Vol. 5 Chapter 4: Academy Conflict

While walking towards Ms. Mari’s office, I was frustrated over the ‘childhood friends’ situation.

Childhood friends, this sort of setting actually appeared in this world!

In usual cases, it refers to partners who had played together since young, but… how is that possible? This setting is completely wrong.

Irlin and I did indeed leave from the same city, but… how was it possible for us to grow up together?

And back then, I did tell World to alter Irlin’s memories, and remove the fiancee setting.


Why did she become my childhood friend!?!?

After spending a long time thinking about this, the only conclusion I could come up with… was that World learnt that term from somewhere, and wondered if it would make an interesting setting.

Alright, this setting isn’t really something I can’t accept, but, I completely do not possess any memories as her childhood friend. In this situation, if she happened to have a weird childhood promise, then wouldn’t I be doomed…?


Suddenly, Irlin who had been silently following behind me, spoke up.

“What is it?”

“Do you still remember… the promise we made when we were young?”


Hey hey hey! A doomed flag!? Why!? World, you’re watching right!? Right!? It must be interesting for you, huh!? But you can’t play around with me like this! Just what the hell do you want from me!?

In times like this… In times like this, the usual male protagonists acting dumb is a standard route… No, wait. If I were to act dumb in a time like this, there’s a 20% chance of heading into a bad end! And this world isn’t a game world, so the actual possibility of it happening is much larger.


This probability looks small, but in actual fact, it’s very frightening.

This world is very similar to the real world, as you only possess a single try. Other than us otherworlders, if the inhabitants of this world were to die, their souls will immediately fall into the Abyss.

Alright, in that case, by initiating the attack, the probability of heading towards the bad end will at least be lower!

“Umm, we made so many promises back then, which one are you referring to?”

“Eh? Really? Umm… Did I really make that many promises? Umm, umm… Next time then! It’s not the time yet, so…”


Is she confused? Was it really such an embarrassing question?

If that’s really true, then, I will find it hard to give a reply as well.

But, this way, I have forcefully avoided the worst end, right? I feel sorry for Irlin, but I, who was forced into this fake role, have no idea what kind of person I am in her memories. Without sufficient information, I can’t make any random actions.

“Speaking of which… Recently, your relationship with Princess Michelle has gotten better, did something happen?”

“Ah, that’s right. because… Because, you know, our Wood household fell from grace in the Mitchell Kingdom, which caused our household to lose our influence in the Mitchell Kingdom. Even if I were to graduate from Doge Military School, I will still be unable to return to my squad and become its Knight Captain… Even though there are people who are willing to follow me, but…”

Fell from grace? Although I have a lot of questions, but the main reason to this was because that bastard king wished to directly steal the Wood household’s activation key to the underground relic, right? Even if their household had lost two pillars of support, they shouldn’t have fell so much… Unless you’re telling me this is necessary for the scenario to progress…

“When I told Princess Michelle about this, she was so agitated that she made me her guardian knight! Even though I was weaker than her, she still went ahead with my appointment, despite her family’s disapproval. Then, I accepted it.”

I see, in that case, it’s quite a good outcome.

“But… But, it’s really great that I’m able to study with Fir in the same academy. We can take care of each other and stuffs like that…”

“Yeah. But it’s only made possible with this new school term, otherwise, the distance would be really annoying. Speaking of which, back then, when you were in Doge Military School, did you notice any direct conflict between nobles and commoners?”

“Un, it was indeed really serious. After all, everyone were hot-blooded warriors. If any sort of problem arises, they will immediately resolve it with a battle.”

The moment we started talking about this topic, Irlin instantly recovered her calmness, and a stern expression appeared on her face.

As I thought, only in times like this would she reveal her nature as a knight?

“Hence, accidents happen continuously, but this sort of battles raises the warriors’ battle abilities, and after each incident, the nobles would always support the noble who was involved in the battle, so…”

”“So everything would have been settled, right? Really. But the situation now is different. After all, magicians from the Magic Academy are now included as well. Any casual duel will cause a huge problem.”

“And from Senior Lanya’s tone earlier, it seems such things have already happened. But just how severe is it…”

“We will know really soon. Look.”

I pointed to the front, and three swordsmen, who were holding onto the swords on their waist, were slowly walking towards us. Then, they looked at with provocative eyes.

They’re going to act so quickly? This is really…

“That knight young lady over there, please get away from that magician. He’s someone with no sense of honor as a knight, a trash like him isn’t fit for you!”

Speaking of which, Irlin’s had the mark of the Royal Family’s Knights on her armor, while I was wearing a simple magician apprentice robe.

After all, I don’t have the habit of showing the mark of a State Magician on my chest.

But, of course, I won’t ever show that sort of thing openly, otherwise, things wouldn’t be this interesting~

“Fir isn’t…”

Before Irlin could finish, I stretched my hands out to stop her.

Looking at the marks on their chests, I could see that two of them were intermediate-grade and one of them were beginner-grade. They even have their family crests beside those marks. Wonderful.

“Earlier, you said that, because of battles like this, it would also improve the students’ battle abilities. So no one… would voice any complains, right?”


“Then that settles it. Hey, the three over there. Come. I’m not going to say things like a fair one-on-one duel. Be careful not to get killed.”

“You bastard! Just you wait! Battle Barrier open!”

A red barrier instantly expanded, with the three swordsmen at its center. Then, a barrier encompassing a hundred meters was completed.

Ting! Entering Duel Mode

Duel Mode: The battle will not result to deaths to either party. The battle will immediately end once either party concedes or is unable to battle. EXP Gain: 80%

Herus Dei LV 17 Knight
[Neutral] [Devoted] [Aureola Empire’s State Knight]

Euhan Anrebel LV 15 Knight
[Neutral] [One with Heavy Sense of Morality] [Jasyton Kingdom’s State Knight]

Hashe Herc LV 13 Knight
[Neutral] [Extremist] [Duchy of Marc’s State Knight]

I see, looks like our system and this world’s rules have merged.

Then that make things easier.


“Ultimate Arcane – Unnatural Cold Flames.”

The intermediate-grade knight at the center had only just raised his sword and was about to rush towards me, but with a wave of my hand, a white strip of flames flew speedily towards him!


Evidently, he had never seen a spell like this before. After hesitating for a moment, he chose to retreat.

The direction of charge instantly changed. He seemed to have used some sort of skill, as his figure swayed, and actually managed to dodge my cold flames!

But, even if he managed to dodge it, the white flames were still able to freeze the armor on his right arm! And, not just that, when he balanced himself, the part of the armor which was covered in white frost instantly cracked, and a hole opened up.

“How… How is this possible?”

“I think it’s best if you watch your back.”

I kindly reminded him. With a flick of my finger, the white flames made a turn in the air, and flew right back towards him!

“Ar… Arcane – Edward’s Sword!”

A black shadow was suddenly emitted out from his body, and it rushed out of his body! It collided with the white flames, and was instantly turned into an ice sculpture!

But, the white cold air enveloped the surroundings at the same time, and instantly, his HP dropped to 50%, and was thrown into a frozen state!

This wasn’t unexpected. After all, he was only a LV 17 intermediate-grade knight. And, he’s simply a knight-in-training, so he don’t really have that much battle experience in the first place, right?

“Next? Who’s up?”

My tachi was broken, and my Blasphemer, which was left stabbed in Blazing Horn’s neck, disappeared. I have no choice but to attack with my bare hands.


There’s not much of a difference, right?

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56 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 4: Academy Conflict

  1. DMR says:

    Really? A bunch of random arrogant pricks who think they’re better cause they’re knights?

    That said… our MC really didn’t think when he took away her fiancee status. Before, she actually had his National Magician status as protection, being his fiancee since it seemed her household was in deep trouble.

    And being in a relationship would be bad for her? Did he even try to understand it? He was too rash.. too too rash.

    That Said, I loved both of these chapters and missed the school life and Irlin XD

    Thanks for the chapters XD


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