[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 17

Chapter 17: Biomedical Silent Hill

After telling everyone to stay inside the hotel, Yybril’s gang of three and I went outside.

When we have just reached the stairs, I could see the grey mist had already spread upwards, just by looking at it, it caused me to feel uncomfortable.

Oh my god, why does this look a little similar to Shepherd’s Glen?
(a/n: Silent Hill: Homecoming)

“The mist had already spread till here, huh. A regular person should have already…”

“I say, does your Church like to idle all day long? Every single one of you are so lazy. What do you people usually do?”


The two Priests looked at each other, and then, they looked towards Yybril.

Yybril very embarrassingly sighed, and said.

“It’s regretful to say this, but recently, the number of people joining the Church is simply too many. There’s too many people in the Church with slack duties, hence, the duties people in the Church are in-charge on are divided very thinly, thus these two… Usually, they will simply look around, and after determining that there’s an abnormality with the target, they will return to report. They are not the ones in-charge of battling.”

“What… Actually…”

I helplessly looked at the two people whose levels were higher than mine… Just how did you guys grind your levels to such an extent? Mind telling me?

After these two were exposed, they began to laugh sillily. Oh my god, I kind of feel that the Church is raising a bunch of clowns!

“Then just what do you people know?”

“Umm… 【Recovery】 and 【Light Bullet】.”

As he said that, one of the Priests, named Hedo, pointed to the front, and a ball of white light was immediately shot out. After striking the mist in the air, it actually caused the mist in the vicinity to be dispersed.

“I say, you can’t do anything else, but you’re actually able to instantly cast a Light Bullet. You’re not simple at all, huh.”

The 【Light Bullet】 is the strongest Light elementary-grade offensive magic spell. Although it does not cause a lot of damage to existences other than undeads, its low MP consumption and high accuracy rate make it a very convenient spell.

And these two people… They actually did not properly train in advanced-grade magic spells, rather, they trained the spell with the weakest battle power to such a high proficiency level, are you two clowns?

“Ha, whatever. That’s fine as well, I guess. Then, can you guys spread open your Angel’s Wings?”

“This… Indeed we can. However, other than bringing about a certain degree of aura, there’s no other special use for it.”

After saying that, the two of them spread open their wings, and a layer of white light emitted out of their bodies.

“That’s enough. Let’s go, there will be no problems moving in the【Undead Atrium】 like this.”

I nodded, and then spread out my Angel’s Wing, before walking straight into the【Undead Atrium】.

However, I did not use the aura to prevent the assault of the【Undead Atrium】. After all,【Undead Atrium】is like an AoE ability-increasing buff, I won’t resist something like that.

“You sure look rather relaxed. As expected, it’s different when you have a good talent.”

Currently, Yybril had her Angel’s Wings spread open as well. However, it seemed like it was a little hard on her. It looks like spreading open their Angel’s Wings is not considered as something easy to do.

However, Yybril’s whose Angel’s Wings had been spread open, was really more than just beautiful. Yybril’s wings gently spread open at her back, and her entire body emitted out a faint white light. The white light enveloped her white hair, and looked as though her hair was glowing… Like that of an angel.

“Un? Why are you looking at me?”

“Nothing, I simply feel that you look like an angel with the way you look when your wings are spread open.”

“Angel… You really like to make jokes. How can I be compared to an angel?”

“Who knows~?”

“Really? Then, have you seen an actual angel before?”

“About that…”

I have never seen an angel, but I did encounter a Demon God before.

“You haven’t seen one, right? Well, alright, it’s best that we properly complete our mission. Look, the surrounding situation doesn’t look very optimistic at all.”

She pointed to the surroundings, and then, did an action like she was carefully hearing the surroundings.

All of us quietened down, and even after hearing for a long time… not even a single sound could be heard.

“There’s no sound at all?”

“It’s strange exactly because that there’s no sound at all. This means that the people in vicinity have already…”


I looked at the surroundings, and said.

“A large portion of the civilians are still alive. They simply could not withstand the undead aura, and had fainted… Of course, that’s just the large portion of them. There’s a few civilians whose… conditions are a little strange.”

“They… might have underwent undead transformation.”

“Undead Transformation? What’s that?”

“You’re actually able to determine which civilians have fainted, and which civilians’ conditions are strange, yet, you actually do not know what’s Undead Transformation. Just where do you learn all your knowledge from?”

Looking at Yybril’s disappointed expression, I said with a smile.

“Didn’t I learn my Light Magic from you?”


Yybril was stunned for a moment, and then, shifted her line of sight away.

“Ahem, let’s not discuss about this anymore. Let’s first deal with the problem at hand.”

“That’s right, we’re simply wasting time.”

I directly walked over to a room at the side. The moment I pushed open the door, the civilian who was lying on the ground suddenly leapt up, and the condition on his body suddenly changed into a strange green marker as well. And then, he suddenly charged over!

The hell! He actually changed into a zombie!?

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  1. Sicill says:

    Thanks for the chapter.

    Fir has met an Angel. Granted she was a Fallen Angel, but I would have thought that she would have left a stronger impression after she KILLED HIM.
    (Anyone figure out the ‘Orange gears’ reference from the last chapter?)

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  2. DMR says:

    Yybril… the member of Fir’s harem that is into religion….

    When Fir becomes a god, will she “worship” him then? Or will it happen before then?

    Thanks for the chapter XD

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    • flame says:

      Well yes.. it was a long time ago(and I’m sure the author may of forgotten…) but as an undead angel.. he auto gets undead below a certain level.. explain that to the church fir ~ :p

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      • 28th00 says:

        His racial actually says that it auto converts them to his control? That’s some truly OP racial against a necromancer… I thought they just didn’t attack because they were allied… Wait, does that mean that he can’t damage them because of the friendly fire prevention system?


  3. bubu says:

    i think there is somthing wrong in the cast listing

    Tai Shixi (Halberd Wielder/Taoist Priest)
    A very quiet girl. Not shy, she just doesn’t like to talk much. Spawned in the Eastern Continent, she fled with Tai Shixi and Hei Luoli to the Western Continent. Has a height complex. (Introduced in V4C52)
    [Neutral] [Free] [Leisurely] [Condescending] [Former Captain of the Restraining Army] [Accordance to the Green Dragon] [Dynasty Warrior Girl]


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