Vol. 5 Chapter 3: The World of an Ultra Certified Alchemist

I should say, as expected of an alchemist. Her stomach is even different from ours.

Not even thirty seconds after Lanya fell, she leaped off the ground, ran to our sides, and poured potions into our mouths.

“Fortunately, I have resistance to paralysis, otherwise, I would have slept the entire afternoon with you people.”

She said proudly.

Un, is that really alright though?

Aren’t you a human? How?

“Resistance? Are you actually resistant to poison as well?”


She once again proudly replied.

Alright, as expected of an alchemist. Her body is really different from ours.

“Speaking of which, Lanya, why are you here this early in the morning?”

“Because your teacher heard you were back, so she tasked me to bring this internship report form over, and have you fill it in.”

“Internship report form?”

Does she actually want me to report my experience as a State Magician? Is she kidding me?

Is it fine if I write about how I saved the Ice Empire? I don’t think it’s a good idea. I have already discussed this with the Emperor in detail, and we decided that it’s best if we kept this a secret for our mutual benefits.

How about the time I defeated a gryphon? No, I don’t think that’s good either, otherwise, people would probably treat me as a monster.

Defeating a demon god? That’s not good either, and it’s because of the same reason as the one above. And how am I supposed to explain my method of forcing it back anyway? I threw a bag of hidden weapons into his stomach and caused him to flee to the Abyss?

Are you kidding me? Even if I did reveal something like that, no one would believe me anyway.

“… I will just write down that my work experience was lovely, and I learnt a lot from the internship.”

“Un, that’s fine.”

This Lanya actually agreed to it!

“Well~ Your teacher won’t bother looking at it anyway, so it’s probably fine.”

“… Speaking of which, Ms. Mari is indeed that sort of person.”

She will definitely throw it straight into the bin without even taking a look at it, right?

Ah, whatever.

I took the form and scribbled on it, and then, I threw it to a side.

“Speaking of which, although the academy do not restrict students from renting out rooms, you actually had six young girls laid around your living room…”

“Hey hey, they are the ones who came into my house without my permission! And…”

“Big brother, who is this big sister?”

Suddenly, Oyado ran over and asked, as she looked at Lanya.

“She’s the academy’s strongest alchemist that I told you about before. Of course, that’s only among the students.”

“You can cut the last part out as well, Fir. My name is Lanya Fournights, are you… Fir’s little sister? You don’t look alike at all. Your atmosphere, and smell, are different, and… Well, we can talk about that later. Speaking of which, you people had best prepare your stuffs. School is starting tomorrow, isn’t it?”

She pointed at the other five girls who were steadily getting up from the ground, then, she moved her finger to the kitchen that’s too unsightly to behold.

Huhu, is there some sort of magic that could allow me to clean the kitchen in an instant? No matter how I look at it, there’s no way to clean these up by tomorrow.

Ah whatever, we can deal with this later.

“Then I will be heading off to hand the form to Ms. Mari. She should be in the academy today.”

“Big brother, I’m coming with you~”

“No, you should go along with Princess Michelle and the rest for your enrollment process.”

Although Oyado is an assassin… currently, our academy has already started to accept warrior-related classes.

This was all thanks to the invasion from the Eastern Continent countries. Currently, Doge Military School and our Gray Magical Academy have already completed the merging process. Though it still takes half a day to travel between schools, with the use of the Magic Train which was completed during our vacation period, although it’s still impossible to reduce the distance between the schools, the travel time between the schools was reduced to merely half an hour.

But, truthfully, I don’t really dare to travel in a train like that. The speed of that thing is really terrifying…

Well, whatever, it’s a good thing that it was invented.

“Lois will be registering as well, right?”

“Yes, yes~ I want to enroll into the same course as Oyado~”

“You’re a Broadsword Wielder, so how are you going to get into an Assassin’s course…”


“Well, but the place you’re studying at is still rather close to ours, after all, we’re all in the same academy. Alright, let’s stop wasting time.”

After saying that, I immediately used 【Party Abnormal Conditions Dispel】 and 【Intermediate-Grade Party Recovery】, and two rays of light landed on everyone’s body.

Right after, everyone immediately leaped off the ground!

Hehe, among the several effects brought about by this spell, one of them includes the targets standing up automatically. But, it seems it’s really effective…

“Eh? What happened? What was that magic spell earlier?”

Aliyah looked at me unbelievably, and then looked at the surrounding people.

Then, a message was sent to me.

‘You actually learnt recovery spells as well? Just what actually are you? A Magician? A Warlock?’

‘Well… It’s basic common sense to learn whatever I can. You should hurry and find some time to read those skill books you obtained from the Ice Empire’s Royal Treasury as well.’

‘Alright, alright~’

Right after, she cut off the conversation.

“Well, it’s only a recovery spell. Now that everyone’s alright, then…”

“No, I think it’s best that you people move together.”

Lanya suddenly said.


“Although you people do not have any sort of resentment against each other, but it’s not the same for the other nobles and commoners in the student body. Actually, recently, this gap between the nobles and commoners were almost forgotten, but due to the merger with Doge Military School, the problem has become very apparent.”

Oh my god, why does it have to be this sort of scenario once again? Are all the people in this day and age crazy?

If you wish to oppress people with your status, then by all means, do so, really. Currently…

Wait a minute…

“Will they actually attack us the moment they see us?”

“Of course not. But currently, there’s a few extreme individuals causing trouble in the academy, and they have very high statuses, so… Well, it’s fine if you’re able to beat them.”

“Hey hey, you’re saying that pretty easily…”

But there shouldn’t be any problems. The beginner grades are below LV 15, intermediate grades are between LV 15 ~ 25, and there’s barely any advanced grades to be seen… And currently, I’m LV 27, does that mean I’m currently one of the strongest in this academy?

But it seems I’m not the only one improving my abilities. Lanya had raised her level to 26. Although I’m unsure of how the inhabitants of this world level up, they do level up as well.


Because of the effects of 【Phad’s Eye】and 【Eyepiece of Truth】, Lanya’s titles seemed to have become rather mysterious.

Lanya Fournights
LV 26 Wind【Disguised】Alchemist【Disguised】
[Kind] [Sly] [Tool Merchant] [Gray Magical Academy Student] [One of the Academy’s Strongest Trio] [The Earliest Human Body Alchemist] [???] [???] [Doll Master] [???]

If not for the fact that her name was the same, I would have thought that someone was disguising as Lanya… But, indeed, her alchemy skills are on a whole different level compared to regular people. She’s definitely not your average person.

But that Human Body Alchemy… Is it actually referring to Human Transmutation? Do you mind transmuting a Philosopher’s Stone for me?

Ah whatever, it’s best to leave this aside for now.

“In any case, I will be careful. But…”

When I looked at the six girls behind him, I furrowed my brows.

If I were to move alone, there wouldn’t be a problem. But, it would be more troublesome for these six girls to head outside. Although Princess Michelle’s status is rather renown, she’s still just a single person.

As for the rest… no matter how I look at them, they are people who love to draw their weapons to solve their problems, especially Aliyah. I feel that if I were to leave now… in less than three hours, a new war would be ignited.

Although it’s possible for me to ignite such a war by myself, I’m not going to do it directly.


“Your expression is really frightening. Just what are you thinking about?”

“Nothing much, I’m currently thinking of what you just said.”

Even if that’s the case, if I were to join them…

The probability of being hit with a surprise attack will decrease, but the number of people wanting to kill me will increase!

According to my calculations, if a guy were to walk with a girl within the academy, 5 points of hate would be accumulated every minute, and for every girl added in, the points would be squared.

If I were to add them all in, it will be the square of the square of the square of the square of the square of 5. I will probably have about 2 x 10^22 points.

Un, it will definite ignite a war.

No, wait. This number will cause different effects, depending on the individual. Even though a single person will not affect much, but if tons of people were to be added in… then, war will break out!

Alright, as expected, it’s best to move alone.

“I decided. Princess Michelle, and Irlin, take Oyado, Snowmystel, and Lois to process their enrollment details. Aliyah and I will be heading to the academy to hand the form in.”

Not only will this prevent war from happening, I will avoid accumulating too much hate as well, I’m basically killing two birds with one stone!

“No, I think you should let Irlin accompany you.”

Princess Michelle suddenly said.

“You’re the strongest here, while Irlin’s the weakest, so it’s best if you move together with her. I’m confident in Aliyah’s combat abilities as well, so Aliyah should come with us.”

“Un… That’s fine as well.”

I looked towards Aliyah, and saw she had an indifferent expression.

“What do you think?”

Then, I asked this of Irlin.


Irlin looked at me astonishingly, and then, lowered her head embarrassingly.

“I… don’t mind.”

Eh? What’s with this situation? She should no longer be my fiancee, but why does it feel so weird…? I hurriedly opened my friend list, and searched for Irlin’s name.


【Childhood Friend】……

Damn it, World, you actually trolled me!!! Just what did you change my setting into!!!??

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  1. MXMach says:

    So this is the prev chapter… I still want to see what other things have the academy done which are supproted by the World and other things on the World system…


  2. gohankuten says:

    So Fir’s doll quest quest will eventually lead him to Lanya lol. And of course Fir get’s trolled and Irlin goes the childhood friend route hahahaha. Just wouldn’t be So What if its an RPG World without Fir getting trolled all the time by the world lol.


      • DMR says:

        I actually agree with you… somewhat… rather than me not liking the other pairs.. just, once they got put as fiancee to each other, it made their relationship have something special which a harem could only ruin….

        Like when an MC already has a girlfriend at the start of a story…

        If the mutual relationship happens early, then loyalty is best, if it happens later, go for harem…. that’s how I feel… few exceptions.. but that’s my feelings in general.


      • flame says:

        All I heard was.. Flame I agree with you and Kuroneko is best girl : 3

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        Then again Fir still remembers so possible hope.. he doesn’t seem as dense as most MCs thankfully


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    So Irlin is out of the race then, that’s pretty sad.

    Thank you for the dual chapters!


    • jon021 says:

      Childhood friends are usually the first girls introduced in a harem series, which usually means the one who will win the MC. Though she’s not the first girl, she still get the childhood friend advantage. Although Aliyah took the first place from her, she’s still pretty much in the race.


  4. Jan the man says:

    Hmm People is saying the world trolled him like he Said but really what happens if one change the past to much, thats dangerus so making something into something Else is logical and childhood friend isnt that different from fiancy exept for bound to be married:-P also that a part he was missing and this was the only possibilty to get one, exept for making one of the People he dosent remember apear or something like that:-P

    Now than to my point, i dont like it, i see it but dosent like it,liked the past better but this was the secound best i guess:-S anyway im still happy that i kept Reading:-)

    Thanks for the chapter good work:-D


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