I used it to replace 【Elf of the Wind】. After all, it’s a Wind Magic spell, so when I use it, my body will be surrounded by a green glow. If someone were to find out that I’m able to use Wind Magic as well, the things that will happen after that isn’t going to be interesting!


Ghostbreak and Blue Thunderclap collided against each other, but this time, I no longer feel suppressed.

As I thought, using a heavy weapon feels different!

“Now this… is more like it!”

Masha forcefully pushed me away, and did a fierce sweep.

I raised my broadsword to block against it, and the sickle sliced onto it!

“Do you know? It’s bad for Magicians if Warriors get too close to them, but… there’s exceptions as well!”

Position locked on, go, ice totem!

A giant ice totem, like a cannonball being shot out, blasted Masha away.

I had planned on using ice totems to send her flying earlier, but with her movement speed and destructive ability, it’s basically impossible for the ice totem to land on her.

But, when the both of us are trapped in a deadlock, she will simply become a target board!

And because of the restriction of the battle barrier, currently, she should be about to hit the top limit, right?


The ice totem struck onto the barrier’s top limit, and with a loud bang, it squashed Masha against the barrier wall.

Her name was still there, which meant she did not dodge that attack of mine.

Making use of this opportunity, I immediately sat on the floor and tapped on another type of MP potion.

There’s nothing I can do about it. There are actually some MP Recovery Potions that will not allow you to recover MP unless you’re not in a battle state. It basically drives me crazy.

But, in less than three seconds, she broke out of the ice totem, and charged over with her heavy hammer raised!

Finally… I have been waiting for this moment!

I gripped tightly onto the broadsword in my hand, and pointed it at Masha who was in the air, while tapping on the skill button.

Ghost Technique – Evil Army Breaking Slash!

The runes on the broadsword instantly lighted up, and a crazed feeling poured into my body from my palm.

The surrounding scenery in front of me instantly turned red, and my vision turned blurry.

But even if that’s the case, I could still see Masha, who was charging straight towards me, really clearly.

The attack power of the【Ghost Technique】is really high, but it needs to be initiated by ghostly powers.

And time is needed for the initiation process. After all, I’m not a ghost myself, hence, I require the energy within【Ghostbreak】to first infuse into my body, allowing me to temporarily ghostify, before I’m able to activate the skill!

But this process takes a long time, as the moment I enter the ‘Ghost’ form, my body will easily disintegrate, and the form will become more difficult to control.

Hence, I can only unleash this skill when my opponent will not make any random movements nor dodge!

And that moment is now… She’s currently descending from the skies, and because she had just activated a skill, it will be very difficult for her to change her direction!


Aiming right at Masha in the sky, the weapon in my hands swung upwards with great force!

A dark red sword wave cut through all the substances in its path, as it flew straight towards Masha.

When Masha saw that sword wave, her eyes were widened in an instant, but at the same time, she immediately activated another skill and accurately struck downwards onto the sword wave!

The two skills collided, and immediately after, a black ray of light enveloped the entire field in an instant.

“Damn it!”

I did not expect Masha to actually use her skill and strike it head-on! This has gotten troublesome!

It’s already too late to cast another spell, so I immediately clicked on the pendant tied around my neck.

A blue defensive barrier was instantly erected. The barrier I activated was a suppressed Ice Imperial Garden.


Not even a second after the blue barrier was deployed, cracks appeared on its walls. Immediately after, a loud bang sounded, the entire barrier instantly disappeared, and the black miasma actually engulfed me in an instant!

Damn it! What the hell is this!?

Engulf everything...

Suddenly, a voice resounded in my mind.


Just when I was thinking that, suddenly, a brand new skill appeared in my skill list.


( Ghostify, a skill which initiates the ghostly powers within【Ghostbreak】to strengthen the user’s body. Time of transformation is affected by the amount of MP consumed. )

Looking at the surrounding miasma, I helplessly tapped on the skill button.


The surrounding miasma instantly poured into my body, and right after, I suddenly felt a seemingly large boost to my abilities!

I opened my menu, and my stats almost frightened me.

Ghost LV 50

Oh my god… My race and level actually underwent weird changes in an instant!

And, I feel that I have become much taller. Also, my clothes…

have gotten really tight…

The miasma became thinner, and I could faintly see the look of my own body.

Oh god, I’m actually…

a ghost entirely in red!

Dispel Ghostify!

I immediately tapped on the Dispel button. After all, I don’t wish to appear in front of others in that form.

My body speedily returned to its original form, and at the same time, a broadcast sounded.

【NEET Tea Party】obtained victory. Points Awarded: 5
Total Points: 7

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37 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 25: Ghostify

    • xias1 says:

      He won because that clash of the sword waves didn´t just extend to his side but in all directions.
      As such Masha and all others (except Oyado probably) inside the barrier were effected by that energy explosion and Miasma.
      Contrary o him however the warriors (Masha, the knight and Aliyah) didn´t have any defense barriers ready to deploy and even less they had such a skill as “Ghostify” that would nullify the Miasma´s effect.
      So they were defeated by this Miasma blast.

      Masha probably judged that she can´t evade Fir´s last attack and knew she´d lose if she was hit by it.
      So she decided to counterattack head-on in order to achieve a draw by both parties becoming unable to continue the fight.
      But that plan failed due to “Ghostify”.
      So when the system checked for people able to continue fighting it only found Fir (and probably Oyado) while all members from the Blue Seas squad were incapacitated from the Miasma.
      Therefore Fir´s party won.

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  1. anon leecher says:

    Well, if his ghost form doesn’t let anyone touch him, than he doesnt have to worry about getting abused by his harem…..hopefully, as long as his MP lasts…


  2. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    You sure it’s “ghost” and not “devil”? I know that the default translation of 鬼 is “ghost”, but the typical appearance and abilities given to 鬼 (high magic abilities, red skin, great strength…) are closer to that of devils (which is, in fact, also a valid translation). “Ghost” is a semi-transparent (usually human-sized) spirit with low-to-none physical strength and telekinetic/fire abilities, while Fir’s description of tall, brawny, red-skinned monster fits better to a devil, demon or ogre (also valid translations for 鬼).


    • Scrya says:

      Pretty sure it’s “ghost”. Onmyoujis specialize in dealing with ghosts, and not devils/demons. And that Onmyouji summoned Blazing Horn, a ghost who wielded the Ghostbreaker, in the previous arc.


      • jorgelotr says:

        I thought onmyoujis dealt with the supernatural in general… I’m pretty sure that among the legendary feats of Abe-no-Seimei there are many instances of him dealing with ghosts, deities, demons, apparitions, curses…

        Well, whatever.


  3. AnimeLover says:

    Lol it was a good fight but the ending Ghostify was ridiculous. Just what was the point of being a Undead Angel? He never grinds or strengthen himself, can use several elements and not just ice… Nor does he get angry at Oyado.

    Anyways it looks like the ending fight made her tired and lost


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