Vol. 5 Chapter 14: Challenge and Being Challenged

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Oh and, yes, the girl on the vol. 4 cover is indeed Oyado.

This is the worst.

To think I would be in this sort of predicament on the first day of school. This is really unbecoming of me.

Last night, after accidentally teleporting to Aliyah’s room, although Aliyah said she would allow me to explain, not even two seconds later, she came charging towards me with her swords.

And naturally, Oyado would not simply look on when someone was about to attack me, and thus, just like that, the two of them started fighting.

And in times like that, no matter how I thought about it, the best option available was to flee. So, I immediately tapped on 【Stealth Shadow】, and leaped out of the window!

After pondering for a long time, I finally decided to sleep at the cathedral at the corner of the city. Then, in the morning, I sneaked into the crowd of students heading to school, and took the train heading towards Doge Military School.

Because it was the first school ceremony after the merger of the two schools, the two school managements decided to host the ceremony together. However, because Doge Military School’s practice field was bigger, they decided to host it at Doge Military School instead.

There shouldn’t be any problems like this. That was what I thought.

But, my dream was shattered in an instant.

“I caught you, big brother~”

The moment I got down from the train, suddenly, within the crowd, a hand grabbed onto my magician robe, and Oyado’s figure appeared right in front of me in an instant.

“Geez, big brother, why did you run off so suddenly last night~ Even though you promised you would always look at Oyado~ But from the scent coming from big brother, it tells me that you had stayed near the cathedral last night, so I will forgive you~”

“Is… Is that so…”

“But big sister Aliyah said she’s going to kill you, you know.”

“Really? Where is she?”

“Behind you~”

The moment she said that, I felt someone gripping onto my shoulder!

“Hey~ Do you have any last words?”

When I turned, Aliyah was glaring at me with a disdainful look.

“… Don’t you think that, with our height difference, you don’t look imposing at all when you’re grabbing onto my shoulder like this?”

“You bastard, you really haven’t learnt your lesson, huh!?”

After saying that, with a swing of her right hand, she pulled out her sword.

But, I immediately grabbed onto the hand she was wielding the sword with.

“Alright, let’s stop fooling around, don’t we have to attend the school ceremony? We can talk later.”

“… Hmph!”

She pushed my hand away, and sheathed her sword. Then, she started walking towards the practice field.

I shrugged, and followed after her with Oyado.


“… Next, we will be introducing our academy’s fourth team.”

After introducing the three Knight Squads, the principal who was in-charged of giving the speech, continued on.

Discussions started to break out at every corner of the practice field, as everyone did not seem to have expected this development.

It makes sense, after all, we only used a single night to gather the necessary support.

“The fourth team – 【NEET Tea Party】, jointly supported by the Ice Empire, the Witt Empire, and the Church of Light. Team leader – the Ice Magician, Lin Fir!”

Slowly walking onto the stage, I headed towards the principal’s side.

The other leaders from the three Knight Squads looked at me with a very horrified expression. This is understandable, after all, a contender suddenly appeared, and the person was a Magician to boot. This development must have been beyond their comprehension.

“Very good. These four are our academy’s strongest teams, and in this school term, these four will be fighting for the title of the strongest team, and then, represent our academy for the Intercontinental Academy War! Of course, so as to allow the team to become even stronger, the strongest team will be able to pick out ten team members from the other three teams to further increase their strength.”

Oh, this sure is a pretty good condition. Like this, the winner will be able to create the strongest team possible.

This sure is a good idea… But still, it only applies if we obtain victory.

The three Knight Squad leaders before me are really the real deals, you know.

【Black Prince】Knight Squad leader – Arnus Yeun, Male, LV 32 Spear Knight

Although he comes from a small duchy, relying on his own abilities, he received the qualifications to become a member of the country’s knight squad at the age of 17. He uses the 【Black Prince Spear Arts】and the【Imperial Family’s Spear Arts】. There’s rumors that he possesses an unknown ultimate technique as well, but because nothing was stated in the information network, it’s impossible to find out about it… But, it’s definitely a skill with a grade of Super Arcane or above. Because, among his titles, one of them was 【Arcane Possessor】. And, he looked really upright, and I hope his personality is upright as well.

His nickname – the【Black Spear Baron】

【Knight of the Blue Seas】Squad leader – Masha Luna, Female, LV 35 Heavy Mace Wielder

Although the Knight of the Blue Seas did not use an heavy mace as his main weapon, this girl actually took the only Heavy Mace skill passed down from the Knight of the Blue Seas and trained it the point of perfection. it seems that in her family’s veins, there’s some sort of hereditary trait that caused all of them to be Heavy Mace Wielders. Other than the 【Blue Seas Heavy Thunderclap】skill, she’s also able to use the Berserker’s Berserk skill. But, she’s only a little taller than Aliyah, is she really fine using a heavy mace?

Her nickname – the【Tender Blue Anchor】

【Sweeper】Squad leader – Merun Olivers, Female, LV 33 Broadsword Wielder

This girl was already able to wield the abilities of the Sweeper to a very terrifying degree. Although she did not learn any stronger skills, with just the range of skills she could learn, she already turned into a very strong warrior. According to her battle records, this girl had already exterminated more than a hundred- no, a thousand enemies, consisting of monsters and rebels in her country. Although I have no idea who kept track of the count for her, she can be understood as someone with terrifying actual battle experience. Unlike Masha, this girl was almost at Tai Shixi’s height. I wonder if she will turn into a meat grinder when she wields her broadsword.

Her nickname – the【Eraser】

These were all the information found from the information databases of various countries. We just had to slightly crack their passwords, and diligently copied their information over.

You don’t have to thank us, after all, we’re just the Red Scarfs.

Although their levels were only a little higher than mine, compared to those in the Magic Academy who did not have any battle experience and only know how to throw big spells, these people are really much more threatening.

And even if they’re the squad leaders, it did not mean they’re the strongest in their squads. There might even be stronger foes or hidden bosses in their teams.

“Next up, we will proceeding on with the actual opening ceremony. To the four team leaders, please return to your teams.”

Either they’re not friendly at all or they just had something against me, the three began leaving the stage without saying anything.

They’re really anti-social, huh… Geez…

But it’s a good thing that I did not have to present any sort of speech. I had to stand right in front of so many people at such a short notice, the pressure was no joke at all. Earlier, I could only keep calm by trying my best to not look at the crowd. If I had to give a speech, I wouldn’t have been able to hold out.

If that actually happened, I would be thoroughly embarrassed.

But, just right at this instant, an attack warning came from behind me!

According to the earlier positions, from the direction of this attack, the person attacking me should be… Arnus!

When he was sorting out his helmet earlier, he used his right hand, so he should be a right-hander, then, this attack of his must be coming from his right!

After processing the above information, I slightly tilted my waist to the left, and with a “shua” sound, the spear grazed past my waist.


“This isn’t good, right~”

I moved away from the spear, and straightened my back.

“I only bought this set of uniform just recently, you know.”

“… Although it looked like a coincidence, in actual fact, you dodged it, right?”

“Indeed. This guy even laughed before he dodged. It looked like it was a completely easy feat for him.”

The heavy mace wielder at the side said with a smile.

“Ah, that’s better. You guys definitely look better with smiles on your faces. Why did all of you look so sullen earlier?”

I looked at the heavy mace wielder and said.

“… Looks like you have a sense of humor too… Very well. I admit that he’s a worthy opponent now.”

After saying that, Masha immediately leaped off the stage, and returned to her team.

This girl really likes to steal the spotlight, huh… But it’s fine this way as well, I guess.

At least, from their titles, I’m able to determine that these three people aren’t really bad people. Since that’s the case, I just have to defeat them openly and fairly.

“Un, indeed. Although it was only a simple stab, it’s already really impressive that he dodged it when the attack was aimed at his back. Alright, then, we will meet on the battlefield.”

Then, this guy muttered to himself, as he kept his spear and walked down the stage.

”“I say, can’t you guys make an explanation? The people below are making a ruckus…”

If I had not hinted to Oyado not to attack before I dodged his stab, it would have definitely been troublesome. Geez, these people are really underestimating me too much.

“Sorry, this was a test we came up with after discussing among ourselves.”

The moment I said that, Merun, the broadsword wielder suddenly snatched the mic off the principal’s hand and spoke into it.

“Our three Knight Squads had an agreement. If a new team were to appear, it had to be agreed upon by at least two of our Knight Squads. Otherwise, we will exterminate it with our full force.”

Hey hey hey, isn’t that a little too arrogant of you guys? Aren’t you guys afraid that you guys would actually be ones being exterminated instead?

“But now that we have accepted the existence of the 【NEET Tea Party】, we will determine the victor through a fair competition.”

After saying that, she extended her hand out, intending to pass the mic back to the principal.

But, I charged straight towards it, and snatched the mic from her.

“Everyone of Gray Magical Academy!”

I loudly said.

“Probably, in the eyes of the knights who have experienced a hundred battles, we, magician apprentices are only weak existences to them… But! We will definitely prove that we, magicians, are really strong as well! We are not existences that would bow down to anyone!”

“I have seen many our magic students being forced into joining the other three Knight Squads. I will not say anything extreme regarding this matter, after all, our team is also formed by both magicians and warriors. What I want to say is, no matter if you’re a magician or a warrior, as long as you’re able to exert your abilities to your very limit, even if you were to lose a battle, at least, you have triumphed over yourself!”

“Let us determine the victor on the battlefield!”

After saying that, the entire field sank into silence.


I think that there isn’t any problem with this impromptu speech, though? Why isn’t anyone saying anything?

“Really… I feel that, with your style, you would be a perfect fit as a knight.”

Merun, who was beside me, suddenly said.


“Oooooooooooooh, well said!!!”

“Kid, not bad! Since you’re able to say something like that, when I initiate you a challenge, you best not run!”

“So there’s actually such hot-blooded people among the magicians, not bad!”


Suddenly, the field broke into thunderous cheers, among them, were knights, as well as magicians.

Whew, looks like there’s no longer any problems.

“Hmph, you have snatched the entire spotlight for yourself. I hope that, when we battle, you will still be able to say something like that.”

After saying that, in a flash, Merun returned to her team.

Eh? This wasn’t in the information report at all. This girl, is actually capable of using an Assassin’s 【Flash】?

Looks like… I won’t be able to relax in these coming few days.

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