Vol. 5 Chapter 11: Plan B

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“Eh? You killed him?”

The battle began fast, and it ended just as fast as well.

Just when Pryn appeared from the other side of the wall, the black barrier had already been dispelled. The Undead Follower which was freed from【Dead Silence】slowly crawled up from the ground.

(Undead Follower: Through necromancy, a corpse which has been turned into an undead servant. It retains its former battle ability and memories, but do not possess any cognitive ability. Can be controlled through the user’s spirit. )

“That’s right. This guy almost killed me. I don’t have any reason to let him live, right? And even after turning into an undead, his memories are still intact, right?”

“Well… You can be really frightening at times, huh…”

“Eh… Is that so?”

Strange, speaking of which… Why do I feel like killing my opponent whenever I’m forced into a corner?

Eh? That’s true. Back then, I didn’t really take notice of it, but… in the recent incidents, I seem to have this sort of impulse.

The thought of killing my targets to prevent any future troubles from occurring occasionally pops out in my mind. Just why…

“… Well, don’t make such a face. If someone were to try to kill me, I won’t go easy on them either. I was a Snow Elf in the past, but, back then, I obtained my title as a 【Saint】after killing countless of enemies as well.”

“Is that so? Looks like this 【World】isn’t completely fair either, huh. But for now, we should leave this place. Although I did cast a barrier, there’s still a possibility of this incident being leaked out. Let’s go.”


“With this, everyone’s here.”

Returning to the base, the living room was already crowded with people. But, other than Falan, Lanya, Yybril and Shir, there were no other newcomers.

But, in this room alone, consists of the strongest powerhouses in the academy.

No, not just the strongest powerhouses, it also consists of all the otherworlders in this academy.

“Wonderful, since everyone is here, then I will now explain the current situation in this academy~”

“Don’t we all know about that already~?”

Falan, who was at the side, said with a smile.

“Then, those who do not about it, please raise your hands~”


Everyone kept their silence. It seems everyone do know about it, huh.

Well, I guess it makes sense. Those who are here are either people who received the related details from me, or nobles themselves. Since everyone knows about it, there’s no need for further explanations.

“Then that’s great. I will proceed on to explain about our next course of action. We all know that we have three enemies. For this, let’s have Irlin, who once studied in Doge Military school, to explain further.”

“【Edward, the Black Prince】【William, the Knight of the Blue Seas】and【Euhans, the Sweeper】. These three Knight Squads are the squads which are created with the most faiths, and they received the approval from the school. In tomorrow’s school opening ceremony, it will be announced that they will be the candidates representing our academy for the 【Intercontinental Academy War】, but…”

“But we must ensure that we become one of the candidates, right~”

Princess Michelle excitedly said, and then, she slammed her hand onto the table.

Geez, watch your image, princess…

“Un, but right now, we have a problem.”

I pushed my glasses up.

“Even if we were to directly appeal to enter the battle like this, we might not be able to obtain the qualifications. After all, this academy is still ruled over by a large number of nobles, while we’re…”

“Where’s the problem in that! Just charge straight in and protest against them.”

“Oh esteemed princess, please have mercy on us. This isn’t the Ice Empire. If you were to do that, we will definitely be sieged by the three Knight Squads at the same time. No matter how strong we are, we won’t be able to hold against them if they were to attack us in turns.”

“… That sounds rather logical.”

“Hey hey, please think it through before you say anything. We’re currently moving as a team, so we have to move with the best interests in mind… Of course, even if you want me to a big scene, I will approve of it as well. To tell you the truth, that can be considered as Plan A, the frontal attack plan.”


“As the saying goes~ As long as it’s interesting.”

“Ehhh!? Then what’s the point of saying all that in the first place!?”

“But, that’s our last resort. After all, if we do that, we will have to be on the defensive the entire time.”

And, even though we otherworlders can resurrect ourselves completely, the inhabitants of this world will become undeads if they’re resurrected… No, even though my core can be used to make a resurrection potion, we won’t make it in time if we have to gouge out my heart and find someone capable of making the potion…

Truthfully, it’s almost impossible.

So, if we were to attack them head-on, we will be thrown into the defensive.

“Or… we can choose to use another method, which might give the same desirable outcome~ Dale, how’s your information hacking coming along?”

“We have already received the support of the Ice Empire and its surrounding kingdoms and duchies. We have to thank the Ice Empire for being influential in the Western Continent. In total, we have received 15% worth of support from the entire Western Continent.”

“Does that include the countries incapable of using the terminals?”

“That’s of course. And this includes those Magician Towers, independent guilds, and knight squads, who don’t involve themselves in matters like this. We’re free to use their names as we wish.”

Although it’s convenient to hack into these simple terminals, if we wish to control a large amount of data and information at the same time… we will have to rely on Dale.

“The number of votes… has been confirmed.”

“As expected of Dale, well done! This way, we will definitely appear on the list of squad candidates tomorrow… No, this way, we will be the center of attention. If we’re able to obtain a larger ratio, we will definitely be able to avoid a three-sided attack from the three Knight Squads. This is Plan B, the information manipulation plan.”

“But there’s no longer any other unused votes…”

“Then, let’s push this meeting aside for now. All members, move out now! Acquire all possible votes by force before dawn!”

“You guys are really reckless huh…”

Even Falan who was listening at the side could not help but drop a tsukkomi.

“Recklessness is our method for solving problems~ Does anyone else have a better suggestion? If there’s none, we will head straight out and threaten those who have already chose one of the three squads to join our side!”

“Wait a minute!”

Suddenly, Yybril, who had not uttered a single word till now, actually spoke up.

“I have a way to obtain the Church’s support!”

“Have me join the Church? Even if I don’t join them, I will still owe the Church a big favor if I ask them for help, you know.”

The Church’s terminal is in a half-sealed state. Their terminal only receives information from the outside world for a single minute every day, which isn’t long enough to send our virus.

Although it’s only the elementary phase, it’s still enough to cause a headache.

“A favor huh… Don’t mind about it. If you were to win this battle, the Church will also gain more worshipers, it’s a win-win situation.”

“Is that so? But how does that work?”

“In this academy, other than me, you’re the only one capable of unleashing an Angel’s Wing.”


I see, if that’s the case…

“Then, I will rely on you… Alright, the two listening in from outside. Since you’re already here, are you not planning on joining our discussion?”

“… Eh? Kechjen, didn’t you say these stealth suits were created with the combination of the newest alchemic techniques and some other weird technology? How were we discovered?”

“How would I know? Earlier, didn’t we manage to slip past without getting discovered?”

The back door slowly opened, and Kechjen and Princess Anne slowly walked into the room.

“Is it really alright for you two to have a rendezvous this late in the night?”

Seeing them taking out their cloaks, I laughed and asked.

“Of course not! Why would I have a rendezvous with such a miser!?”

“Hohoho, you still have the gall to say that when you were the one who looked for me to secretly purchase some stuffs. As expected of a princess.”

Anne Claudia, Witt Empire’s Princess – 【The Ice-Blue Girl】, she’s a princess that I had acquainted myself with during the live exercise.

Kechjen Kali, an extreme observer in the class. Although back then, I did make contact with him, I did not possess any intel about him, all I knew was that he’s the son of a very influential merchant.

But, when the terminals became universal, I found out something really serious. This guy’s family runs the largest guild in the Western Continent – the Dawnlight Guild.

Although he hid himself really deep, he will definitely suffer from over-relying on the web, for example, when he encounters a hacker of my level.

This guild not only engage in trade, it even has a department which focuses on pioneering new magic tools.

For example, the two stealth suits they’re wearing, are one of their new products…

But as to why I knew about this…

“Ah, that stealth suit uses the theory of magical circuits for 【Optical Camouflage】which I came up with, I even added a special backdoor. So, I’m able to see every single stealth suit.”

Dale said.

“Eh? So you’re the one providing my father the technological support through the terminal?”

“That’s right.”

“Of course, and do you think that if you were to simply stand right outside, Oyado won’t be able to notice you?”

The moment I said that, Oyado’s figure appeared beside me in an instant.

“Through Oyado, I was very clear of every movements you guys made outside, you know.”


The two of them looked at each other, and then laughed at the same time.

“Looks like… We didn’t come here for nothing, huh.”

“That’s right. With an investment like this, I think my father will agree to it as well.”

“Fir, you should be grateful. You have obtained the support of another large empire and a large guild. Right now, the percentage of support you possess…”


Dale laughed, as he knocked on the terminal’s screen.

“We have already received the required amount of votes.”

“The information warfare ends here. Then next up… will be the time to battle!”

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  1. Sicill says:

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    Using Oyado as an excuse to see their names. How clever. Its obvious Players would know. They own a map and everything


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