[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 13

Quite a short chapter.


Chapter 13: Interlude

I looked at the person in front of me, and sank into deep thoughts.


Someone like this is the Prince? Are you sure he’s not the elder sister of the Princess or something?

This person, other than wearing male clothes and the ‘Male’ which was written on his status, he looked completely the same as the Princess! Could this guy be the same type of existence as Shir?

Impossible. That guy, Shir, can already be considered as a very strange person. If another one pops out, I will really start to suspect if this world has been invaded by Lucifer, so as to harvest souls.

No wait, Lucifer has indeed invaded this place. Just that, he doesn’t harvest souls.

I looked at Dale. This guy however, was pretty good, as he had instantly looked towards the ceiling. What’s the meaning of this? Even if you’re unable to converse properly, there no need to use ‘I have a special scenery watching’ skill to avoid eye contact with me, right?

Alright, let us return back to the main topic.

“Alright, Prince, I believe you’re already in the know of our goal. And I know that you people need something as well. So, before I move on to the next step of the plan, I wish to know if you have any other plans you wish to let us know of?”

“Un. Indeed, if our plans were to clash, there will be very serious consequences.”

The Prince nodded, and then, took up the cup of red tea on the table and sipped it.

“It’s very simple. Three days from now, a half of my Knight Squad will place those Knights that are under the King’s control on house arrest. Then, the other half will assemble with the Princess’s Court Magicians. After that, we will attack the castle, kill the King, and after hiding the corpse, we will announce that the King has suddenly died.”

“Is that so, alright. I understand now. I will act accordingly so as to avoid your plans.”

“Is that so, it’s fine as long as you do not affect our movements.”

After saying that, he continued to sip his tea.

Is it really fine for this guy to act so leisurely?

“Then, we will be leaving.”

Of course, we naturally did not come from the front door, which means, we have to leave from the window.

Very quickly, we returned to the teahouse.

“Alright, this is the plan.”

After returning to the teahouse, I saw that the time was about ripe, and hurriedly said.

“Tonight, you people will first find a place to settle down. Ms. Mari, find a way to inform Yybril, and tell her that there’s a Necromancer in Mitchell Kingdom, have her send someone over. Then, I will head to the hotel, and act as though nothing has happened. Tomorrow morning, Oyado and I will report to the King, and have him feel at ease around us.”

“Master! Why am I not included!?”

Purewhite hurriedly asked.

“Because back then, the team formed by you and Oyado has already been seen by others. If they were to connect the dots and think of us according to this, we will be in trouble.”

“Eh… This is unfortunate.”

Seeing Purewhite’s disappointed look, I stroked her head.

“Well~ After we save Irlin, there’s no need for us to do something so troublesome as hiding, so don’t be sad.”


Then, I looked towards the rest.

“Everyone, does anyone have anything they wish to add to the plan?”


Aliyah shrugged.

“Although I don’t know what you’re planning, in any case, I know this country is finished.”

“It’s only the King who will be finished, don’t mind it.”

I nodded with a clear conscience.

“Then, I will be returning now. Everything will move according to the plan.”

“Alright, then, we will head somewhere for supper.”

Aliyah happily said.

Geez, I’m hungry too, do you have to be like that!?

25 thoughts on “[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 13

  1. aristo999999999 says:

    Hmm sounds the plan will fail upon encounter of unexpected enemy. The plan sounds too patchy and seems to ignore the prince (princess?)…. 😦


    • Waht says:

      I myself don’t really bother following with WTF they’re doing, honestly.
      One of the big points of this story is just [Whatever goes], right? Whatever. They’ll just ad-lib their actions on the spot, and all hell will break loose…As usual.

      As Aliyah said — This country is going under.


  2. John Maverick says:

    Painstakingly grinding for hours or days in the dungeon defeating tons of monster to gain some levels or blow the whole dungeon to hell with explosives and recive all the Exp in seconds? It seems being a terrorist pays

    The first thing I think when all in the party level up is poor Aliyah loosing all that exp. She musn’t leave the hare… ejem.. party.

    Thanks for the trasnlation Scry


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