Vol. 5 Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits

Sorry for the slightly late chapter!

“Is this really alright…”

Seeing Princess Anne walking into the barrier while holding onto her staff, Dale suddenly asked.

“Un? Since she herself said it’s fine, then let her have a try. Even if she loses, it doesn’t matter much to us anyway, right?”


“What’s with that expression of yours? Unless… You’re actually… towards Princess Anne…”

“No! I just don’t wish any of my targets for characteristics research to experience any problems, that’s all.”

Dale pursed his lips, then, he turned and left.

Just what the hell is this guy thinking… Oh well, whatever.

Turning to look at the field of battle, I realized the challenger appearing at the other side of it… was actually Arnus of 【Black Prince】.


Shameless. This is utterly shameless. Are all squad leaders disposable nowadays?

Earlier, we had just abducted a squad leader, and now, another squad’s squad leader actually challenged our team’s lowest leveled Magician…

Do you wish to be abducted as well?

No, no, no. By using their strongest combat potential to fight against our weakest combat potential, they must be aiming for absolute victory, right?

I have no idea what Princess Anne can do against them, but since she has the desire to improve, then it’s a good thing. I will take this time to have a good look, and I might be able to find a suitable battle style for her.

“Princess, I’m sorry.”

Unexpectedly, the moment Arnus came forward, he apologized.

“Personally, I do not wish to use this method to trouble you, princess, but…”

“I know, I know~ I clearly understand that sort of thing.”

Princess Anne replied with a calm expression.

“I know of my in-adequateness as well, so, I wish to use this opportunity understand my limits.”

As she was saying that, Princess Anne actually gave a glance to her back.

“I did not choose to enter the【NEET Tea Party】out of anyone’s orders. It was definitely out of my own free will that I became one of their members. It was not because I was commanded to so, I just personally wished to be one of them… That’s probably why they’re stronger than you people, I guess.”


Arnus sank in silence after hearing these words. After a while, he sighed, and said.

“Probably so, but… Even if that’s the case, we will not waver because of that! We’re fighting with our knight’s honor on the line. We’re not free, true, but one day, we will be able to have all the power we need in our grasps.”

“Is that so? Then I wish that the day will come soon for you people.”

“Princess Anne, do you wish to win this battle?”

After hearing their conversation, I smiled and said.


The two of them suddenly turned towards me with a startled expression.

“Let’s do this then… I will gift you something, which might be able to increase your rate of success by quite a bit.”

With this said, I threw a ring into the barrier.

The battle had yet to start, so the barrier could still be accessed by anyone.

“This ring… Does it have some sort of unique ability?”

“That will all depend on your luck. It might possess an unique ability, or it might not as well. It all depends on your luck.”


“In any case, it doesn’t hurt to try, right?”


Princess Anne wore the ring on her index finger, and then, bowed towards me.

“Thank you very much.”

“Don’t thank me, victory is something we all desire, after all.”

“The battle will start soon, both sides, please make your final preparations!”

The judge was a teacher from the academy. He was still wearing his pyjamas, and he looked as though he was about to fall asleep.

I guess that’s understandable, after all, it’s already two in the morning, and I’m about to fall asleep as well. Geez…


The moment the signal was given, a black light erupted from Arnus’ body. With a swing of his long spear, its entire body turned into a black silhouette as it struck towards Princess Anne!

“Arcane – Tsunami!”

Princess Anne pointed her staff towards the front, and a giant magic formation instantly constructed before her.

… Instant cast?

That’s right, almost the instant she spoke the skill’s name, the magic formation was completed. From the gigantic wave pouring out from the magic formation, I can tell that, the time to she took to cast the spell was… close to none!

How is that possible? How is it possible for the inhabitants of this world to insta-cast magic spells?

And Arnus was also shocked by the oncoming attack as well. He swung his long spear, and the tip of the spear pierced towards the incoming wave. Countless airbursts flew out from its tip, constantly blasting onto the surface of the wave.

“Arcane – The Black Prince’s Chow-down!”

With a loud bang, the large wave was blasted with a large hole, and with a flip of his body, Arnus’ body slipped into the hole.

“Geez, you’re actually pretty proficient with arcane spells, this sure is…”

But, appearing right before him, was the staff-wielding Princess Anne, with her eyes closed.


Arnus paused for a moment, before he once again stabbed ruthlessly towards Princess Anne.

“Super Arcane – Corrosive Heavy Storm”

But suddenly, a few raindrops landed on his armor, emitting sizzling sounds. Immediately after, a heavy rain poured!

“Super Arcane – Black Emperor – Shield Star!”

Black wisps of air immediately enveloped Arnus’ surroundings. Although he had reacted extremely quick and used his defensive arcane skill, the armor he was wearing had already been corroded by a large half!

“This… How is this possible…”

Arnus looked at his armor disbelievingly, and then turned to look at Princess Anne.

“You’re actually able to use Super Arcane spells? How is that possible? You shouldn’t be able to…”

“There’s nothing impossible in the world.”

Princess Anne laughed.

“As long as I’m willing to pay the price, anything’s possible, right?”


The heavy downpour slowly weakened, and then, completely stopped.

Arnus dispelled the defensive barrier on him, and then, he tapped on a certain part on the heavy armor he was wearing.

The armor actually came off, and the uniform under his armor was revealed.

“But, even if I’m like this, I’m still able to battle!”

“Is that so? Arcane – Tsunami!

A large wave was immediately released towards Arnus. He took two steps back, and bitterly laughed.

“Looks like I have underestimated you… ‘Black Prince’ Mode, release!”

A black armor instantly appeared on Arnus’ body, replacing his former corroded armor. This armor… I have a feeling I have seen it before.

“Like this, we should be able to have an even match!”


After saying that, Arnus raised his long spear, and charged towards Princess Anne.

But, right at this moment…

“I surrender.”

Princess Anne suddenly said.

“I have decided to surrender!”

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42 thoughts on “Vol. 5 Chapter 28: Unwavering Spirits

    • xias1 says:

      She probably had stored up her mana in something e.g. magic crystals or the like,
      And her staff probably has a skill imbedded into it like “incatation omission” that allows her to use spells instantly in exchange for increased mana consumption like 2 times as much mana for the casted spell.

      So she put all of her stored-up mana into those 3 spells in order to make her opponent believe she can fight him on equal ground and therefore have him reveal his true strength.

      Then the opponent did so and she accomplished her real goal.
      Hence she was exhausted but had no reason to continue either and therefore surrendered.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Nobody says:

        That is a very good theory.
        Much better than my one about her surrendering because her opponent used an incredibly self destructive skill.
        But I like yours.
        And thanks for translating Ferret.


      • lodestone says:

        It could be better. If she knows it will cause harm to him after usage, maybe ending the fight before the penalty gets applied is a nasty trick… to have the penalty inflicted outside of the safety of the battle barrier…?


  1. Moonberserker says:

    Was there an emotional component to their type of magic? Because I think she was so happy in getting proposed by for with the ring that she could cast badass spells

    Liked by 3 people

      • jalog100 says:

        he cant have a harem route, this is a r15 novel the only way he can have a harem with that much yanderes is in the limits of r18 and r21 or the final of school days route will become, or is the contrary, well anyways too much yanderes to get the harem route


      • DMR says:

        …. why would it have to be that way? You realize that this is a Chinese novel, right? Also, even in Japan, the route where the MC gets all the girls is becoming more popular (look at High School Dxd.. it’s the start).

        School days was one of the few exceptions to the rule man… your knowledge is kinda outdated about harems.

        Keep up with the times. The full harem route is now more possible than before.


      • jalog100 says:

        Well i can’t deny neon outdated on harems the only ones i know were yanderes were involved are mirai nikki and school days and these were fucked up in the first the mc died 2 times(more if you count the memories) and i flee every time i read the yandere tag

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      • DMR says:

        Well, this is a comedy… the “yan” “yandere” isn’t meant to be taken seriously in comedy…

        Like how your never supposed to take the “tsun” from “tsundere” seriously.

        That said… 99.9999999999999999999999999% of harem series are safe. you don’t need to worry about them having a bad end (and School Days while tagged “harem” was really a series about a guy cheating and playing with girls -he was asking to be killed).

        And Mirai Nikki… actually, that one ended okay… the MC became a god with his Yandere girlfriend, peacefully ruling and f***ing for the rest of eternity.


  2. DMR says:

    What….. why surrender?

    Thanks for the chapter and for ATG. The few days without ATG felt like torture dammit!!!

    And I’m so glad that you update this series daily XD


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