[RPG] Vol. 7 Chapter 21

Chapter 21: … If I’m Able to Raise My Levels, There’s Nothing I’m Afraid of

‘Un? Your katana is able to disperse the miasma?’

After the battle, I saw the message Bai Yueguang left me. What written on it was, using the katana Whitemoon, which he uses to seal my Bloodmoon, he’s actually able to cause the【Undead Atrium】to disperse.

After pondering for a moment, I replied.

‘Then, first bring those people who are not able to adapt to the miasma out of the city. After that, head over to the place where the castle is and help us out.’

‘Although I wish to do that… ‘

After pausing for a moment, Ms. Mari was the first one to reply.

‘We want to grind some EXP as well!’

‘Hey, hey, hey, do you people actually want EXP over your lives? Well… Naturally, I won’t stop you. However, at the very least, have the inhabitants of this world leave first. Otherwise, it would be bad if they’re corroded by the【Undead Atrium】.’

Obviously, I’m referring to Hei Luoli and Oyado.

‘About that… Do you think that they will actually leave?’


That’s true… If it’s those two…

‘Speaking of which, Purewhite and Oyado had already excitedly ran over to your location just a moment ago. Did you see them?’


It can’t be? How long has it been since they left?

And just when I was questioning this, a heavy object descended beside me, racking up a large cloud of dust.

When the dust cloud completely dispersed, Purewhite leapt out of the small crater formed on the floor, placed Oyado down from her shoulders, and then, dusted her clothes.

“Master, Purewhite is here to help~”

“And there’s Oyado too! Aren’t you going to praise us!?”


Originally, I had wanted to lecture them. However, after looking at the look in their eyes, I sighed and said.

“Geez, thanks a lot. However, don’t you two know how dangerous it is to run here like that!? What happens if you two are harmed by the【Undead Atrium】? Geez…”

I opened my inventory, and scrolled down the list one by one.

Geez, I hope that I brought along a light-attribute tool.

Come here, Purewhite. Wear this【Maria’s Smile】on your wrist for now. It has an effect of preventing any abnormal status.”

I pulled out a bracelet, that was linked up by a series of small crosses, from my ring, and handed it to Purewhite. Purewhite carefully took it from me, and then, wore it on her wrist. Instantly, a white glow enveloped her entire being.

“And then, this【Betrayer of the Heavenly Realm】is rather suitable for Oyado. Take it and use it well. After wearing it, it’s light attribute should be able to resist against the harm done by the【Undead Atrium】to a certain extent.”

I gave Oyado a dagger that was half white, and half black in color. Although it possessed both the light-type healing ability, and the darkness-type corrosive damage effect, because it’s strength is not as high as my hidden blade’s, I basically never used it.

“Thank you, big brother~ I will definitely use it well!”

Oyado happily took the dagger from me. Swinging it in the air, two specks of light, one black and one white, drew two trails of light in the air.

“Fir… Where did you find these items?”

Yybril’s face was filled with shock. After looking at Purewhite’s bracelet, she then looked at Oyado’s dagger as well.

“These items… are all registered 【Legendary Weapons】. However, all of them went missing. Why were they in your hands?”

“I can’t remember where I got them either. You know, occasionally, there are some people who wish to rob and kill me, and I will always strip them off cleanly. Or, occasionally, I will even see if the bases of these people have anything good.”

Of course, there’s robberies of royal treasuries and auctions, but all these can be put aside.

“Is that so… I see. Probably, those lost items are in the hands of some unknown people.”

In the end, Yybril actually nodded thoughtfully.

Oh my god, don’t believe it so easily…

“Alright, let’s not think about this for now. Currently, let’s hurry and deal with this guy first. He actually threw the entire kingdom city into such huge crisis. Water must have really entered the king’s brain, huh?”

Let me think. Since the beginning, my affinity with the citizens of Mitchell Kingdom have been rather high. And then, just earlier, my affinity rose by a bit again… If they were to all turn into undeads, I will still feel bad about it.

“Speaking of which, why is that Necromancer using such a large-scale necromancy spell so openly? Could it be that he doesn’t know that it’s a proclamation of war with the entire Church?”

“Then that only means one possibility. He believes that he has already obtained enough power to wage a war with you people.”

I shrugged, and then, turned and spoke with Oyado and Purewhite.

“We shall split up our duties. After all, we’re still unable to completely estimate the battle strength over there.”

There’s nothing I can do about this as well. Although I’m able to see an enemy’s titles and names from afar, I don’t know why, but the names in the castle are constantly disappearing and reappearing. I’m completely unable to discern their positions.

That castle has completely turned into an unknown space. If we were to proceed hastily, it might be very dangerous instead.

“Damn it, these undead scum.”

Looking at Yybril’s furious expression, I could only helplessly curl my lips. It really is sad that the innocents are swept into this, huh.

If she were to know that I’m half an undead, I wonder, if Yybril knows about it, what kind of expression will she make?

“Alright. Let’s do it this way. Oyado, you shall sneak into the castle. Your main objective is to investigate the situation. If you encounter anything that’s weaker than you, it’s fine for you to defeat them, however, do not force yourself. After you discover the king or that necromancer, come back and report to me.”

“Acknowledged, big brother~”

“Purewhite, among the Onmyouji spells that you know, are there any ones with a tracking ability?”

“Un, there is. However, there’s a need for a medium.”

“A medium…”

I scanned my surroundings, and then, walked over to the side of that Mador’s corpse. Then, I scooped up the bone meal on the ground.

“Will this do?”

“Un… It should be fine.”

Purewhite drew a rune similar to a tic-tac-toe diagram, and then, she took the bone meal from my hands and sprinkled onto it.

The white rune flashed, and swallowed the bone meal into it. Then, it slowly turned grey.

After that, Purewhite took out a stack of talismans from her pocket, and then, released them from her hand.

Those talismans, with a “shuaaa” sound, flew off, and then, flew towards the castle.

“That sure is convenient. Good job, Purewhite.”

“Thank you, Master, for your praise.”

At that moment when those talismans flew into the castle, a series of red names were fixed down. The trails of red, though, really looked a little terrifying.

I gulped down my saliva.

“Yybril, the enemies this time, cannot be described as just ‘many’.”

“Ah, I know.”

Yybril replied with a smile, however, her expression looked really nervous.

“Don’t worry~”

I laughed.

“Let us go! Move according to the plan!”

Nervous? Like I will feel something like that!

What I’m seeing in front of me are all EXP!

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  1. anon leecher says:

    Fir: guys are you seriously putting your lives at steak for exp?…………a lot of strong undead are coming over here, banzai EXP!!!” The irony….
    His whole existence is ironic…..a living undead,


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