Vol. 5 Chapter 7: Team Establishment

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“Then I will take this apartment. This is a 100,000 Gold voucher, I will be taking the furniture inside as well.”

Princess Michelle who was in front of me took a sparkling gold card, and handed it to the housing agent.

He wiped off his sweat, and after taking the gold card, he hurriedly nodded.

“Yes, yes. Princess, please do not worry, I will dispatch some people to clean the place in the afternoon, so please…”

“Alright, alright, I know.”

“Then… Then I will not disturb you any further. I will be taking my leave.”

After saying that, he quickly left, as if he had just seen a ghost.

But, I guess it’s understandable. After all, if someone were to suddenly pop into your office, and say she needed a house immediately, and even paid the full sum right away, an average person’s legs would definitely give way, right?

And that’s especially so when the person who requested it was a princess. It must have been terrifying for him.

This all started after we gathered at my apartment, and I suggested the idea of creating a new squad. What I did not expect was, everyone actually agreed to it!

You guys definitely agreed only because it sounded interesting, right!?

Though, that’s how I feel as well.

But what’s with those pairs of sparkling eyes? Even Irlin was showing the same eager expression as well. You guys just want to pick a fight, right?

Alright, I feel the same way too.

And then, you guys saw what happened next. Princess Michelle decided to sponsor our squad, and bought an empty apartment outside the academy as our base of operations. Although it was at the edge of the city, 100,000 gold for a five-storeys apartment with a backyard was still a bargain.

Well, in any case, I approve of this move. With this, the rent money needed for another apartment has been saved as well. This is really wonderful.

Opening the door, we realized the furniture inside the apartment were still brand-new, and most of them seemed to have only been bought recently.

This instantly gave me a weird feeling.

“Is there really no problems with this apartment? For some reason, I feel there’s something wrong with this place.”

“Well~ It’s not really a problem. Even if there’s something wrong, there’s no need for us to be afraid, is there?”

Princess Michelle said without any worries, and with clouds of dust trailing behind her, she ran up the stairs.

“The room at the highest floor is mine! First come, first serve!”

“I want the room on the top floors as well!”

“Me too!”

Right after, most of the people immediately ran up the stairs. Hey hey, you guys aren’t here to have fun, you know?

But whatever, it really isn’t that important anyway.

I turned to look at the remaining people. Bai Yueguang, Dale, Tai Shixi… and even Ms. Snow.

“Ms. Snow, you…”

“Wherever Master lives, will be where I live as well~”

Why are you saying such things so happily!?

“No, no. I think it’s best if you find a room for yourself.”

“Call me Pryn. Stop calling me Ms. Snow~”

“… If you live in your own room, I will consider it.”

“Master, do you dislike me?”

“And, don’t call me Master. People will think I’m a pervert. Call me Fir.”

“Even though you were the one who summoned me…”

“Just why are you being so moe for. You’re evidently older than all of us comb-”

A punch heavily landed on my stomach. Even though I didn’t lose a single HP, I was still sent flying, and I crashed into the wall.

When I turned to look, Ms. Snow was looking at me with her fist raised, and her face was full of smiles.

This isn’t the time to be smiling, right!?

And the other three people silently took a step back.

You guys are too heartless! Why aren’t you guys saving me?

“Ah, what were you saying earlier?”

“Nothing, Ms. Snow…”


“No, Pryn…”

“Well~ That’s better~ Fir-chan~”

If you add a ‘chan’, doesn’t that expose your age? Idiot.

But it’s best that I don’t say that out loud.

“Alright, let’s leave choosing a room aside for now. Let’s first head over to the academy to pull some people into our squad. In theory, we can have a team of up to 100 people, but truthfully, we do not need that many. So, we just have to reel in those who are stronger. But, if you were to spot some meaningless battles, please deal with them. What we need is the support of the magician students, and some of the knights’ as well. Only this way will we be able to guarantee our squad’s safety.”

“This isn’t any different from a guild, is it? I understand, I understand.”

Bai Yueguang nodded, and glanced at Tai Shixi.

She then nodded as well.

“Well~ As long as I’m able to bully people.”

I seemed to have heard something unbelievable just now. So you were actually a schemer?

I realized there really isn’t anyone that’s normal around me, other than myself.

Speaking of which, these two don’t look out of place at all while wearing the academy’s light armor for warriors. It seems all melee-classes really do look good in these outfits.

And I had already taught the 【Hair Manipulation Technique】to the three people from the Eastern Continent. But the only ones who changed their hair color were Bai Yueguang and Hei Luoli. Because Tai Shixi’s hair color was purple in the first place.

But I guess people won’t really mind such minor details. As long as it’s not black, there basically isn’t a problem. After all, currently, tension between the Eastern and Western Continents is high.

After sending the two people off, Dale, who was beside me, suddenly raised his head.

“Oh right, is it alright if I move my laboratory to the basement? I will be able to save the rent money needed for the laboratory then.”

Dale suddenly said.

“Then you’re in-charge of digging out the basement. And you must promise me explosions won’t happen.”

“I can design it such that the walls are resistant to even nuclear explosions.”

“Just what did you work as in the past? Someone that develops refuge chambers for the president?”

“I don’t know. But I do know how to make nuclear bombs.”


“Just joking.”

“Hey hey! That’s not funny at all! Alright, do whatever you want. But make sure you don’t cause any problems.”

“Of course.”

After saying that, he took out a segway, and zoomed off.

Oh my god! He even made something like that! Make one for me as well! I want one too!

“Alright, it’s time for us to leave as well.”

I dusted off my clothes, and continued.

“First off… Let’s find some strong comrades.”

“Alright~ Fir-chan~”

Hey, Ms. Pryn, that’s enough.

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29 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 7: Team Establishment

  1. RyuGen says:

    haha that hag I mean snow sure is dangerous what is with woman that are sensitive to age. Anyhow its kl how they are like a guild now I can expect more fun stuff to happen. LoL that would be awesome if Dale can make a nuclear bomb I don’t think the world system would be able to contain that especially if he made lots of it.


  2. xxpointblanqxx says:

    That video…. wtf man? wtf?
    im so confused…… and weirded out…


  3. shinahsan says:

    OH MY GOD!!! I LOVE XIAO PING GUO LMAO. My friend, student from China, showed it to me going like this is all the rage in China right now (this was about a year ago). I was like that seems interesting, watched it, and couldn’t get it out of my head LOL. Seriously, I even showed it to a bunch of my friends successfully creeping them out >.>


  4. asdf says:

    thank you very much for the translation 🙂

    xiao de pingguo … shudder … hate that song to the bone or rather that i am always supposed to sing it when ppl manage to drag me to a ktv.


  5. pepperisk says:

    ‘I realized there really isn’t anyone that’s normal around me, other than myself.’

    No, no. Clearly you’re the worst out of everyone, Fir.


  6. Jun Roberts says:

    Though I’ve never commented before…
    Telling us not to watch it is like reverse psychology of course were gonna watch it!
    This video is amazing it made me experience so many, many things!
    Fear, puking, laughter, multiple head banging on the wall, curiosity and more fear truly dreadful~


  7. flame says:

    Good chapter :3 Dale can build anything it seems… Wouldn’t be surprised if he had a hand in the computers… Anyway thanks scrya I’ve seen videos with that song but never the original :3!


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