Vol. 5 Chapter 6: Intercontinental Academy War

“Un… Speaking of which, Fir. You seem to know what’s happening in the academy, right?”

Taking the form off my hands, as I expected, she only took a glance at it before throwing it to a side.

Really, I still used thirty seconds of my precious time to write that, you know. And she dismissed it just like that, as expected of Ms. Mari, I guess.

“Well, I have a general idea… How did you figure it out?”

“Because there’s a hole in your magician robe. And this robe is a new design, specially made for this new school term. Since you came back only recently, you definitely suffered an attack only after you got back…”

“Teacher, have you been reading detective light novels?”

She even noticed such details… Speaking of which, it seems those three aren’t that bad either. At least, they were able to… harm my clothes.

“They’re indeed pretty interesting. Do you want to read them as well?”

Ms. Mari laughed as she took out two books from her drawer, and threw them to me.

“Well, after finishing them, I don’t plan on reading them a second time, so take them.”

“Oh… But is this really alright?”

“Un, what are you referring to?”

“I’m referring to the battles in the academy. Those knights are currently attacking others outside, and their targets are always beginner-grade magician apprentices, you know.”

“They provided the remaining funds needed to research the 【Battle Barrier】, and that thing has already been proven to be 100% effective.”

“So the academy has already completely authorized these sorts of battles?”

Well, you can say that. Oh right, this is your 【Battle Barrier】. Before every battle, you must definitely open it. We no longer possess enough funds to fix the academy’s buildings.”


It’s that simple? A barrier that allows students to battle each other? And with this, you’re just going to authorize students to engage in battles?

No, it’s definitely not this simple. Wasn’t the purpose of the merger between the two schools to create a team strong enough to go against the Eastern Continent? If these conflicts were to continue, there’s no way for this objective to be fulfilled, right?

“… The three Knight Squads, what happens when one of them wins?”

“Oh, I didn’t think that you would know about this as well.”

Ms. Mari looked at me curiously.

“Did you come up with that on your own, or did someone tell you about that?”

“Hey hey, I didn’t even tell you how much I know… Let me see, even some of the knights in those Knight Squads do not know much of the details, right? So? What is it this time? In the Annual Tournament in the last school term, it was basically a platform for nobles to compete, but in the end, I was thrown into the mix. This time, couldn’t you guys have gave me a heads-up or something?”

“Really, how did I end up with a student whose mind is filled with so many conspiracy theories… If those Military Specialists in the Doge Military School knew of this talent of yours, they will definitely force you into military affairs. You might even be able to become a Marshal.”

“A Magician who becomes a Marshal? I might really give that a try in the future.”

Irlin, who had been watching us from the side the entire time, started giggling. Haah, really. If you want to laugh, laugh loudly. Not that it would offend me in any way, you know?

“Alright, since you already knew, then I will ‘accidentally’ tell you some details regarding this situation.”

‘Accidentally’… Alright, looks like things will be interesting.

”Responding to this challenge by the Eastern Continent, if a war were to actually occur, our entire continent will be thrown into the chaos, and many people will die. You understand this, right?”

“That’s right.”

“So, we decided to initiate an 【Intercontinental Academy War】, whereby a selected team of less than 100 students from our academy will take part in a battle with other schools in the Western and Eastern Continents.”

“Oh god… I figured it would be something like that…”

Intercontinental? Things have escalated pretty quickly, huh.

But, this also means that there will be more EXP, skills, and treasures to ste- no, to be rewarded with!


“Does it have to be one of these three Knight Squads? Although we, magicians, are few in numbers, it does not mean we will definitely lose, right?”

“You can’t be thinking…”

Ms. Mari stared at me for quite a while, and then, sighed.

“Of course, it doesn’t have to be one of them. But the recruitment war had already began ever since the start of the vacation, and many people had already been pulled into the three squads, you know? What are you planning to do?”

“Numbers… have never been the reason for my victories.”

“Oh, is that so? Then, I wish you good luck. The thing about the 【Intercontinental Academy War】will be announced at the start of the school term, which is tomorrow. By then…”

“I know, I know. Now then, you don’t have anything else for me, is there? Then I will be taking my leave. Irlin, let’s go.”


“Hey hey, don’t forget about the books.”

An attack warning suddenly appeared behind me. I quickly squatted, and two books flew straight over my head and smashed into the door.

The door cracked open…

“Aaaaaaaaaaah!! My door!!”

Hearing Ms. Mari’s roar, I laughed, and then, took the two books off the door.

“Thanks. See you later.”

Saying this, Irlin and I left the office.

After leaving the office, I immediately opened up my friend message window.

Aliyah, Dale, Bai Yueguang and… Eh, Tai Shixi?

As I pulled the friend list downwards, I suddenly saw something unbelievable!

Tai Shixi’s name was actually in the friend message list, and not in the regular list! This only means one thing… and that’s she like us, an otherworlder!

Back then, she did not speak much, and hence I thought she was an inhabitant of this world as well, but I didn’t expect she was actually… Alright then. Tapping on her name as well, I speedily sent a message to everyone.

‘Hurry and gather at my house! I’m going to start a war!’


‘Are you crazy!? But I like it! I will be heading there after finishing my lunch.’

This came from Bai Yueguang.

‘That sounds interesting. Are you planning a massacre? We have already finished the registration on our end, but we encountered some troublemakers along the way. Is this the reason why you’re starting a war?’

The next message came from Aliyah.

‘Sending the message to Bai Yueguang was already enough, why did you send it to me as well?’

A reply came from Tai Shixi next.

‘I will head over after I’m done dealing with these idiotic knights.’

And lastly, from Dale.

Wonderful… It seems like we have at least 11 people in our team, right?

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44 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 6: Intercontinental Academy War

  1. DMR says:

    War!!!! War!!!! WAR!!!!!!

    It seems that Fir’s harem (and Dale) along with that Bai dude are gonna start a war!!!!

    Can’t wait for the massacre and the romcom to finally return!!!

    Thanks for the chapter XD

    Liked by 5 people

      • DMR says:

        No, they aren’t a part of his harem…

        He only has ladies in it… the guys are just his servants to do his dirty work while he’s “working” with his ladies…


      • DMR says:

        He doesn’t ignore them… he’s already admitted attraction to the non-loli’s and showed some towards a few loli’s (or at least siscon-ness).

        He’s just not willing to get into a bad relation and wants to make his girls happy.

        Heck, he loved having a fiancee, he just didn’t think he could make her happy and had it ended.


      • DMR says:

        Boy just needs confidence in himself. Then he’d at least have 1 girlfriend/fiancee and all…

        Though it might also be because he is an “other-worlder” and might suddenly be forced to leave them….(which no matter how much I hate it, makes sense).

        But the heart (and the d***) don’t follow logic. The guy is just too smart for his own good and ruining things for us readers.


  2. acefisher says:

    I can see Fir gathering all of his otherworld acquaintances as well into his faction. Then it snowballs, gathering all the magic knights and a number of the magicians from elementary grade and up. Before too long, Fir will have the entire school under him. Fir is definitely going to enjoy this “war.”


  3. flame says:

    But of course.. after that library burning.. must requires additional pylons…. Thanks for the chapters Scrya ^_^ I need to start my on character >W< due to the current one being out dated / me being bad with names :S (I can barely remember them in real life when I know what people look like X3 !)


  4. Anonymous says:

    These feels more like a street gang war.

    Rap music should be playing whenever those barriers are erected.

    I wonder if Fir will have a mission to follow a train.

    Thank you for the dual releases once again!


  5. kuroshiki says:

    A team with Otherworlder that can use instant skill …..

    Isn’t that mean they WILL win except the Demon Lord come and interrupt the battle ?

    Oh wait … the Demon Lord also a Otherworlder ….


  6. ratatoskr2 says:

    War war waaarr!! It was said that there’s strength in numbers, but could it compare with pure strength and power. Not to mention a group of those sp freaks. Those knights/nobles have no idea what they’re up against. Gonna get mowed down.


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