[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 4

All I want for Christmas…


Chapter 4: Intel

All the business districts in the Western Continent were pretty much the same, but due to the invasion of some of us, the freaking otherworlders, a portion of the middle age styled buildings were replaced by a few of what seemed to be very modern buildings.

For example, the three-storey building with snow-white walls not far from here, and adding that neon lamp that was hanged on its wall, it seemed as though a building from our world had directly been transported over!

Geez, could it be that these people do not know how to coordinate?

At the center of a bunch of ancient buildings, was a modern one. I can’t stand this sense of violation at all.

Ah whatever, let’s not mind about it. For now, it’s still best that I gather my intel.

With this thought in mind, I began to blindly stroll the entire business district, finding the bar called【Beermore】.




Demon King, are you kidding me?

I kind of feel that my lips had already twitched to the point of being disfigured, however, after strolling for an hour, I still have yet to find that bar called【Beermore】.

You can’t have opened it underground, right?

Just when I was thinking as such, the night had completely descended.

The streetlamps at the roadsides lighted up, and the neon lamp of that modern three-storey commercial building lighted up as well.


Oh my god!

Only then did I realize that, the neon lamp of that shop was actually shaped into Chinese characters! Chinese characters! Chinese! The Chinese words for【Beermore】!

Are you kidding me?

Just by hearing it, it sounds like a foreign name. And you actually turn it into Chinese?

Forget about the Chinese characters, it’s actually written in cursive as well. If you have me see that mess in broad daylight, how am I supposed to know that 【Beermore】is written there!?

Ah whatever, whatever. Even if I frustrate about this now, it’s no use. Let’s hurry up and gather intel, and then make my leave.

In this world, there’s no age restrictions for drinking, and naturally, there wouldn’t be anyone standing at the entrance to check your ID, so as to confirm your age.

Entering the bar, a heavy scent of wine poured towards me.

Although I did not really drink much in the past, in this world, I have yet to drink any.

It seemed like those things could raise one’s battle strength and critical damage, however, they decrease one’s accuracy, and the effects of HP potions would be reduced. Unless it’s some high-grade wine, otherwise, based on the effects of these things, it’s best to directly drink potions instead.

The lighting of the bar was very dim, and there were only a few small lamps lighting up the entire bar, so as to allow one to make their way around the bar.

There seemed to be music and sounds coming from the floor above, however, at the bar counter downstairs, there were already quite a few people seated.

LV 12 Bartender LV 45 Demon Swordsman
[Neutral] [Suspicious] [Demon King’s Spy] [Demon World’s Assassin] [Arcane Possessor] [Intel Gatherer] [Dreamy Bartender]

There wasn’t even a need to take a closer look, as in the titles of the bartender, who was dressed in a waiter uniform and was standing behind the bar counter, these information could be directly seen.

I’m really wiping off cold sweat for the Demon King here. Are you seriously not afraid that an otherworlder with a strong sense of justice will report you?

No, wait, that’s not the case. Would someone with a really strong sense of justice even come here?

Probably not!

I see, then it’s plausible this way. I’m really a genius!

Ah whatever, let’s not bother myself with this problem. Gather intel! Gather intel!

I slowly walked to the bar counter, and then, I looked for a seat with not much people around, and sat on it.


I pondered for a moment, and then said that.


He was a middle-aged man, and was even a human. However, his purple eyes actually gave off a very uncomfortable feeling.

After staring me for a long time, and he took out a black bottle from the cabinet with a smile, and then, poured a cup for me.

“Seems like you’re called here by boss.”

Hearing him say as such, the people at the side looked at me curiously, and then, left.

“Don’t mind. These people are still more curious as to why this store of mine is so unique. Alright, please follow me.”

After saying that, he walked out of the bar counter and headed inwards.

I hurriedly drank down the contents in the cup, and hurriedly followed.

Why did I drink it down unhesitatingly? Because the moment I took that cup, I instantly saw the attributes of the contents. It’s actually the【Deathbone Wine】which buffs an undead’s ability, and it’s even a rare product. Was it really alright to have me drink it?

I followed him towards the side of a flight of stairs, and when he reached a wall, he tapped on the painting that was being hanged on it. The space distorted, and that wall actually turned into a door.

Immediately after, he opened it.

After opening it, the space inside was so huge, it felt strange.

A room which have the size of a classroom actually appeared in front of me! This is completely different from how this place looks from the outside… Teleportation is too luxurious, could it be a compressed space?

The door slowly closed, and he turned to look towards me.

“Sir Demon King had said that, if there’s someone able to see through my real name with just a single glance, and even drink down the【Deathbone Wine】without his body turning ashen, then it’s him… A human of the undead race? That sure is rare. Ah, don’t misunderstand. I don’t have the intention to make inquiries. If you have any questions to ask me, then please go on.”

“Firstly, use the Mercenary ranking system to judge the strength of the King’s Forbidden Guards.”


“And then, the forces the Prince and Princess have in control.”

“The Prince has the control rights to half of the country’s Knight Squad, while the other half is in the hands of the King. The Princess has the war potential of half of the country’s Magician Squad, while the other half is in the hands of the King.”

“So it’s half and half, huh? That sure is troublesome.”

I nodded, and then continued to look at him.

“What’s hidden under Mitchell, and what is the King looking for?”

“Mitchell Kingdom is the nearest to the ruins of the Ancient Era, and just by heading straight down, one could reach a portion of the dungeon. However, due to the barrier restriction, only with the right medium, could one enter the place. Currently, the King has already obtained the medium, and is preparing to activate the power within the dungeon.”

“I see, so it’s the ruins of the Ancient Era, huh…”

Hopefully he doesn’t obtain some troublesome power.

“The King’s weakness?”

“His own strength isn’t that high.”

“Haha, that’s compared to yourself, right?”

“Aren’t you the same?”

“Alright, that’s enough. I don’t have anything else.”

“Please allow me to say a word. You seem to want to overturn the structure of this country. If that’s really the case, please raise the influential power of our bar in this district. After all, earlier, so as to obtain these information, we have spent quite a bit of money.”

“That… That naturally isn’t a problem.”

I said with a smile.

“And I promise that you will not be bored in the future.”

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  1. jorgelotr says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    “Firstly, use the Mercenary ranking system to judge the strength of the King’s Forbidden Guards.”

    “And then, the forces the Prince and Princess have in control.”

    ^-So, what’s the answer for the first question?


  2. jacobpaige says:

    He never rated them using the Merc system? Did the author instantly forget or was that a translation oversight?

    No no Fir, you should be working to destroy that bar to preserve the atmosphere of your game world. Make them rebuild it in a more aesthetically pleasing way if they want to keep it.


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