Vol. 5 Chapter 10: To a Dark Place

Initially, I thought that, as a girl who was sealed for hundreds of years, she would not possess the habits of a regular young girl.

But, in actual fact, I have been proven wrong once again.

After buying the various equipment and weapons, a frightening journey began.

In the beginning, it was still manageable. Pryn was only sightseeing while we were walking around the district.

But slowly, as though as she was pulled in by the atmosphere of the surrounding girls, just when I realized something was wrong…

It was too late.

“This looks really good! This isn’t bad as well!”

With amazing speed, she jumped from one shop to the next. She was like a middle-aged woman running around in a limited-time sale. But what’s different is, those middle-aged women do not possess the speed of a LV 45.

However, if those middle-age women were to possess Pryn’s speed, then in the local shopping malls, hurricanes will definitely blow every single day.

Simply thinking about it was frightening enough.

However, she had only been looking around. Although we had went around several stores, she had yet to buy a single piece.

Well, it’s not really a bad thing.

The problem was she insisted that I follow her around. Why? This completely violates the principle of efficiency, you know.

And, clothes are simply there for effects and looks. Just why do girls have to pick them out with such zeal? I really don’t understand at all.

Letting out a sigh, I turned my attention towards the streets outside.

An academy city which was initially visited by magicians was now filled with various types of warriors. It totally looks like the city centre square of a game at its peak period, and all the players’ names are all jumbled up together.

And currently, we have to add in the various types of titles as well. The entire city was basically messy beyond compare in my point of view!

Do you know what’s more frightening?

I don’t have a setting to turn off the ‘names and titles’ display at all. It’s basically as scary as not being able to turn off the screen comments on a niconico video!

And there’s even a red name as well… Eh, a red name?

A red name within a bunch of white names is really obvious, it’s as though a boss appearing within a bunch of small fries. In an instant, my attention was entirely focused onto it.

But just when I looked over to it, the red name actually disappeared. It might have changed back to white, or he might have used some sort of skill to hide himself.

Have we been discovered? Looks like, either his level is really high, or he possess very strong observation skills.

I didn’t expect that we would be discovered this quickly though. Even though the day has yet to end…

I pretended not to notice, slowly walked over to Pryn, and whispered.

“We’re being followed.”

“Un? I know that.”


“Geez, don’t underestimate me~ I’m still a very formidable archer, you know. My tracking skills are not weaker than an average rogue or assassin.”

Oh right, she was an archer. If she hadn’t reminded me, I would have already forgotten that.

Is it because of the appearance of another archer, Hei Luoli, thus her role has been undermined?

“What are you thinking about? Are you planning to catch the person following us?”

“Well, we don’t necessarily have to do so… But are you able to track him?”

“That’s of course. But I feel that he seems to be only a little weaker compared to me. He’s probably an assassin.”

“An assassin… Why would someone like that watch us?”

“How would I know about the things you did in this academy~”

“What are you saying? I’m a very law-abiding student, you know.”

“A law-abiding student would not choose to go against a Demon God~ According to what I know, you’re the first one ever.”

“Really? Do I get a prize?”

“What~ Do~ You~ Want~?”

Hearing her tone, I instinctively dodged to a side.

When I turned back to look, she was actually laughing while leaning against the nearby counter.

“That isn’t something to laugh about!”

“Because it’s really fun teasing Fir-chan~ Looks like my judgment back then was correct. It’s never boring when I’m by your side~”

This girl… If you were to look from a certain angle, she’s really frightening.

The corner of my lips twitched, and I hurriedly recovered my senses.

“With such a long lifespan, you indeed need to find ways to kill time.”

“That’s right, other than dragons, we, of the elf race, possess the longest lifespans~ Other than doing some things to kill time, we would spend most of our time sleeping… Hahaha, well, let’s put this aside. Since we encountered such an interesting event, let’s forget about buying clothes. It’s more interesting to pick a fight after all.”

“You’re right, things like shopping… are not what people like us would usually do anyway!”

We nodded at each other. Pryn took a step forward, and then, with a blur, she disappeared into the distance.

Really, at least consider my feelings. I’m a magician, you know…

“Accelerate, Extreme Shadow, Arcane – Elf of the Wind, Arcane – Stealth Shadow!”

After reciting all that, my body slowly turned into a grey shadow.

(Arcane – Stealth Shadow: A skill that can only be activated when no one notices the user. The user’s body will turn into a shadow, and obtain 1000% increased speed. Only effective in places with shadows. Allows users to jump from one shadow to the next, with a maximum distance of 10 meters.)

Fortunately, there’s many people here. Let me borrow your shadows then.

Locking onto Pryn’s name, I quickly chased after her while leaping from one shadow to the next. In an instant, I appeared beside the tree next to Pryn.


“Eh? Was your speed always this fast… Is it a skill?”

。In the next instant, I have arrived in the shadow at the corner.

“That’s right, so, you can pick up the pace. Otherwise, my mana will run out really quickly.”

“I will try~ His speed has increased. It seems he have noticed our pursuit.”

“Is that so? Where is he right now?”

“Not even ten meters after the next bend, he’s probably on that secluded street.”


In a flash, I have already appeared behind the wall. And in front of me, a man dressed in black was currently fleeing a high speed.

I silently waved my hand, and countless ice arrows were shot towards him!

Arcane – Chaotic Flow – 49 Ice Arrows!


The countless ice arrows landed on a single place… but there’s notification that they hit the mark!

Strange. If he was not at that position, the magic arrows shouldn’t have landed in the same place, but… Unless it’s a substitution technique?

He’s an assassin, so he’s capable of using substitution techniques with arcane-grade or higher?

Suddenly, my attack warning lighted up, but at the same time, I received an attack behind my back!

Defense Break!

Armor Penetration!

Fatal Blow!

These three notifications flashed, and my HP actually fell to less than a third. The knight armor I was wearing was shattered as well, as the pieces fell onto the ground.

Did it lose all its durability…?

(The continuous usage of weapons, armor, and tools will cause a decrease in durability. But given time, the durability will be slowly restored. It’s also possible to hand the equipment to Alchemists or Blacksmiths to restore them at a faster pace. If all the durability is lost before restoration, then the equipment will immediately break.)

“You bastard… You really attacked me with the intention to kill…”

My opponent was a LV 30 Assassin. Compared to Pryn’s earlier estimate, he’s a little weaker.

Ice Sword Summon!

To actually attack me from the shadows of the building, and piss me off… You’re tired of living, huh?

With the battle mode on, my speed is several times faster than yours!

With a flash of light from my sword, his two arms immediately fell onto the ground. After cutting off your two arms, I wonder if you’re able to use anymore of your skills!

“How is this possible…”

With a face of disbelief, he took two steps back. Just when he was about to turn and flee, he realized he was caught by countless vines, which completely immobilized him!

Plant Magic – Arcane – Parasitic Vines.

(Arcane – Parasitic Vines: Plant Magic. Wraps targets within a distance of 50 meters. Prevents targets from moving for 30 seconds. 1% HP drained every second. )

“Wait a minute! I will tell you who sent me! Don’t kill me! Don’t!”

“What are you saying~?”

I smiled.

“Why would I kill you? I’m going to turn you… into an undead.”

In times like this, do you think it’s possible for you to live? Stop joking with me. I have already seen through your intel with my own naked eyes.

【Sweeper】, I have no idea how you guys know about our movements, but… since you provoked me, you guys are doomed!

After saying that, a black barrier instantly enveloped the entire street. I have to thank him for running to such a secluded area. I bet he did not think he would be the one getting killed instead.

【Dead Silence】, a sealed barrier that prevents any undead aura from leaking out within a certain range.

“You… You’re an undead…”

“Hehe~ You’re one now as well.”

After continuously stabbing his heart for ten times, I killed him with my hidden blade. Immediately after, my white bone wing was spread out, and I placed my hand onto the corpse.


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