[RPG] Vol. 5 Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Common Sense

Opening the door, what welcomed me was the fishy smell brought along by the sea breeze.

At this moment, I was absolutely sure, this place was a ruins found on the ocean.

I kind of feel that… there shouldn’t be such a place in my former world, but, somehow, I feel that it actually exists as well.

Have I seen it before?

Impossible. This place looks like a city which had sunk under the sea due to a tsunami, but…

In my memories, due to global warming, although the sea level is constantly rising, there hasn’t been a city that sank because of it…

“What’s… the current year?”

“So you actually realized the problem after only looking at this scenery for a mere 56 seconds? Looks like, even though your memories have been polymerized, your actual ability did not weaken.”

“Don’t say something that’s incomprehensible to humans.”

“Is that so? If you did not comprehend my earlier words, it means that the portion that have entered you still managed to cover up the ability that needs to be covered. Un, that should be the way.”

“I’m about to get angry.”

“Sorry, I was merely undergoing a confirmation on ‘something’. But, right now, I’m still unable to tell you any concrete information.”

“Then, answer a question of mine.”

“Please continue.”

“Why am I the only one being called out to converse with you?”


World-chan laughed, and then, she pressed her hand on my chest.

“Haven’t I told you the answer right at the start?”


“You’re special!”

“That kind of answer is really… Well, since you’re unwilling to tell me, I can’t do anything about it.”

“As I thought, you’re the same as how I thought you would be. This is really great.”

After saying that, she suddenly hugged onto me.

“So it actually feels like this to actually hug someone? This sure feels great~”


Speaking of which…

World-chan shouldn’t be someone that belongs to our former world, nor the other world. In other words… she has never hugged someone before?

“Are you lonely?”

“Un… It’s fine this way.”

“But, still, let me ask you this small question. You can’t have called me here just to hug someone, right?”

“Of course not. After all, I have already told you the things that I wanted to relay to you, have I not?”

“Is it the thing about the existence of other observers?”

“That’s right, and to allow you to have a view of the world that should have belonged to ‘us’.”

“I see. In other words, we have already entered that world for a long time?”

“If you comprehend it as such, it’s not entirely wrong. Alright, you should have rested up enough. You should know that you’re facing an uphill battle after this, right?”

An uphill battle?

Ah, right. Speaking of which, earlier, I was still having a big fight with a female gorilla.

Although it isn’t exactly polite to call her a female gorilla… I feel that it’s the best way to describe a girl who have entered the berserk state and turned entirely red in color.


“I seem to remember using the skill called Blood Spirit… I seemed to have went berserk as well?”

“That’s right, so please work harder~”

“But… Just for what reason are we working hard for?”

I asked with a smile.

“Just why did we lose our memories and come to this world?”

“About that, you can find those answers in that world. I guarantee it~ Alright, we don’t have much time left~ Let’s meet again next time~”


“Oh right, last time… I actually let you have a glimpse of my naked body, so this time, you won’t get the chance~”

“Speaking of which, I seem to feel that your personality has changed. Is it because of the new knowledge you learnt from the internet?”



The internet has done so much harm to her. Return me my pure and innocent loli!

Just when I was still filtering the information I received in my mind, the surrounding scenery suddenly changed!

The blue seas suddenly turned deep red, as though I was in an ocean of blood!

The concrete buildings in the vicinity blurred in an instant, and it looked as though blood had stained over them.

Disgusting. What’s going on?

And unknowingly, World-chan suddenly disappeared. In the next second, a red katana fell from the sky, stabbing directly into the ground not far from me!


No matter how I see it, that blade was Bloodmoon. Unless…

I’m in Bloodmoon’s inner world?

Hey hey, a scenario like this actually appeared at this moment? This sure is old-fashioned.

“Do you think I will have a huge fight with you?”

Suddenly, that sword said these words.

“What else are we going to do? Aren’t all scenarios like this supposed to be that way?”

“Too shallow! Too boring! Have all humans become simple-minded monsters that only know how to fight and kill!?”

“You’re the monster here, right? I think you have simply killed too many people, and have gotten extremely bored of it, so you would say something like this, right?”

“Ah, I have been found out.”

Although I can’t see the blade’s expression, from its tone alone, I was able to understand it…

It’s actually depreciating itself!

A blade is actually depreciating itself!

“Alright, then why don’t we compete in a different manner?”

“What are we going to compete in?”


I replied with a laugh.

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  1. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter!
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    “”there shouldn’t be such a place in my former world, but, someone,””
    shouldn’t that be somehow?


    • deadmanbonez says:

      d mysteries is what makes u want 2 keep reading, u want to knw when where how n y is everything connected, and u cant help but wait for d big revile so u stick around…….


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  3. Thea says:

    Although I can’t see the blade’s expression, from his tone alone, I was able to understand him… // He’s actually depreciating himself! // A blade is actually depreciating itself!

    I suggest you decide on either “he” or “it” to refer to the sword. Changing pronouns is… urgs.


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