Vol. 5 Chapter 5: Prelude to the Academy War

The three of them glanced at each other. Crossing their arms, a weird red glow were then emitted out from their bodies at the same time.

“Arcane – Knight’s Honor!”

The three of them raised their swords at the same time. The two at the side speedily made a curve towards my two flanks, while the one in the center charged straight towards me!

A three-sided attack? Looks like they’re not just some random mash-up party, but comrades who have fought together for quite a long time.

But, this isn’t the time to praise my opponents. After all, I have a few questions that I need to ask these three knights.

I pointed my finger to the ground, and an ice totem was grew quickly from the earth, sending me to the skies.

Three sword waves immediately shattered the base of the ice totem, but, I had already activated Charge towards the front, and with Light Steps activated as well, I landed gently onto the ground behind them.

I turned to face them, and erected three ice walls, blocking their paths. Immediately after, I summoned three ice totems below their feet, sending the three of them flying.

Even if I were to kill them in this barrier, they won’t actually die. But, I don’t have the intention of killing them anyway.

Since they’re so dedicated to the knight’s code, if they were to be eliminated by a magician like this, they will definitely hate me to the core. I don’t wish for that to happen, because it will make questioning them a little difficult.

“Multiple Ice Shields! Shield Bash!”

Nine ice shields instantly sandwiched them from three directions, and at the same time, I activated Shield Bash. The three of them were instantly immobilized.

“You guys sure are brave. To think you would still try to attack me after that one attack of mine.”

“A knight’s code… How would you magicians… understand…”

The knight called John said as he struggled to break free. But, the three of them who were off the ground were basically unable to activate any Charge-related skills.

And since they did not try to dodge my attack, it’s impossible for them to break free now they’re caught.

“Oh. Is that so? Then why don’t you guys tell me about your knight’s code? As knights, I believe you guys shouldn’t be willing to duel with an unarmed magician, after all, it’s something unbecoming of a knight, right?”

“This… But, you…”

“Of course, I’m an exception.”

I pushed my glasses up, and continued.

“I’m stronger than average people, so you don’t have to mind about that. But, you guys should have attacked other magicians before, am I right? Oh right, the reason why you guys attacked me was definitely because of the beginner-grade magician robe I’m wearing. This completely goes against your knight’s code, isn’t it? So, are you guys simply hypocrites?”

“Of course not! We’re not…”

“Of course not. Your knight’s code is simply something you nobles came up with. Naturally, it will be influenced by your status as a noble, right? A beginner-grade commoner magician, that’s how you select your opponents, right?”

“No… It’s just… It’s just that, this is something we must do.”


Wonderful, everything is within my predictions, it seems.

Even if there’s a merger between Doge Military School and our academy, it doesn’t make sense for conflict to break out this quickly. Otherwise, it would have been too easy for war to break out in this academy.

“This was an order passed down by the school’s Knight Squads.”

“Knight Squads? Interesting. Do you mind elaborating on that? If I recall correctly, you guys belong to different countries right? The Knight Squads are different in every countries, isn’t it? Why did you guys form a party?”

“The Knight Squads we’re referring to are not the usual Knight Squads, but an organization which was formed with different faiths within the school.”

“Different faiths? Alright, I don’t really understand that bit. Do you mind…”

“Because Knights rely on learning the skills of Heroes to acquire strength.”

Suddenly, Irlin quickly added in.

“【Edward, the Black Prince】,【William, the Knight of the Blue Seas】【Euhans, the Sweeper】, if I recall correctly, these are the three large Knight Squads in Doge Military School. Fir, training in the ways of a Knight requires the inheritance of different knights’ faiths. These three Knights are the strongest Knights in legends, so they have the highest number of believers as well. Earlier, they used 【Edward’s Sword】, so they should be members of the 【Black Prince Knight Squad】.”

“That’s right, we’re members of the 【Black Prince’s Knight Squad】, and our Knight Squad…”

“I see, basically, under the approval of the academy, your three Knight Squads, are allowed to continue with your warring activities in our Magic Academy. But, due to us, magicians, you guys require us to join one of your factions, right? You, knights, number ten times more than us, so your influence in this academy is much stronger than us, magicians’. And most of you, knights, are nobles, because most of the poor commoners decide to become mercenaries, rather than knights, right?”


As I thought, now that I know they are separated into different factions, then I’m able to come up with the reason for this meaningless conflict.

Who would be so bored to challenge someone everyday in school!? Do you think this is ‘Pokemon’!? As if there are countless of trainers waiting for you to take their money…


But this does sound pretty good as well, as I will be able to raise my level from this.

“… If I have to make a guess, after defeating the magicians, you guys will either request them to support your Knight Squad… or warn them not to get involved in the conflict, right?”

“Yes… that’s right.”

“Wonderful. That’s all I need to know.”

I snapped my fingers, and the ice shields immobilizing them instantly dispersed.

“Thank you for your cooperation. But… I hope that you guys will no longer attack any of my magicians. Otherwise, things will no longer be this easy… I guarantee it.”

I said with a very happy smile.

“【Saint Louis, the Mage】, so that’s your faith?”

“Un, that’s right. Most of the Magic Knights believe in the【Mage】.”

As we continued our walk to the office, I started to consult Irlin about the things regarding the Knight’s faiths.

“There’s no elemental restriction?”

“No. Because when Saint Louis was a knight, he borrowed the power of external magic crystals to become a Magic Knight. So, he was not restricted to a single element.”

“That’s really convenient.”

As I looked at Irlin who was talking about this topic excitedly, I laughed and continued.

“Then, regarding the three squads, what’s your take on them?”

“My small squad do not really care about things like that. Although us, Magic Knights, belong in the minority, we are not weak. We just have to settle things among ourselves, that’s all.”

“Un, that’s not wrong either. But, this time, it’s an exception.”

I looked at Irlin really seriously, and said that.

I didn’t expect to encounter such a troublesome issue the moment I return to the academy, but evidently, it’s not really a bad situation.

Since it already happened, wouldn’t it be better if I make it more interesting?

And this is a good opportunity to earn EXP~

“Although many things have already happened in the academy… what do you think about reversing the whole situation?”

“Reversing the situation?”

“Since they have already separated into different factions, and they’re warring in our academy, then… we should come together.”

“Come together?”

Irlin seemed to look really doubtful, while I summoned a magic sword, and continued.

“Let’s form a Magic Squad. I believe… our magic spells, compared to any knight skill, are even frightening existences. Am I right?”

“This… Un…”

Irlin pondered for a moment, and then smiled.

“You’re saying, Magicians and Magic Knights should come together?”

“That’s of course.”

“Then… I will work hard as well!”

Since there are people who wants to turn this academy into a battlefield, then I shall make this battlefield… into an EXP grinding paradise!

Battle Ended.

No Kills.
EXP Gained: 0
Title [Kind] leveled up!
Current LV: 3

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23 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 5: Prelude to the Academy War

  1. Sean Penrod says:

    Was I the only one who really loved that irony at the end?
    “Since there are people who wants to turn this academy into a battlefield, then I shall make this battlefield… into an EXP grinding paradise!

    Battle Ended.

    No Kills.
    EXP Gained: 0
    Title [Kind] leveled up!
    Current LV: 3”

    Liked by 4 people

  2. RKain says:

    And Fir’s plan dies before it begins. The EXP-grinding part of it, at least. Though Irlin’s probably crazy motivated by now (for “mysterious” reasons) so he can’t really back out. Hee hee.

    My thanks to you, Scrya.


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