Vol. 5 Chapter 30: Black Chesspiece

Remember the post I put up, saying releases will be delayed? I lied.

The moment the battle began, as expected, similar to his battle with Anne before, he swung his long spear to the right, and then, accelerated towards me!

Compared to the many different types of weapons, spears are considered to be among the lighter ones. In other words, this guy prioritizes speed… no, to be exact, this guy’s attacks depend on speed.

Back during his battle with Princess Anne, I had already understood his battle style after watching his extremely quick attacks. It’s impossible for this guy’s weapon to possess the ability to change its form like Masha’s, and, in his list of titles, other than【Arcane Possessor】, there’s nothing much that I need to watch out for.

What I might need to watch out for are his 【Black Prince’s Spear Techniques】,【Royal Family’s Spear Techniques】and the skill which allows him to summon an armor. About that skill, we could not find any relevant information about it, so… let’s take some time to gather information about it.

“Arcane – Black Prince’s Chow-down!!!!!”

The instant Arnus reached right before me, his entire body emitted out a black glow. At the same time, he retracted his long spear, and then, like a gatling gun, it was thrusted crazily towards me!

“Quick Steps, Accelerate, Charge!”

He thrusted his spear towards me, but, I had already used a short-distance charge to leave my initial position. Although【Shadow Sneak】bring about the same effects, it’s currently early in the afternoon, and there’s not many shadows to make use of, hence, it’s not really effective in this situation.

Thus, I had no choice but to avoid it directly.

After dodging to the side, his spear thrusted constantly towards my initial position, and the airbursts shot out from the tip of the spear, blasted onto the wall of the barrier behind me.

Of course, it’s all thanks to the spear’s weakness that I was able to dodge the attack this easily.  Even though it’s light and quick, it can only attack in a single direction at a time!

And in times like this, his flank was completely exposed.

“Arcane – Iai Slash!”

Slightly lowering my body, I ruthlessly slashed my katana towards Arnus.

Back then, I expressed my interest in Bai Yueguang’s set of skills, and wanted to study them. I thus learnt a couple of Samurai skills from him, and of course, I told him about the Warrior skills that I know as well.

Forget about magic spells, although I’m able to use every type of skills, Bai Yueguang isn’t able to do that. So, there’s no point in teaching him the spells.

The focus of the Iai Slash is not its destructive power against its target, but the slashing power produced in the instant the attack is initiated!

After experimenting with it, I realized anything can be sliced with a single Iai Slash, as long as it’s not magical reinforced. Of course, the thickness of the object must not exceed 0.5m, and its width must not exceed a full meter either.

And before my eyes, the spear Arnus was holding was evidently nothing but a normal weapon. The sword wave produced flashed past, and his spear was instantly sliced into two pieces.


Arnus leaped back quickly, and looked at me with a very terrified expression.

“How is this possible… You’re actually able to slice apart this metal alloyed spear, this…”

“Alloy? Interesting. What alloy is it? Titanium? Aluminum?”

“You… How do you know about these alloys as well!? Unless you possess the ability to create those high-grade metal alloys?”

“Ara, I simply read a lot more books, that’s all.”

I laughed and once again kept the katana into its sheath.

There’s nothing I can do about it. The skill button for Iai Slash can only be used when the katana is its in sheath. It’s honestly really troublesome.

“Hmph! Looks like you do indeed have many secrets kept deep within. It seems I can only…”

“Super Arcane – Freezer of the Hell’s Kitchen.”

The moment his body emitted out black wisps of air, I immediately used my summoning magic.

A giant freezer locked us in, similar to the time I had my battle with Bai Yueguang.

“Hey! What is this!? Just what did you…”

“I already told you, I’m simply a Magician who have read a lot more books than others.”

After saying that, I immediately plucked out an ice spike beside me, and ruthlessly stabbed it into my own body.


But the scream came from the other side.

Miasma was constantly emitted out from his body, and a large amount of his HP was lost.

“You bastard… Just what is this…”

“Just to let you know, I really hate unexpected events, so I plan to defeat you without giving you the opportunity to attack!”

After saying that, I once again stabbed myself with the spike, and the miasma emitted out from Arnus’ body became even denser. An instant later, he knelt and fell onto the ground.

【NEET Tea Party】obtained victory.
Points Awarded: 1
Total Points: 15

Right after the end-of-battle notification rang, the Battle Barrier and Freezer were automatically dispelled.

“I’m sorry. You guys were commanded to attack us like this, but, victory is our only goal. So, no matter what, we will have to obtain victory.”

Looking at Arnus who collapsed onto the ground, I sighed.

“I really wish to have a direct confrontation with you guys, however, ever since I found out that you guys are only able to battle when your superiors order you to, I changed my mind.”

“Is that so… Haha… That’s indeed the right choice… I will tell you this… When we said that we would have a fair battle at the start, that was nothing but an order given by superiors as well! You guys simply do not understand! Everything is within their calculations, you guys can’t hope to win!”

Arnus revealed a smirk, and then fiercely stared at me.

“Oh, really now? But… There’s something you don’t understand.”


“You’re nothing but a chesspiece as well!”

Arnus Yeun
LV 32 Spear Knight
[Neutral] [Progressor] [Knight of the State Knight Squad] [Arcane Possessor] [Chesspiece]【Black Spear Baron】[Doge Military School Student]

I had always been wondering what this [Chesspiece] title meant.

Back then, Masha gave me a hint. These Squad Leaders were nothing more than scapegoats used to shoulder responsibilities.

“Hmph… Even if that’s the case… Kuh!”

Suddenly, my attack warning rang crazily!

I instinctively tapped on the Charge button, and I instantly retreated to the shadows of the building nearby.

If I’m here, I will be able to use Shadow Sneak, and I will have a guaranteed outburst of speed.


“This doesn’t look good at all…”

Miasma started to constantly pour out from Arnus’ body, and, the miasma actually began to slowly envelop his entire being!

“Hahaha, I see, so this thing was actually… I see, I see! Hahahahaha!”

And, this guy actually began to laugh madly.

With his body being enveloped by the miasma, he actually took on a black sphere-like shape!

“Student Arnus, the battle has already concluded! Hurry and release your armament!”

The teacher in-charge of judging this battle was a male instructor from Doge Military School, who wore a full grey leather armor. He pulled out two short swords from his back, and pointed them at the black ball floating in the air.


But the black sphere floated in the air, without making any sort of movements or sound.

In an instant later! Suddenly, countless energy waves crazily shot towards the instructor.

That instructor quickly swung his two swords about, blocking the oncoming waves. But, he could not hold long against the constant barrage of attacks. After blocking a couple of the black waves, his abdomen was struck by one of the energy waves, and his entire body was smashed into a wall behind him, fainting instantly!

“That’s right, it’s this feeling! Fir! Let’s go for another round!”

The black spear suddenly opened, and a black figure walked out of it. On his body… It seems like he’s wearing a full-body black armor?

Arnus Yeun
【No Data】【No Data】
【No Data】【No Data】【No Data】

“… World-chan, what is this situation? Are you slacking off?”

Looking at those weird titles, I bitterly smiled.

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    • xandarth says:

      In nature it is pretty much always found in alloy form from what I understand and you need to have the ability to manipulate electricity to seperate out the true element.

      Maybe that was what they meant…. or perhaps they have no idea what they are talking about 😛


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